8 Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Pads 2021

Shiatsu massage has its origins in Japan. It is a therapeutic massage that applies pressure on the entire body, not just on specific areas through the pressing of fingers and palms against the area of the body being massaged.  Shiatsu is useful in strengthening body muscles to heal and function well through stress relief and … Read more

5 Best Pilates Spine Correctors 2021

Whether you are sporting, working out in the gym regularly, spending most of your time seated on your office desk, or doing yoga, you would want to consider taking care of your spine by stretching, doing core strengthening, or pilate’s workouts. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to the Reviews Section The more … Read more

11 Best Books On Senior Care 2021 

If you are a new caregiver then you know the struggles of taking care of someone who is going through something that we have never experienced. It is challenging and often feels like a walk in the murky waters for most new caregivers. And with no one to turn to, it becomes even more difficult. … Read more

10 Best Adult Bibs for Eating (Crumb Catchers) 2021

For some people with age, it becomes quite challenging to perform such basic tasks as feeding themselves because of the “trembling”. They often leave the table having made a mess and their clothes full of food stains. Using adult bibs spares them all these messes and the embarrassment of leaving the table with unsightly food … Read more

6 Best Massage Tables 2021

Massage Training

A massage table is a great one-time investment for the home user intending to have therapy sessions in the comfort of their home or for the professional masseuse who does house calls or works from a massage studio. For this reason, its purchase should be informed by a keen consideration of the following factors. Jump … Read more

7 Best Portable Steam and Infrared Saunas 2021

Best Portable Steam Saunas

Visiting a paid spa as often as one would love is not exactly cheap. It costs you money and valuable time. This is why people love the comfort and convenience that portable saunas have to offer. Beyond the normal benefits of a sauna, the portable versions as their name suggests, are portable and can be … Read more

9 Best Wheelchair Seat Cushions 2021

Best Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Wheelchair seat cushions are meant to provide the much-needed comfort particularly for those who spend much time seated on a wheelchair. Sitting for long eventually causes pain and pressure on your spine, lower back, hips, and tailbone, all which affect your sitting posture negatively. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to the Reviews … Read more

8 Best Heating Pads 2021

Best Heating Pads

Heating pads are often used to relieve pain in the body. Talk of muscle pain, aches, cramps, soreness,  tension and all sorts of muscle pain. They are the safest alternative to painkillers even though most people quickly reach out to pills at the slightest of pains. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to … Read more