6 Best Motion Sensor Alarms for the Elderly 2024

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Monitoring seniors without the help of automated technology can be very demanding given that they need very close supervision throughout. You hardly ever settle down to rest unless they are asleep. And while they are asleep, you would still need to be on the alert lest they wake up to answer the call of nature and trip as they make their way to the washroom. If you have managed close monitoring, you are not far from burn out.

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To monitor your loved one effectively without going through an emotional roller coaster, you need a motion sensor alarm for elderly people. This gadget is specially designed to sense movement and then transmit the signal to the receiving gadget and activate the alarm.


A motion sensor alarm is important for three main reasons:

  • Monitoring movement to prevent patients especially those with memory conditions like dementia from wandering off and getting lost
  • Preventing falls
  • Giving caregivers the flexibility to do other things while at the same time monitoring patients



Here are the features to look out for when purchasing a motion sensor alarm:


Infrared or pressure sensor alarm

Infrared sensor alarms go off when their light senses movement while pressure sensor alarms go off when weight is exerted on them. Pressure alarms are more popular and come in the form of bedside or doormats. Some can be slipped under the user’s sheets on their bed and are incontinence resistance. Pressure sensor bedside mats go off when pressure is exerted on them while those placed on the bed go off when they stop sensing pressure on them.

A disadvantage with bed mats is that they tend to pick false alarms which can be frustrating for the caregiver.


Number of pieces

A motion sensor alarm can be one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, or more. In one-piece models, both the sensor and the alarm are integrated into one unit. The two-piece models, on the other hand, have the sensor and alarm in separate devices. Three-piece models come with a sensor pad, alarm, and a pager. The caregiver moves around with the pager and is alerted when the alarm goes off. The final model is usually a pager which can work with multiple motion sensors or devices. It is used by caregivers who monitor more than one patient.


Cordless or corded

While both can be used, it is advisable to use cordless for seniors as they are less demanding. Corded models usually have the alarm and sensor connected with a cord meaning that a caregiver will have to be near a patient to monitor them effectively.


Volume adjust function

It is important to note that some sensor alarms lack the volume adjust feature much as it is important. If this is important to you, verify that the volume of your selected model can be adjusted.


Best Motion Sensor Alarms for the Elderly 2024

Having evaluated motion sensor alarm models in the market, here is our opinion of 6 of the best alarms in the space. Check out what makes them tick.


#1 Smart Caregiver Economy Cordless Fall Monitor

This sensor by Smart Caregiver is an excellent option for a residential home or a small size facility. It takes the form of a plain wireless mat measuring 24 x 48 inches and has been designed to monitor falls. An advantage is that it is cordless and can work within a 300 ft range.

The ideal place to put it is by the bed or at the doorway where falls are prone to happen. The mat is anti-slip and will transmit a signal to its audio-enabled monitor when the footsteps on it and then lifts. This way, the caregiver knows that the resident is leaving the room.

This monitor is powered by 3 “C” batteries and is fitted with an adjustable volume with three volume options, low, medium, and high. The mat comes with an internal battery.


  • Cordless and anti-slip mat is safe for seniors
  • Adjustable volume


  • This mat needs to be replaced yearly since its battery is irreplaceable.


#2 Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Monitor

Smart Caregiver Corporation’s sensor pad, measuring 10 x 30 inches is placed on the bed right under the user’s shoulder blades under the sheet. It is made of soft, comfortable, easy-clean vinyl material and will therefore not be affected by incontinence. It has a 1-year lifespan.

The alarm, on the other hand, works within a 300 ft range. It goes off when the patient sits up or gets out of bed alerting the caregiver in order to monitor the patient. It comes with an adjustable volume at a fixed low, medium, and high option. It is powered by 3 “C” batteries.


