5 Best Swivel Side Tray Tables 2020

Best Swivel Side Tray Tables

For seniors, safety and freedom of movement are vital factors to ensure they enjoy life to the maximum. Sitting comfortably to either eat or access essential stuff on swivel side tray tables enhances their safety. Some seniors have a high risk of falling, and therefore, they need to retrieve things within reach.

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Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table 9.7
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Able Life Able Tray Table 9.9
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Octane Seating Swivel Tray Table 9.9
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Stander Omni Tray Table 9.1
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Stander Couch Cane Swivel Tray 9.3

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If you are considering buying for your loved a tray table, the options are unlimited. However, deciding on a high-quality model that will offer convenience might be an uphill task. We have narrowed down for you the best swivel side tray tables for hassle-free shopping.


Buying guide

It makes economic sense to buy a high-quality product that will give you value for money. Buyers will appreciate having a suitable swivel table for seniors or users who have mobility issues. When shopping for a swivel side tray table, there are several factors to consider, as highlighted below.


Quality material

Swivel tray tables are made from different materials. Perfectly polished metal is not only elegant but easy to clean. Rattan material is lightweight; nonetheless, it’s not suitable for holding heavy items. It is also not easy to clean and stains easily.

Usually, wood is preferable since it’s durable; however, it may require the use of coasters to prevent scratches. Wood also requires veneer or lacquer polish to prolong its life. The polish is meant to protect against moisture, decay and is easier to clean.


Wheels for movement

There are different types of swivel tray tables, and the type you choose will depend on how you intend to use it. If your loved one is moving the table more often, then you can pick one fitted with wheels. It will allow for easier movement, especially when standing or sitting. However, the wheels should have a locking feature to prevent from sliding while in use.

There are also stationary tray tables that can stay in a firm position. Safety is a concern, especially when the senior is rising without the risk of sliding and falling. Legs fitted with rubber will offer stable support and protect your floor from damage.


Sturdy handles

Handles allow for convenience and enhance mobility when it comes to grabbing the tray and carrying. They also offer perfect grip, especially if the tray table has wheels and your loved one would like to move it from one place to another.

Some options are fitted with handles on the sides, and therefore they are easier to drag. The design helps prevent items from sliding and falling. Some have collapsible handles that allow easy storage.


Size of the tray

A large tray is suitable since it can hold a lot of items. The senior can have everything they need without having to stand too often to reach for things.


Ease of assembly

Since these are simple furniture to use at home, their assembly should be easy and straightforward. The package may include a few screws or hardware, however, it should take less time fixing.



Some tray tables allow you to adjust their height, making them easier to use on different types of couches and beds. In some instances, swivel design lets you rotate the tray in different angles. This feature makes it a flexible table that the senior can use for writing or using a laptop. However, it should have a knob for locking it after adjusting the height.


Extra features

Some tray tables have a special feature that enhances their convenience and performance. For instance, the cup holder is useful, and the senior can place their beverage without the risk of spilling. Also, seniors with problems gripping will find it quite useful. Some may have several points for holding, which improves their portability. Some options also have a pen tray where the senior can place their pencils or pens.


Tips when using swivel side tray tables


Invest in placemats or coasters

Quite often when using a swivel dinner tray, food or beverages may spill on the contents on top of the tray. It’s essential to have some coasters or placements as this will help reduce the risks of spillages and damage to the swivel.


Choose suitable height

Some tray tables are taller while others are medium height. When shopping, choose a proper height depending on the size of the couch, chair or bed.


Refrain from pushing off when standing

Though most tray tables have added features for stability, they require proper handling. When standing, the elder doesn’t need to hold on one side as they may fall. However, this will depend on design.


Limit the use of heavy items

The tray tables have a maximum weight which they can support. However, it’s essential to only limit the load to the limit recommended by the manufacturer.


Adjust the table’s height while seated

Before adjusting the height, it’s crucial for the senior to sit in a comfortable position and with proper posture. This way, they can change the height with much ease.


Best Swivel Side Tray Tables 2020


#1 Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

The Able Life  Universal Swivel Tray Table is quite large, with an overall dimension of 20 x 15 inches suitable for multiple uses. It’s useful when eating, doing arts, working or even placing easily accessible items such as remote control or phone.

It has a unique design that allows the senior to reach for things without bending. The 360 degrees adjustability makes it easy to use. Installation is a breeze, and you will not need the use of tools or hardware to have everything ready. This piece of furniture is quite sturdy and can support a maximum weight of up to 30 lbs. This tray table will accentuate your room décor since it features a modern and classy design. The flame has an adorable brown color while the tray is made from classic bamboo and will blend perfectly with your sense of style. The elegance makes it suitable for use in the living room or even the bedroom.

Your loved one will feel safe using this furniture since it’s fitted with rubber pads that adjust the space between the legs and therefore providing stability. Moreover, it protects your floor surface from damage during pushing and pulling. The tray is customized to provide comfort to the senior through various adjustable settings. They can, therefore, adjust the height between 24 and 32 inches.


