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The pandemic disrupted the normal way of doing things with more people doing things from the comfort of their homes. Although most things have eased, things will never go back to normal. Now people are starting to embrace a new normal. With this, came the growing awareness of exercise machines for home use like the vibration plate exercise machine.

The vibration plate is great for gym enthusiasts who prefer to use it for pre-workout warm-up or post-workout recovery. Also, people can use it for a range of exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and lunges. It is also a good option for those who prefer to use it on its own as their regular exercise. Whether part of a workout regime or on its own, vibration exercise comes with immense benefits if done right.  


Price Product Our Rating
LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 9.9
LifePro 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 9.8
Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 8.8
TODO Vibration Plate 8.9
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Best Choice Products Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 9.0
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SUPER DEAL Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 9.0
nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 9.0
FITPULSE Premium Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 8.8
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Natini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 8.7
Ravs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 8.9

What is a vibration plate for exercise?

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Also known as a power plate, a vibration plate is an exercise plate that works by vibrating at a high speed when plugged into a power outlet. The multidirectional vibrations go through your body while stimulating your muscles. In turn, they contract and relax as fast as 50 times per second as opposed to once or twice a second on a daily basis.  

How to use vibration plate exercise machine for exercising

All you need to do is plug your vibration plate exercise machine into a power source then stand with your knees at a 30-degree angle. You can then sit or lie on it. You can also choose to work out while on the plate.  

Once the machine is on, it vibrates. Thus it causes your entire body to vibrate forcing you to use energy to maintain balance and stability. As this happens, your body begins to shed off excess calories as your core muscles strengthen. This exercise is even as effective as regular workouts.  

How often should you use a vibration machine?  

Ideally, your exercise sessions should be conducted in short periods of time. Something between 10 and 15 minutes once or twice a day, three times a week will have you noticing the difference. 

Vibration plate exercise machine benefits 

Vibration plates help you work out in a stationary/rested position. In that case, it won’t strain but rather aid in working your muscles. These units are great because you don’t need to go anywhere to get a good quality workout! Vibration plate exercise comes with loads of benefits.

Using it helps you:  

  • Get a good pre- and post-workout exercise.  
  • Sheds off unwanted fat to help lose weight. 
  • Exercises and strengthens core muscles, also eliminating muscle soreness. 
  • Promotes blood circulation and immunity.  
  • Stimulates metabolism for tissue regeneration and speedy recovery from injury.  
  • Builds balance, stability, coordination, and flexibility.  
  • Delivers relief for back pain.  

What to consider when buying a vibration plate exercise machine

Two Woman on their Way to the Gym

When buying a vibration plate machine, it will all come down to what you’ll use it for. Vibration plates are available in many different sizes and forms. Thus, before you settle on a purchase, here is what you need to consider:  

Type of vibration plate

Tri-plane vibration plates, also known as power plates, are professional-grade vibration plates mostly found in gyms and physiotherapy centers. They are good for whole body vibration and vertical vibration. They produce very powerful vibrations in different directions including up-down, forward-backward, and side-to-side or simply tri-planar vibration.  

Oscillation vibration plates, also known as side alternating plates, linear vibration plates, or tilting plates, are great for home use. It delivers low-frequency, low-impact vibrations in a see-saw motion that are easy on the body and feel very natural.  

The vibrations produced by the oscillation vibration plates adapt to the user’s movements making them great entry-level vibration plates. The oscillation vibration plates work by standing in a still position and letting the vibrations work on your muscles. 

Size of the plate

A bigger plate means that you can do a wide range of exercises comfortably. The tri-planes are typically the bigger size plates. They require ample floor space close to a power source and a bigger motor to run them.  

Oscillation plates are the smaller plate types and fit well in homes and small spaces. They can be stowed away and are also convenient for travel.   

Motor of the machine

A tri-plane vibration plate generally requires a powerful motor that can deliver a wide range of frequencies. A higher frequency will deliver faster vibrations hence a more intense workout and the opposite is true.  

