9 Best Walking Sticks and Canes for the Elderly and Disabled 2021


Walking is the most natural movement there is. It is also among the most popular physical exercises that we participate in. Walking is not only good for the physical body but can also help you gather your thoughts, manage your stress as well as clear your mind. But what happens to those with limited mobility who still want to enjoy walking if not for their physical health but for their independence? They get walking sticks or walking canes.

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These mobility aids are great for those who often feel insecure when walking or experience weakness or pain as they make movements. Basically, walking sticks and canes are important tools for those with limited mobility, like the elderly and disabled. They come in different styles and materials but all function more or less the same way. The choice to go for will simply be a matter of preference, purpose, and usability. Read on to find out more about these innovative walking aids as well as our thoughts on some of the best walking sticks and canes for the elderly and disabled currently in the market.


Notable differences between a walking stick and cane

Although the terms “walking canes” and “walking sticks” are more often than not used interchangeably, these are two distinct products despite. Walking canes are primarily designed to provide more excellent stability and support for their users. They have larger handles, wide shafts and broader tips. Walking canes are constructed to carry more bodyweight thus allowing its users to lean on them while walking. Users usually carry only one cane and it’s held to the body’s side while walking. They have more medical use and hence may be covered by insurance.

On the other hand, walking sticks are mainly used to maintain a correct balance and rhythm for its users while walking. Walking sticks are typically used in pairs and, as such held in front of its user while walking. They are useful in reducing the risks of stumbling on uneven terrain, sliding or tripping. Unlike walking canes, they are more of a recreational nature and thus not covered by medical insurance. They have extra features such as wrist straps, and replaceable tips and handles making them highly-priced compared to canes. To find out which is best for you, we would advise that you consult your therapist or doctor.


Functions of walking sticks

A walking stick  may perform one or more functions including:

  • Providing a wider support base to offer greater stability and balance
  • Aiding your walking pattern in terms of evenness of stride and speed
  • Maintaining an upright body posture
  • Increasing the user’s confidence in walking
  • Assisting in weight redistribution


Functions of assistive canes

Below are reasons why 24% of U.S. adults and seniors use a mobility device with the walking cane being the most used.

  • Improves one’s balance by increasing the base support
  • Help keep off any pressure to the injured leg by about 25 %
  • Prevent fall and injuries in people with impaired mobility


Buying guide

Finding an ideal walking stick or a cane may prove a daunting but not impossible task. For mobility aids, it is always wise to look for quality products to guarantee your safety. Some of the key features you would need to consider include;



While a relatively heavy walking stick or a cane may seem sensible, it isn’t when you are lifting them hundred times during your morning walk. Before even finishing your route, your arms would have gotten tired. You must also consider your physical condition when choosing walking sticks and canes based on their weight. Light yet durable aluminum alloy ones are usually the better choices for both seniors and the disabled. Lightweight sticks offer a variety of grips and can be extended to the correct height for your needs.


Material used

The general rule is that frail old seniors and disabled persons are better off with lightweight canes that don’t put too much strain on their movement, while heavier seniors and disabled people should pick a product manufactured with a strong alloy capable of supporting the whole body.


Feet or tip

The tip is quite literally the sticking point of a cane. Ideally, a good tip should grip the floor well, absorb the weight of the user and not lose its shape easily. When matching the right terrain, the feet can improve the user’s balance and prevent falling.



The importance of the appropriate head is often overlooked by customers even though it is the most responsible for the comfort and weight distribution of the user. Walking stick handles are commonly made of foam, plastic, wood or rubber. Plastic and wood are usually more durable than foam. Handles should not be too small, causing insufficient grip. Choosing an appropriate-sized handle will relieve unnecessary stress on joints and help prevent joint deformities.


The height

Ensuring the ideal height of the walking stick or cane for the senior or disabled person is extremely important. Where the stick or cane is too long, the user may feel some soreness after prolonged usage. On the other hand, one that is too short may cause instability when more weight is placed on it.


Best Walking Sticks and Canes for the Elderly and Disabled 2021


#1 Travel Adjustable Folding Cane

This walking stick is designed for elderly persons to ease off carrying and storage. Just fold it into a compact size gadget, slide it in its pouch and you are ready to go anywhere with it. It’s one of the best walking canes for balance and stability due to its wide and flexible base. The base also features safety grips. Making it the most ideal for walking with on slippery surfaces. In addition, the comfortable handle has the shape of your hands and comes with contours for a sure grip.

The Travel Adjustable Folding Cane is stylish and is fit for both genders. In case you have to walk outdoors with it at night, this is one of the few walking canes with lights. It has an LED flashlight positioned on the handle to allow your other hand the freedom to handle other things.  The lamp head is angle adjustable to focus near and far distances.


