Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled

6 Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled 2024

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Gurneys have often been considered to be mobility aids used in healthcare institutions. Today the functionality of gurneys extends to home users to move patients who require medical care. The standard gurney comes with an adjustable height, wheels, head or leg rest to offer optimal comfort making it a very convenient mobility aid around the home. The broader term ‘gurney’ also includes shower gurneys which come as the much-needed solution for people with limited mobility and those who cannot sit upright. All in all, they are safe, sanitary, and amazingly supportive. They are also made of waterproof materials and some come designed with drainage features allowing a user can remain on them while bathing. Most are lined with an easy-clean mesh sling that dries fast to enhance their durability.

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MJM International 915 Sling Gurney 9.3
MJM International 910-P Shower Gurney 9.1
MJM International 910-DB Shower Gurney 9.0
MJM International WT920-R Wood Tone Ratchet System Shower Gurney 9.3
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MJM International 920-FD-PAD Shower Gurney 9.0
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MJM International 910-B-HS-Shower Gurney 8.9

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Buying Guide

Consider the following factors if you intend to get the best gurney bed for your loved one:


The dimensions of gurney beds vary depending on the users they are built for. Bariatric patients will obviously use wider beds compared to others. The length of these beds, however, ranges between 60 and 79 inches.


Weight capacity

This refers to the maximum weight that the bed can bear. Depending on their construction, gurney beds will have a weight capacity ranging between 250 lb and 1000 lb.



Most beds are made with healthcare grade PVC because it is a durable, sturdy, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-sanitize material with excellent anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties since they are mostly exposed to water and dampness. They are also tough enough to give users the support and stability that they need.


Elevating headrest

While there are gurney beds with a fixed flat headrest, most users prefer those that come with a headrest that elevates to different preset points. This gives the utmost comfort and the right positioning when bathing.


Side rails

Side rails that drop to the side are a great option giving a user the option to use them when they need something to hold on to or get it out of the way when they need no barrier, especially during transfers. When setting up for use, these rails come with user-friendly pins to lock them firmly in position.



Being that these units are mobility aids, casters are an important maneuverability aspect of their design. Most come with six casters with some having both fixed and locking casters to enhance their functionality.


Ergonomic design

An ergonomic design ensures that a patient is safe and comfortable. Check that the bed has contoured edges because sharp edges expose a patient to the risk of injury and skin damage.


Leg rest

While this may be considered an extra, it is still an invaluable comfort feature. An independent leg rest that can be raised horizontally and lowered down with the help of a quick-release tab is recommended.


6 Best Shower Gurney Beds for Elderly and Disabled 2024

Below are 6 of the best Gurney beds by the most reputable brand. Check out what makes them stand out.

#1 MJM International 915 Sling Gurney

MJM International 915 sling gurney bed measures 79 x 28 x 29 inches (L x W x H) and has a weight capacity of 450 fluid ounces which makes it suitable for the elderly. Constructed with healthcare grade polymer plastic that’s free from lead and phthalates along with an antibacterial mesh sling that’s mildew resistant and easy to clean, this is agreeably one of the most protective gurney beds, particularly for delicate patients. Its design includes smoothly curved edges and side rails which are secured firmly with lock pins when in use or dropped down on the sides when not in use to provide maximum safety and safe easy transfers to the user. Its foam padding features an easy-clean vinyl cover for top hygiene. On the downside, this gurney bed doesn’t have a tilting head section making it ideal only for transportation or as a showering aid. This is made possible by 6 threaded stem caster wheels.


  • The friendly lock pins on the rails hold your patient so that they do not fall
  • Promotes good hygiene (easy to clean and very fast in drying)


  • Has no head elevation


#2 MJM International 910-P Shower Gurney

With a weight capacity of 300 fluid_ounces, 30 x 60 x 28 (H x L x W) dimensions, and 6 heavy-duty threaded wheel casters, MJM 910-P is well built to offer great support and trouble-free mobility during bathroom trips. This undoubtedly makes it the go-to shower gurney for your elderly loved one especially if you need a unit that’s strong and stable. 910-P comes with a three-position headrest for maximum comfort during different applications. Like other models in the MJM’s 900 series, the 910-P features healthcare-grade polymer construction with rounded edges for safety and a full-length vinyl cover to keep water away from the closed-cell foam pad. This eliminates any possibility of the growth of bacteria which happens to be a big concern for people who have to use these gurney beds for bathing. In maintaining its hygiene, it also has a mildew and bacteria resistant mesh sling that cleans and dries fast. The 910-P goes a step further to include a drain pan made of full-length vinyl canvas and a hose to drain water away from the bed rather than letting it pour directly to the ground. It also comes with drop-down side rails that you can lower to allow for the safe transition of the user or lock it in place with lock pins to be used as handlebars.


