6 Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled 2021

Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled

Gurneys have often been considered to be mobility aids used in healthcare institutions. Today the functionality of gurneys extends to home users to move patients who require medical care. The standard gurney comes with an adjustable height, wheels, head or leg rest to offer optimal comfort making it a very convenient mobility aid around the … Read more

10 Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels 2021

Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels

Being bedridden and having life revolve around the bed, even during bathing and toileting, is an awful experience that some have to contend with in their golden years, when injured, or if they are suffering from terminal conditions like Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, or other disabilities. In such situations, the dire need to be mobile makes … Read more

3 Best Handheld Shower Heads for the Elderly 2021

A handheld showerhead, sometimes also known as a handicap shower head is, without doubt, a great addition to any bathroom. Apart from being incredibly flexible, it also comes in handy in homes with children, the elderly, the disabled, expectant mothers, and pets. This is because these versatile heads make it easy and fun to bathe … Read more