  • Easy-to-clean, incontinence resistant
  • Adjustable volume


  • The alarm may go off when one is shifting and not getting off the bed. This can be a little disturbing for caregivers.
  • Low volume a bit loud for some users


#3 Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor with Remote Alarm

This sensor alarm by Smart Caregiver comes with some impressive functionality features in addition to the ordinary features found in all alarms. Users are spared the bothersome noise from the alarm placed near them. The alarm will go off in the remote alarm placed a little further, up to 100 ft from the motion sensor which can be mounted in any convenient location. The alarm comes with three volume levels, low, medium, and high and has been designed with an on/off button to manage it when it goes off.

The motion sensor is powered by 3 AA batteries, while the remote alarm will work with 3 “C” batteries.


  • Alarm noise goes off in a separate room giving people peace of mind through the night
  • No alarm delay after sensing motion


  • Works over 100 ft range which is short


#4 Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager and PIR Motion Sensor

If you are looking for a basic but functional piece, this pager and PIR motion sensor by Secure comes as a great option. It is a worthwhile asset in the home and in a small health center. Its package includes a pager and motion sensor, both of which are cordless. Something unique about this combo is the fact that you can add more, up to four, motion sensors or other monitoring devices to work with the pager.

The PIR motion sensor can be installed in any place near the patient to detect any form of movement after which it will transmit a signal to the pager. The pager stays with the caregiver. To make it easy to operate when working with more than one motion sensor, the pager lets you assign unique tunes to each pager. In addition, you can set your alerts to sound only, vibrate only, or sound + vibrate. This motion sensor operates over a 500-ft distance which is remarkably bigger compared to the range of ordinary sensors.

Additional accessories included in its package include a belt clip if you need to have it full time, screws and a 3 m tape for mounting purposes. The pager is powered by 2 AA dry cell batteries while the sensor works with 1 “C” battery.


  • Works with more than one motion sensors
  • Function extends to other monitoring devices like the call button, sensor pad, and door/window alarm
  • Different alert modes including sound only, vibrate, and sound + vibrate
  • Larger monitoring range of 500 ft


  • The pager does not have a volume adjust option
  • No on/off switch on the pager. Switching is done on the sensor which could be an advantage in disguise to the patient since it will not switch off until they get the assistance they need.


#5 Syrtenty – Bed and Chair Sensor Pad Alarm

This sensor alarm set by Syrtenty comes with two sensor pads, one for the chair and the other for the bed. This eliminates the hassle of having to transfer the mat every time a patient is off the bed and onto the chair. In addition, the mats are quite safe for delicate patients hygienically because they are made of an antimicrobial material and also comfortable as the material is soft to the skin.

This sensor alarm comes with two alert options, an alarm alert and a tune alert, as well as a volume adjust function which lets you set the volume to low, medium, or high option.


  • Comes with two sensor pads
  • Two alert options
  • Its alarm is loud enough and can be heard in the next room


  • Corded which can be risky for senior
  • The alarm is connected to the sensor pad whose sound can be annoying because the alarm is sensitive to every slight movement


#6 Smart CaregiverMotion Sensor & Pager

This sensor by Smart Caregiver is the combination of a motion sensor gadget and a pager which work within a range of 150 ft. Its alarm rings on the pager once motion is detected which means that your patient or loved one will have some peace of mind without the noise from the alarm bothering them. The motion sensor can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand as long as it is easily accessible.

The alarm’s on/off button is built into the pager which makes it easy for the caregiver to monitor without bothering the patient unless there is a need to do so. This sensor alarm is designed with two alert options, a chime, and an alarm. The pager is powered by 2 AA batteries and the motions sensor plugged on AC power with the provided adapter.


  • Two alert options
  • The alarm goes off on the pager and not the motion sensor, allowing your patient to have a peaceful sleep


  • Does not have a volume adjustment function
  • Volume too loud for some users
  • The 150-ft range is not ideal for large spaces or use in the next room



Much as a caregiver may be in a position to purchase a motion sensor alarm for elderly users, it is critical to involve them in the process. Get to know their preferences and the features that matter most to them because ultimately, how good or bad a model is, depends on how comfortable they are when using it. In addition to this, consider the range within which a motion sensor alarm will work and if it is suitable for use in the intended space.

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