6 Best Walk-in Bathtubs 2021

Best Walk-in Bathtubs

Having a walk-in tub installed in your home is a great option for the elderly or physically handicapped people. Entering the tub requires little to no physical effort and is as simple as walking into it. Just open the door and go in. The tub gives people warm and relaxing bath sessions, with safety and … Read more

9 Best Toilet Seat Risers 2021

Best Toilet Seat Risers

People, especially ones of old age, experience different sorts of bone problems, one of which is joint pains. Simple daily activities can trigger joint and other body pains, limiting a person’s ability to do things themselves, resulting in their necessities of having assistance to be able to do things. Today, special innovations are made specifically … Read more

7 Best Bathroom Grab Bars for the Elderly 2021

Best Bathroom Grab Bars for Elderly

A bathroom grab is an essential tool in any senior or elderly person’s bathroom. It makes one of the riskiest movements an elder may make – stepping into and out of their bathtub – a lot more secure. The potential for injury is great when a person is using a bathtub, as there are some … Read more

6 Best Transfer Poles for the Elderly 2021

Best Transfer Poles for Elderly

A transfer pole is a very handy and practical assister for elderly and disabled people to move around, rise and sit down. It removes their liability of being dependent on another human’s presence to get around and gives them a sense of independence, albeit on support. Moreover, a transfer pole helps prevent any unforeseen accidents, … Read more

7 Best Shower Commode Chairs 2021

Best Shower Commode Chairs

For the aged population, injured or recovering individuals and those with physical mobility-related limitations, the commode with wheels comes as a much-needed mobility aid. While these people may still need supervision, this aid gives them some independence and freedom to move about. A commode is specifically designed to assist those that can’t get themselves to … Read more

7 Best Shower & Bath Seats and Transfer Benches 2021

Shower & Bath Seats and Transfer Benches

Taking a bath may seem like a normal uneventful routine. For the elderly and the disabled, however, this statement is far from the truth. Bathroom-related injuries can be grave thanks to the hard sometimes slippery surfaces, sharp corners and protruding hardware. To prevent such injuries, bathrooms are usually built with various safety measures in mind. … Read more

8 Best Toilet Frames Elderly can Use 2021

Best Toilet Frames Elderly can Use

Toilet frames are one of the most popular accessories that are installed in the bathrooms of elders or people with a mobility handicap. While sitting on and rising from a toilet, seniors have to put a lot of pressure on their knees and joints. This can be painful and in some cases detrimental. With a … Read more

5 Best Reclining Shower Chairs 2021

Best Reclining Shower Chairs

A reclining medical shower chair is an essential bath and toileting tool for those with mobility limitations. It helps them relax when taking a shower or using the restroom. They offer the much-needed support when natural standing, walking, bending, twisting or turning is not possible due to medical and non-medical reasons such as age, injury, … Read more

9 Best Wall-mounted Shower Seats for the Elderly 2021

Best Wall-mounted Shower Seats for Elderly

Its no doubt special needs individuals benefit a great deal from bath aids like shower transfer benches, shower chairs, bath stools, commodes, and wall mounted shower seats. The latter comes with immense benefits. Shower seats (wall-mounted) are great space savers. They are not exactly mobile but the fact that they are harnessed firmly to the wall … Read more

6 Best Bathroom Lift Chairs 2021

Best Bathroom Lift Chairs

Age or a physical handicap can make it difficult to enter and exit a bathtub, rendering the person affected to be dependent on another person. However, with the introduction of bathroom lift chairs, now the patient can easily use a bath tub independently. Bathroom lift chairs come in a variety of styles and sizes, with … Read more