6 Best Air Quality Monitors for Home 2021

Best Air Quality Monitors for Home

According to The World Health Organization statistics, about 4.2 million deaths are caused by exposure to ambient outdoor air pollution annually while 3.8 million deaths are caused by exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves indoors annually. Studies have also found that we spend 90% of our time indoors. This means that there is a need … Read more

8 Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Pads 2021

Shiatsu massage has its origins in Japan. It is a therapeutic massage that applies pressure on the entire body, not just on specific areas through the pressing of fingers and palms against the area of the body being massaged.  Shiatsu is useful in strengthening body muscles to heal and function well through stress relief and … Read more

5 Best Pilates Spine Correctors 2021

Whether you are sporting, working out in the gym regularly, spending most of your time seated on your office desk, or doing yoga, you would want to consider taking care of your spine by stretching, doing core strengthening, or pilate’s workouts. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to the Reviews Section The more … Read more

Which Retirement Plan to Choose for US Citizens?

Today, pension and social security alone is not enough to cover your living expenses after your retirement. This is because your life’s expectancy after age 65 will increase after retirement to give you another 20 or so additional years through to 90+ years, perhaps.  You are relaxed and rested from the daily hustles and bustles … Read more

Life Insurance for People Over 70 in the US 

As is always the case, a life insurance policy acquired earlier in life will not be as expensive as one that is bought in the late 60s or thereafter. This is because with age, your life expectancy is shorter and your risk of illness and other complications are greater. Yes, options may be limited but … Read more

8 Best GPS trackers for the Elderly 2021

Best GPS trackers for the Elderly

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are common diseases that affect a larger number of seniors. They erase a person’s memory,  making the familiar surrounding becomes unfamiliar. This state of mental confusion leads to wandering; a serious concern to many caregivers who worry that their loved ones may get lost or walk into dangerous places. Jump straight to … Read more

8 Best Intercoms for Home 2021

Best Intercoms For Homes

We are living in a fast-paced world that has tons of modern gadgets, thanks to advanced technology. An Intercom system is one such gadget. When it comes to making your home safer and more accessible, then the addition of an intercom system is one of the easiest improvements. This system not only allows homeowners to tighten … Read more