7 Best Bedside Fall Mats for the Elderly and Handicap 2024


It is hardly news any longer that care for the elderly and the handicap looms is one of the most challenging responsibilities. And more so because one has to constantly watch their loved ones for fear of falls. It is reported that falls are the major cause of injuries in the elderly and some of these falls can be fatal, to say the least. There are a few innovative solutions in the market to minimize these falls as well as the impact of the falls. One of these great products is a bedside fall mat.

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Price Product Our Rating
Vive Bedside Fall Mat 9.7
NYOrtho Bedside Floor Mats 9.6
Drive Medical Tri-Fold Bedside Mat 9.1
Drive Medical Safetycare Floor Mat with Masongard Cover 9.0
Fid-Med Bedside Foam Fall Pad 9.1
Smart Caregiver Floor Mat Exit Alarm for Elderly Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering 9.8
Secure FlatPad Beveled Edge Bedside Fall Safety Mat  9.6

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Fall mats are specially designed floor cushions made from different materials that are placed on the floor beside beds, stairs or chairs. They can be used at a home, hospital or nursing home to prevent an accident just in case someone loses balance and falls off from the bed. Some fall mats can even be connected with an alarm system to alert caregivers when an elderly/handicap rolls out of the bed.  They are high-impact forms for injury protection. Each mat is specially made with a shock-absorbing foam material that resists compression under the direct impact. They are water-repellent, antimicrobic, fire-resistant and slip-resistant.

In this review, we will cover some of the best bedside fall mats in the market currently. We also have a look at what key features you should look at when buying a fall mat.

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How to use bedside fall mats?

Even though we don’t like to feel this way, It is obviously a burden to take care of an aging or handicapped loved one all through the night as you have to constantly worry about them falling down when they are turning or trying to get off the bed. In a bid to live independently, some won’t call for help even when they know they are unable to get out of the bed alone. This puts them at risk of falling and consequently injuring themselves.

Appropriate use of bedside floor mats is encouraged to all caregivers, be it in nursing homes, hospitals or homes. Here is the proper way to use the fall mat.

  • Place the mat at the bedside where your loved one is most likely to step on when they get off the bed or when they are resting on the bed.
  • Make sure the mat extends beyond the headboard. The size should be at least 44 inches otherwise it won’t be as functional. The bigger the size of the fall mat the less the risk of injury.
  • If you have to assist your loved one to get up, be careful when stepping on the fall mat so that you don’t trip them
  • For night usage, you can add some glow strips on the mat so that your loved one can clearly see where to step on.
  • As with everything, proper care and maintenance is needed to make it serve you better and for longer. Check out the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


Pros and cons of bedside fall mats

Not sold to the idea of buying a bedside fall mat still? Well, these advantages should give you every reason to want to buy one.



  • Fall mats reduce the impact of fall injuries in the event of accidental roll-off from the bed
  • They provide a firm supportive surface to place your feet when resting on the bed or chair
  • The vinyl material that covers the fall mat is easier to clean and maintain
  • They come in different, sizes and designs to meet different tastes and preferences
  • Most of the bedside fall mats come with a warranty and guarantee
  • Some of the fall mats have motion sensors to alert the caregiver in case a fall happens
  • You don’t need any doctor’s note to buy a fall mat. If you feel you need it, you make the purchase
  • Fall mats have a neutral color that matches most home decors. At least you won’t have to worry about the mat color being way off your home color theme.
  • The non-slip materials in them prevent further injuries



As with everything that is beneficial, there are disadvantages too. Here are some cons to the bedside fall mat:

  • The good ones are obviously expensive
  • Those that have sensors at times gives a false alert
  • For most mats, the alert system is sold separately making it more expensive altogether
  • They are not medically certified
  • One fall mat cannot be used by multiple seniors
  • It is easy to stumble while ambulating


Buying guide

Falls continue to be the biggest concern for most caregivers. The most common injuries from these falls include hip fractures, knee injuries and very rarely head injuries. Depending on the severity, one can end up on a surgeon’s table. A simple one time fall from the stair, chair or even a bed can leave your loved one confined in bed for months. A bedside fall mat is, therefore, a preventive measure to reduce the impact of these falls. The following are important factors to consider when buying the best bedside fall mat for the elderly.