Oscillation vibration plates can work with less powerful motors as they are designed for less intense workouts. It is important to note that the speed of oscillation vibration plates is measured in levels typically between 1 and 100 and not in Hz as in tri-plane vibration plates.  

Additional features

Most free-standing vibration plates come with a bar that you can hold for support. Others are hot and can therefore be used for heat therapy making them versatile.   

Which is the best vibration plate exercise machine?  

Selecting the best vibration plate for your specific fitness needs can be a difficult task. There are many brands, types, and models of vibration plates available on the market. Here our are top 10 picks of the best vibration plates. 

#1 LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

The LifePro Waver’s function extends to whole body workout vibration with a focus on your lower body muscles. This vibration plate packs some impressive features which include customizable vibration speed settings ranging between 1 – 99 to meet different workout needs.  

It vibrates quietly and the anti-slip rubber keeps it firmly in position during operation. The loop and resistance bands included in its package are to aid different types of workouts.  

It also has an easy-to-read, remotely controlled display screen that shows the settings of the vibration plate. Plus, users get instant access to resourceful online workout videos. This unit can support a maximum weight of 330 lbs. (150 kg).  


  • Oscillating type vibration platform with extended functionality including full body workout vibration. 
  • Effective low-impact workout vibration exercise machine. 
  • 99 adjustable speed settings meet a range of workout needs. 
  • Remote access to settings. 


  • Not very effective for eliminating muscle pain and balance training. 
  • Being an oscillating type vibration plate limits the vibration training that one can undertake. 

#2 LifePro 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Another vibration plate exercise machine from the LifePro line is the 3D model. This flaunts a dual motor with 3D vibration and oscillation motions to deliver numerous benefits. These include: 

  • Increased metabolism 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Reduced high blood pressure 
  • Strengthened muscles 
  • Relieved muscle pain 
  • Improved stability and flexibility 
  • Increased bone density.  

You can use both motors at the same time for better results. With quiet vibrations, a frequency that ranges between 4 -15 Hz, as well as 99-speed settings, and 8 preset vibration programs, this is one versatile vibration plate that you can use to activate and strengthen full body muscles.  

This vibration plate exercise machine is lined with an anti-slip rubber base for a safe workout. It also comes with 2 loop bands and 4 resistance bands to facilitate a range of workout activities. It features an LED easy-to-read display and can be controlled remotely.  

The LifePro 3D vibration plate is compact and lightweight and can be used at home or during travel. Like others in LifePro’s line of vibration plates, it has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. (150 kg).  


  • Versatile with 8 programs, 99-speed settings, and a wide frequency range. 
  • Dual motor vibration motions, oscillation motions, or both. 
  • Additional access to the members-exclusive group with training videos and expert support for your workout. 
  • It vibrates quietly which adds to its convenience.    


  • It may feel a little heavy and bulky for some. 
  • Turning it on and off is a complicated process.  

#3 Belmint Vibration Plate Exercise and Lymphatic Drainage machine  

This whole-body vibration platform and lymphatic drainage machine by Belmint offers vigorous vibrations set up within 5 preset vibration programs. With 99-speed settings and 2 resistance bands, you can effectively workout and strengthen your muscles. Additionally, you can boost circulation and lymphatic drainage making it a unique machine built for extended functionality.  

It is sturdy and non-slip for safe exercising and non-noisy vibrations thanks to the non-slip feet. Also, it is compact and lightweight at only 17.1 lb. (7.7 kg) making it good for both home use and travel. Additional features and accessories include the remote control and Bluetooth speakers.  


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable.  
  • Included Bluetooth speakers for loud clear music to boost your workout. 
  • 99-speed levels for slow to intense workouts adjusted conveniently using the remote. 


  • Low-quality latch for the resistance band. 