  • Large tray size
  • Multiple uses
  • Adjustable tray
  • Sturdiness
  • Elegant finishing
  • Rubber feet protect the floor


  • May not support heavy items


#2 Able Life Able Tray Table

One of the notable features of the Able Life tray is the ergonomic handle that offers balanced support when the elder is sitting or standing.

With sturdiness in mind, this handle can support a weight of up to 30 lb. This design is outstanding since it will prevent the items on the tray from falling. For instance, if the elder is drinking some beverage, they won’t have to worry about spills. Secondly, there is ample space on the tray. It measures a whopping 16 x 18 inches, which is more than enough to place their meals or books, laptops and much more. Quality of this furniture is remarkable, and for the price, you will get a 100 % money-back guarantee.

The assembly is quite easy, and the frame is strong enough to prevent it from wobbling when the elder wants to stand. Similarly, you will love the padded areas between the legs that offer a perfect grip on the floor. It’s, therefore, an assurance that the floors will remain protected from scratches and it will not skid. The fact that it’s adjustable makes it easy to set the preferred height, therefore, ensuring maximum stability. This tray table can rotate 360 degrees for extra convenience. Thus the senior will not have to move one bit when reaching for items on the far end. They only need to rotate for easier reach. The cup holder is an additional feature that will securely hold the beverage and prevent falls and spillages.


  • Easy to set up
  • Made from high-quality bamboo
  • The base has rubber fittings for stability
  • Adjustable tray
  • The tray can rotate 360 degrees
  • Has a cup holder


  • No good for recliners


#3 Octane Seating Swivel Tray Table

The Octane is a unique tray, and unlike the previous tray tables, it does not have leg support. It’s a tray table that works well with an octane seat. One thing to note is that it can rotate 360 degrees, and this makes it flexible, thereby allowing the user to set in different positions.

Notably, the size is smaller when you compare with the Able Life; therefore, you can only place a few items. The quality is top-notch, and consequently, it will give valuable service for many years. The surface is non-slip and will hold the items well without the risk of falling. We also love the fact that it’s sturdy and thus ensures safety for the elder.

The tray table is versatile and can be used at home or even at the theatre. At home, the senior can place their meals, a beverage, a laptop, phone or remotes. Finally, it’s an elegant product that will look good on your chairs. It blends perfectly with your sense of style, and the matte finish is easy to clean. Overall, it’s a good product that comes at a great price. It will give you value for money.


  • Unique design
  • Sturdy structure
  • Flexibility of use
  • Works well with Octane chairs
  • High-quality product


  • Small space
  • Does not have a cup holder


#4 Stander Omni Tray Table

The Stander Omni Tray offers the elder the convenience of using it for placing items when seated. Its safety is enhanced by the ergonomic handle that makes standing or sitting down quite easy. It also gives leverage that helps boost safety and mobility.

The Bamboo tray is quite large, with an overall dimension of 20 x 15 inches. Therefore there is ample room where the senior can place a laptop, remote control, phone, and other items. They can also conveniently place it on their lap while having their meals or reading a book.

The swivel design allows for a 360 degrees rotation, and the elder can turn the other side when not using. Doctors usually recommend seniors to use such a table, especially after a surgery or injury. The adjustable feature allows it to fit perfectly beneath the feet of coaches, recliners or lift chairs. The user can set the preferred height to suit their comfort. Other than being functional, it’s also a stylish product with a perfect finish that will match with other furniture. It is versatile since the elder can use it with a couch, recliner, lift chair or sofa.

It can handle up to a maximum of 250 lb, and this makes it extremely sturdy. It’s also easy to set up and does not require the use of tools or hardware. Further, it’s a high-quality product made from durable material.


  • The tray can rotate 360 degrees
  • Made of durable material
  • Adjustable height levels
  • Versatile use
  • Large tray with ample space


  • Tabletop slightly slanted


#5 Stander Couch Cane Swivel Tray

This multifunctional swivel tray solves many problems for seniors either confined to a recliner chair or recovering from surgery. It’s also convenient for use at home since it can rotate 360 degrees and elders will find it convenient using the swivel tray on the couch cane. The assembly is easy and mounts perfectly to the bracket.

It’s basically a swivel Tray accessory, and due to its versatility, it can also be used to place a laptop, meals. The tray is large and has plenty of space for holding utensils and other items. You will appreciate the sturdiness since it’s made of high-quality wood and can accommodate up to a maximum of 30 lb. Other essential features are a pencil tray and a plastic cup holder which adds to the convenience. It’s easy to use, and the senior can swivel it away when they are not using.


  • Has a pencil holder and cup holder
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Large tray
  • Easy to mount on the couch cane
  • Multi-purpose use


  • Can’t accommodate heavy items



The best swivel tray table is one that offers more in terms of adjustability and convenience. More so if it has added features for extra comfort and allows multi-use. Regardless of why you need one, there are a variety of products and all the trays picked will give you a head start.


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