Its ability to reduce impact in case of a fall

This is the degree in which the mat reduces the impact force during a fall. A thicker mat will reduce more impact compared to a thin one.


Its ability to stay put in one position

There are two ways to look at the stability here. 1) The mat should not move about or wobble when your loved one stands on it. 2) The mat should stay put in its position when things like wheelchairs and beds move over it. They should glide over it smoothly and without the mat moving out of its place.


Bottom friction

There should be some friction between the floor surface and the mat so that the mat doesn’t slip. Also when using it consider that spills may make the floor surface slippery and hence lessen the friction. As such go for a mat that has a highly textured back.


Fall mat thickness

A thicker mat is very easy to trip on. It’s best to go for medium thickness size, if you go for too thin, it won’t protect your loved one from heavy impacts. Very thick mats are also hard to clean and eat up a lot of storage space.


Weight of the fall mat

The overall weight of the mat should not be as heavy. A light mat is portable. A heavier one will make it difficult to be moved from one space to the other. Moreover, long term lifting of heavy mats may lead to back injuries. Caregivers are cautioned against carrying heavy mats without the help of lifting devices.


The overall size of the fall mat

When it comes to size, we are talking about the length and width of the fall mat. A fall mat that covers a bigger surface area provides optimum coverage as opposed to a smaller fall mat. A good-sized fall mat should cover the entire length of the bed and allow for a sizable distance from the bed.


Price of the fall mat

Lastly, consider the price. Each bedside fall mat comes with different prices depending on various variables. Although cheap is expensive, you obviously cannot buy what you cannot afford. Choose a bedside fall mat that is both functional and durable but within the budget.


Best bedside Fall Mats for the Elderly and Handicap 2024


#1 Vive Bedside Fall Mat

There is so much to say about this fall protection mat by Vive. To start with, it is made of high-density foam that takes in a lot of impact without caving in. This guarantees your loved one of maximum safety even if they rolled over their bed. The mat is also slip-resistant and in case of accidental spills, it still holds securely thanks to the rubber backing on the mat. The low-level edges make it easy for wheelchairs and other mobility aids to glide over smoothly without causing accidents. The edges also make it easy for one to transition from the floor to the mat and vice versa without tripping. Vive’s biggest concern when making this fall mat was obviously protecting your loved ones by giving complete and maximum bedside coverage.

Dimensions: Length: 72”, Width: 24”, Height: 3/4”


  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Soft and comfortable on the feet


  • Not machine washable
  • Does not have a fall sensor alarm


#2 NYOrtho Bedside Floor Mats

Another great fall mat with complete bedside coverage is the NYOrtho fall mat. The large coverage provides your loved ones with maximum impact protection. The mat is made of high-density foam that is firm but at the same time soft on the feet. The foam is capable of taking in a lot of impact acting as a shield in case of any falls. The non-slip texture and anti-skid back on the mat prevent any slippages which can be quite dangerous to the elderly. This feature makes the fall mat very versatile as you can place on it any type of surface,

The edges of the mat are beveled to allow for easy transition from the floor surface onto the mat. This prevents tripping and also makes it easy to use mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs all the way to the bed.

Dimensions: Length: 70”, Width: 24”, Height: 3/4”


  • Foldable making it easy to store away
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • May not be very textured to prevent slippages


#3 Drive Medical Tri-Fold Bedside Mat

The Drive Medical Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is specially designed with high-density padding to minimize the impact in case of a fall. This fall mat has a capability of withstanding a lot of impacts, in other terms, it is high-impact absorbing. Given that it is made from high-quality foam, it is obviously durable. A perfect fall mat for nursing homes as well as homes. The mat is covered with a vinyl cover to protect it from wear and tear. The vinyl cover is also very easy to clean.