#4 TODO Vibration Plate  

Whether you need pre-workout, warm-up, or post-workout recovery here is a full-body vibration plate exercise machine that offers you all these and much more. It is designed with automatic and manual modes and 99-speed settings from low to high-intensity vibrations.  

The 2 resistance bands and 3 latex loop bands help you do a wide range of exercises targeting different parts of your body. Whether you are standing, sitting, lying, or working out while on the plate, you’ll benefit from it in any case. The TODO vibration plate is designed with four suckers at its base to keep it stable on the ground.  

The LCD screen, easy to read, displays information about your machine settings. Use the remote to adjust the settings conveniently within a signal range of one meter. Also it comes with a Bluetooth speaker that lets you enjoy music from compatible devices while working out. It also has the option of connecting to your music system from a USB port. Be sure this vibration plate’s quiet operation will let you enjoy your music.  


  • Supports standing, sitting, lying, and working out alongside the vibrations. 
  • Both Bluetooth and USB connections for music. 


  • At 20 lbs., this vibration plate may be a bit heavier for some users. 

#5 Best Choice Products Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

This oscillating vibration platform by Best Choice Products has 10 preset workouts and 99-speed settings. You can control it digitally using the included remote or manually. It features a simple control panel that includes the power on/off and the start/stop buttons. Additionally, it has an LCD screen that displays the time and speed information.  

Use the remote to control time, speed, and power conveniently. The suction pads at its base also keep it firmly on the floor and prevent slip-offs during your workout sessions. Furthermore, it comes with handle grips for easy transportation and detachable resistance bands for additional workout challenges.  

This full-body vibration platform will deliver gentle low-impact oscillations for gentle massage and high-intensity vibrations to stimulate your body muscles. It supports a maximum weight of 300 lbs. (136 kg).  


  • Comes with 10 preset workout modes and 99-speed settings. 
  • Has both manual and digital operations. 
  • Best for muscle firming and bone strengthening. 


  • It may not be the best for weight loss. 
  • This vibration plate must be used on hard floors only, with 8 FEET clearance on all sides. 

#6 SUPER DEAL Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

The Super Deal Pro whole body Vibration plate exercise machine is built to last using durable ABS and can support up to 350 lb. (158.8 kg). That’s higher than the standard vibration machine.  

It is compact and lightweight and is easily portable. This vibration platform comes 99 vibration speed settings, arm cords, and two resistance bands. These allow you to try a wide range of vibration exercises with the option of integrating them into your normal workout regime.  

Its control panel is a bright LED screen with the power on/off, start/stop, time adjust, and speed adjust buttons. In addition, it gives you info on speed and burnt fat, to help you track your workout progress. Adjust your settings easily using a remote control as you work out.  

It is designed with an anti-slip coating and four anti-slip suction rubber feet for a quiet operation. Finally, you’ll find that it has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can be paired with any device to play music as you work out.  


  • This vibration platform is designed for a wide range of vibration exercises combined with normal workout exercise. 
  • Best for burning fat. 
  • Compact for convenient travel and easy storage. 


  • Indicated to accommodate 350 lb. weight capacity which is too heavy for the vibration platform. 
  • Poor sound quality from the Bluetooth speakers. 

#7 NIMTO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

The XXL version whole body workout vibration platform by NIMTO has a larger surface area than ordinary vibration plates at 32 x 19.3 x 7.5 inches. The greater distance between the feet improves the impact of the vibrations on your body’s joints and muscles. It also offers gentle foot massages with 167 groups of massage particles and 22 massage magnets layered on its top surface.   

Its easy-to-use LCD display has a single start/stop button, single on/off button, music control, time, program selection, and speed adjust buttons. It supports USB and Bluetooth connections to devices for music.  

Like most others, it comes with 99 vibration speed settings and 3 preset workout programs yet it supports more weight at 440 lb. (200 kg). The detachable resistance bands help your take on higher workout challenges for better results.  


