6 Best Air Quality Monitors for Home 2021

Best Air Quality Monitors for Home

According to The World Health Organization statistics, about 4.2 million deaths are caused by exposure to ambient outdoor air pollution annually while 3.8 million deaths are caused by exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves indoors annually. Studies have also found that we spend 90% of our time indoors. This means that there is a need … Read more

7 Best Trundle Beds (Daybeds) 2021

If you host a lot of guests or kid’s sleepovers then you know the headache that comes with planning how and where your guests will be sleeping. Not many people can afford to have extra rooms and beds for guests. This is where trundle beds come in handy. A trundle bed is a small wheeled … Read more

6 Best Dementia Clocks 2021

Some of the early signs and symptoms of Dementia is forgetting and being unable to tell what time it is. It could be a missed appointment with your doctor or an urgent phone call. Whatever it is, it can be a frustrating experience, mainly if it affects your everyday life. Fortunately, advancements in technology have … Read more

7 Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility 2021

Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility

People who have limited mobility, may it be because of old age, disability or illness that keeps them bed-ridden, can only participate in limited daily activities. Using the bathroom, walking, sitting down the couch, and getting up from bed may not be as easy and simple for them as what we all think. Today, there … Read more

6 Top Hospital Beds for Home Use 2021

Top Hospital Beds for Home Use

A hospital bed is probably going to be one of the places on which your patient is going to spend a lot of their time in. It only makes sense then to have a great bed for the patient to be on, to make them feel special, cared for and, most importantly, comfortable. However, since … Read more

6 Best Transfer Poles for the Elderly 2021

Best Transfer Poles for Elderly

A transfer pole is a very handy and practical assister for elderly and disabled people to move around, rise and sit down. It removes their liability of being dependent on another human’s presence to get around and gives them a sense of independence, albeit on support. Moreover, a transfer pole helps prevent any unforeseen accidents, … Read more

10 Best Bed Rails for Adults 2021

Bed Rails for Adults

Have you heard people working in your local adult center request you consider a safety bed rail for your elderly grandparent? And you thought this is the 21st century who would need a bed rail. Only to be told that as people age they require extensive support as they sleep. As much as you would … Read more

6 Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled 2021

Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled

Gurneys have often been considered to be mobility aids used in healthcare institutions. Today the functionality of gurneys extends to home users to move patients who require medical care. The standard gurney comes with an adjustable height, wheels, head or leg rest to offer optimal comfort making it a very convenient mobility aid around the … Read more

12 Best Chair, Recliner, and Sofa Protectors (Covers) 2021

Seat covers have become a necessity in homes, hotels, and other places where pieces of furniture are used. They protect furniture from a whole range of damage including spills, pet hair, scratches, dust, and dirt. This makes them last longer as you will have been saved from frequent cleaning and unnecessary repairs. Jump straight to … Read more