The bottom part of the mat is textured so as to prevent the mat from slipping. Such an important feature especially if it will be placed on a slippery floor surface like tiles. If you are conscious about space-saving, you will love that this mat can be folded into three for easy storage.

Dimensions: Length: 72”, Width: 30”, Height: 2”


  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable to make it easy to store
  • Anti-slip
  • large coverage area


  • Mobility aids may have a hard time moving up the fall mat


#4 Drive Medical Safetycare Floor Mat with Masongard Cover

You will find a lot of Drive medical Safetycare fall mats in hospitals because of its small coverage area. Most hospitals prefer a small mat to cover just the stepping area so if this is your preference as well, be sure to get this fall mat. Just like its competitors, it provides a safe environment for those at high risk of falling out of bed. It has 2 foldable sections that are made of high-density polyurethane foam. This type of material takes in pretty much a lot of impacts which is perfect in reducing injuries during falls. Its foldability also makes it easy to store as you can just fold and place it standing against the wall. The unique Masongard cover makes it waterproof and so no slippages even on slippery floors.

Dimensions: Length: 66”, Width: 24”, Height: 2”


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Takes up very minimum space


  • Has a fairly small coverage area
  • The seams come off easily with a lot of folding and moving


#5 Fid-Med Bedside Foam Fall Pad

The Bedside Foam Fall pad comes in two styles, the bifold and the single fold. Choose what suits your liking. The bifold is convenient when it comes to storage but if you don’t intend to keep moving it, then the single works as great. The mat is covered with a vinyl cover for easy cleaning and maintaining. You only need to wipe with a cloth and cleaning detergents. It is made to last no doubt and the 2 inches high compression polyurethane foam it is made from reduces high fall-related impacts. The foam also provides maximum absorption of spilled liquids.

Dimensions: Length: 66”, Width: 24”, Height: 2”


  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable
  • Durable


  • The folded sections can come off easily as it is held together with hook and fasteners


#6 Smart Caregiver Floor Mat Exit Alarm for Elderly Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering

This is our best fall mat with an alarm system. The alarm system comes inclusive of the fall mat of course at a higher cost. The alarm features an off/on switch which the caregiver can reset whenever responding to a fall alert. It is easy to operate, has a low battery indicator, adjustable volume, a variety of tone options and visual alert. With all these features, one cannot simply miss an alert. As for the mat, it is made of very high-quality durable foam material with beveled edges for easy movement of mobility aids and easy transition of the senior in and out of the floor surface.

Dimensions: Length: 66”, Width: 24”, Height: 2”


  • Has an alarm to alert the caregiver in case of fall
  • Non-slip
  • Long-lasting
  • Made from high-quality material


  • Batteries ( 3-AA batteries) are not included in the alarm system
  • The alarm makes the fall mat a bit costly
  • The cord is too short


#7 Secure FlatPad Beveled Edge Bedside Fall Safety Mat

Just like the other fall mats, we have reviewed, this mat is designed to cushion a person when they fall off their bed. Both elderly and handicap who are a high fall risk would benefit a lot from this mat. The beveled edges prevent tripping and make it easy for mobility aids to glide through. The mat is fairly thick and lays flat on the floor to prevent (floor hugging) slipping off. Cleaning it is not anything out of the norm, you just wipe with clean water, cleaning detergent and a soft cloth. Being waterproof, don’t worry about it getting soaked and causing slippages.

Dimensions: Length: 70”, Width: 36”, Height: 3/4”


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Not wide enough for a walker to safely maneuver on it



In this article, we have basically covered everything you need to know about fall mats including reviewing some of the best fall mats for the elderly as well as handicapped. what fall mat to choose will depend on your liking however, it should be the one that reduces high fall impacts. It should also be wide enough to cover a large area around a bed and just thick enough not to cause tripping. The material used to make bedside fall mats should also be able to prevent slippages.

Our review has fall mats of varying sizes, shapes and features. You will find that what is most ideal for an elderly may not be the best one for the handicap. All in all, with a bedside fall mat you get peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in a safer environment. It takes a lot of sacrifices every day to care for your loved one and any product that can make their life easy is well worth the cost.

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