  • Larger surface area for a more effective workout. 
  • Supports more weight at 440 lb. (200 kg). 
  • Solid construction. 


  • Some users find the massage particles on the platform, sharp, hard, and uncomfortable under the feet. 
  • Short resistance bands are not fit for tall people. 
  • Requires bigger space as it is bulky. 

#8 FITPULSE Premium Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

If you are looking for a whole-body vibration platform with more features and extended function, the vibration plate exercise machine by FITPULSE Premium makes a good option. It comes packaged with: 

  • 5 latex resistance bands 
  • 2 loop bands 
  • A set of push-up bars 
  • An acupressure mat for feet massage for a more effective workout.  

It operates in three modes which are linear (up and down), oscillation (side to side), and 3D (both linear and oscillation. You can adjust your vibration speed to three levels which are low, middle, and high. It also comes with 10 preset programs that you can choose from.  

Additionally, you can customize your settings conveniently using the remote without having to bend over to do so manually. The FITPULSE vibration platform supports up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) of weight. 


  • Comes with several additions for extended functions. 
  • Three operating modes and 10 preset programs. 


  • Lacks Bluetooth functionality. 
  • Few vibrations speed levels. 

#9 Natini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine  

Natini whole body vibration plate exercise machine comes with 10 preset programs. Thanks to its powerful 200W motor, this oscillation plate will deliver powerful vibrations at 99-speed levels. Use the 2 detachable loop resistance bands included in the package to exercise your upper body muscles. Furthermore, this vibration platform is designed to support up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) maximum weight.  

Features on the LCD screen like the power, music, mode, start/stop, and time/speed settings, can be adjusted using the remote control. This vibration plate machine also comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that produces quality 3D stereo sound. The Bluetooth connection can also be used to control music. It also has the option of a USB connection for music.  

The Natini oscillation plate exercise machine is built with 4 anti-slip rubber suctions for safety. It is compact size making it portable and a darling to those who move from place to place.  


  • Durable, it is built with an upgraded ABD shell. 
  • Simple easy-to-use design. 
  • Compact and portable. 


  • Its small size limits certain workouts, especially those that require one to sit on the platform. 

#10 Ravs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 

Ravs whole body vibration exercise platform delivers powerful 3D smart vibrations to 999 vibration speed levels thanks to its brushless motor. These are the highest and the most customizable speed levels there are in a home vibration plate exercise machine. In addition, it comes with 10 preset modes from low strength, middle strength, to high strength for effective workouts.  

Ravs control panel includes the power, start, time adjusts buttons, program mode, speed adjusts buttons, start/stop, three-speed shortcut buttons at 300, 600, and 900 speeds in H – R mode. Adjust these settings easily using the remote control that works at a 5-feet range.   

This sturdy and powerful unit is built to support up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) weight. It is built with rubber suction feet to keep the vibration platform firm on the ground and silent during workouts. It also comes with an anti-slip rubber pad with raised grain for effective foot massage. The resistance bands help with stretches to strengthen core upper body muscles.  


  • Stable, safe, and smart operation. 
  • Durable heavy-duty ABS construction. 
  • Micro adjustment of vibration speed levels up to 999 makes this unit highly customizable. 


  • At 25 lb., it falls in the category of heavy vibration plates. 


Do vibration plate exercise machines work?  

Yes. A study found that using vibration exercise regularly yields almost the same success as using a treadmill. The difference is that vibration plate exercise is low-impact and so a bit more lenient on joints and muscles. This makes it good for people of all ages and fitness capabilities.

If used properly, vibration plate machines can be used to achieve several fitness goals including weight loss, burning belly fat, muscle strengthening, or simply doing pre-workout warmup and post-workout recovery.  

The bottom line is you will need a vibration plate exercise machine that suits your needs. Whether you travel a lot and need something compact or you need a solid vibration platform that produces high-intensity vibrations, there is something for everyone.  

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