  • Drain pan and hose direct water away from the bed thereby reducing dampness
  • Comes with heavy-duty threaded stem casters for easy mobility
  • Several waterproof features


  • Can only handle up to 300 fluid ounces of weight


#3 MJM International 910-DB Shower Gurney

The MJM 910-DB is a heavy-duty version in the 910 line of products built to cater for bariatric users. With an almost double weight capacity of 900 fluid ounces and an incredibly strong construction, this is among the most ideal shower beds for heavy patients. It is also longer in length at 79 inches. However, like other beds by MJM, this gurney is constructed with healthcare-grade polymer plastic that is designed with contoured edges and is free from phthalates and lead. It also features drop-down side rails for safe transfer of users and lock pins to hold the rails in place when in use. The multi-position headrest is an excellent feature for adjusting the patient’s head position as required during different applications. Together with the vinyl canvas drain pan and a drain hose, it is easy to channel water away to the drainage. The 910-DB comes with a high-density polyethylene surface lined with a closed-cell foam pad lined with a vinyl cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. Overall this is a comfortable heavy-duty gurney and thanks to the threaded stem casters moving it on different surfaces including the wet bathroom floor shouldn’t be a hazard.


  • Lead and phthalate-free
  • Tough and durable
  • High carrying capacity


  • A little heavy at 186 lb but this is understandable since it is a bariatric gurney


#4 MJM International WT920-R Wood Tone Ratchet System Shower Gurney

MJM WT920-RC clean and sanitary wood-tone PVC frame makes it an outstanding gurney with a color theme that moves away from conventional institutional design to give the user a homely appeal. It is constructed with healthcare grade polymer plastic that is phthalate and lead-free making it not only medically safe but also an excellent bacteria growth inhibitor. The sling mesh liner is also resistant to mildew and bacteria. This gurney bed features great comfort features like the reclined ratchet that offers your legs a comfortable resting position and a multi-position headrest that adjusts to different positions for maximum comfort and support. It measures 79 x 31 (L x W) and weighs just 110 lbs yet it comes with a weight capacity rating of 450 fluid ounces. Finally, it features drop-down side rails that are flexible enough to offer the user firm support when locked firmly with pins or be removed for easy transfers. Overall, WT920-RC shower gurney is among the best gurney beds for unconventional bathing and user transport needs.


  • Its frame is toned with a wooden PVC component
  • Reclined ratchet leg rest provides a comfortable posture
  • Multi-position headrest


  • Its wood-tone PVC frame might compromise its durability


#5 MJM International 920-FD-PAD Shower Gurney

If you are looking for a mobile gurney shower bed that you can easily move around in crowded places and store away easily, MJM 920-FD-PAD makes an excellent option. Some incredibly admirable features in this folding gurney are legs that can be moved to different positions and a headrest that can be elevated to 5 different positions. Rather unique from other designs, this gurney is designed with two lockable and two non-lockable threaded stem 5-inch casters to give you the best mobility options. This gurney measures 76.5 x 28 x 30 inches (L x W x H) and comes with a weight capacity rating of 350 fluid ounces. Like others by MJM, the 920-FD-PAD is constructed with healthcare grade polymer plastic with smooth curving on the edges of the frame to make it as safe as possible for seniors or delicate users. It also features the sanitary anti-bacterial and anti-mildew mesh sling, closed-cell foam pad, as well as a tough easy-clean vinyl cover. Finally, the drop down rails integrated into its design come in handy when the user needs something to hold on to for support but can get out of the way during transfers.


  • The fold-down head and foot component makes it easy to store
  • Best for use in crowded areas


  • Quite frankly, there was no noticeable con with this gurney save for the fact that there is no bariatric version for bigger individuals


#6 MJM International 910-B-HS-Shower Gurney

The 910-B-HS weighs 155 pounds, measures 32 x 31.5 x 79 (W x H x L) and comes with a capacity of 600 fluid ounces. It is sturdily built for bariatric users and features a 3-point elevating headrest. Its construction includes healthcare grade polymer plastic, waterproof closed-cell foam pad, and a strong easy-to-clean vinyl cover as well as a full-length antibacterial mesh sling that is resistant to mildew. It is also outfitted with an antibacterial drain pan and hose to help channel water to a drainage system rather than let it pour directly on the bathroom floor. It’s also safe thanks to the contoured frame edges and drop-down side rails. Finally, the threaded stem casters will facilitate easy mobility.


  • Highly mobile thanks to its threaded stem casters
  • Safe and overly hygienic
  • Fit for big patients


  • None that we could point to



Those that are bedridden or those whose mobility is limited know just how refreshing a bath can be. With the best gurney beds available in the market, there is no more worrying about how one will take a bath. This is because these units have completely revolutionized the lives of their users whether in nursing homes, assisted-living centers, healthcare centers, hospitals, or at home. It is even better if you will have gotten one that meets your specific needs.

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