  • Folds down to a compact size
  • Offers greater stability and support
  • It’s a standalone design
  • Night visibility


  • Can break at the joints if not checked properly


#2 Medical King Walking Cane

Even though most walking sticks come with different heights, they still don’t manage to keep your back straight while walking. The design of these walking canes for men and women is aimed at helping persons with back problems walk comfortably upright. The Medical King Walking Cane comes with several locking points to adjust your most comfortable height. Its rod is made from high-quality material that is not easy to break. The curvy handle and non-slip handle allows you to position your grip and maintain an upright position.

This walking stick also includes a safety string to prevent the cane from slipping from your hands. It also allows you to use both hands while standing without letting go of your stick. Walking up or down the stairs has never been more comfortable with the slip-resistant rubber base, which is replaceable once worn out. When resting or traveling, the easy fold feature allows you to collapse the cane into two. As one of the best walking canes for elderly persons, it’s also suitable for patients with arthritis and spinal disorders who need to keep their backs straight.


  • It’s a unisex design
  • Promotes a comfortable upright walking
  • Has non-slip rubber base for all surfaces
  • Secure revolutionary grip handle


  • Not for short and obese persons


#3 NOVA Designer Walking Cane

The colorful NOVA Designer Walking Cane is a lightweight design made with high-quality aluminum. It is resistant to corrosion from wet weather conditions while the exterior finishing is also fade resistant. There are many styles to choose from, hence are ideal walking canes for ladies and gentlemen who need walking support at old age. The base comes with a rubber fitting to provide a sturdy grip on concrete and slippery surfaces.

Its ergonomic offset handle is designed to provide comfort and support to your hand without twisting the wrist. The handle is also padded with a soft rubber that is safe to the palm and fingers. Additionally, a safety string is attached to secure the stick on your wrist when not in use. The lower shaft comes with an easy to push brass button for adjusting the height to suit your arm -length. An anti-rattle lock also ensures that the cane is tightly secure and to reduce clicking sounds from loose-fitting after adjustment.


  • Anti-rattle lock to keep the cane secure
  • Resistant to rust and fade
  • Ergonomic handle for extra comfort and support
  • The height can be adjusted
  • Comes with safety lock


  • Cumbersome to adjust the height


#4 Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

The Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane is a unique design that offers additional safety and comfort features for elderly persons. The most important feature is the four-legged base that keeps the cane standing at all times. Hence, no need to bend or seek assistance to pick it up from the floor. Also, each leg has rubber fittings to provide more sure traction and stability while walking on all kinds of surfaces. You can as well unscrew and detach the base and fit a flat one if you like.

The handle comes in a smooth curve running away from the stick to allow the base some allowance. It is also padded with a shock-absorbent rubber to protect the weak wrist from hard vibrations, especially on concrete floors. Therefore, these ergonomic feature makes this brand our other choice for walking sticks for the aged. This walking stick is made from sturdy, anodized aluminum to support higher weights and longevity but is also lightweight to comfortably walk with for long. Its height is also easy to adjust with a push-on button.  This stick is suitable for both right and left-handed persons and is perfect for someone who spends a lot of their time outdoors.


  • The handle is padded and is shock-absorbent
  • Four-legged to make it more stable
  • Accommodates tall persons
  • You can adjust the height to fit your arm length


  • The large base makes it heavy for some


#5 Campbell Posture Cane

This is an elegant walking stick for a healthy upright posture. Its revolutionary handle design allows you to hold the stick with ease and comfort while taking away the pressure off your wrist and shoulder. Suitable for persons with different heights, it comes with an adjustment release button to customize your comfort fit. When you let go of the handle, the stick will remain standing steadily, thanks to its broader base. Further, the base has superior rubber capping for better and all-round traction. It’s hence convenient to use on slippery indoor surfaces or loose outdoor grounds.

This model is not only made with lightweight material but allows you the flexibility to fold and carry it anywhere. It also makes you focus ahead for oncoming objects and maintain balance. Hence, it provides the opportunity to get out of your chair and explore the world with confidence.


  • Enables forward focusing
  • Appropriate for use different surfaces
  • Easy to customize height level


  • May break easily if mishandled


#6 Sminiker Professional Walking Cane

This sturdy design is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a firm grip handle to hold your wait while standing up. A rubber padding on the handle acts as a shock absorber and provides additional comfort to your wrist and shoulders. Walking canes with lights are good for night visibility, especially outdoors. So, if you require one, this stick will serve you well. Being a lightweight design, you can comfortably walk with it for long working on your domestic routines. The versatile stick has a wider base reinforced with heavy-duty rubber to provide standup stability and traction. You can easily stand independently and walk on flat and uneven terrain outdoors for leisure with this cane.

Another useful feature includes the rotating head for ease of turning without moving its ground position. More, so when seated in the park or home, this stick allows you to fold it into a compact size for safekeeping.


  • The head rotates a full turn
  • Comes with an LED flashlight for night time use
  • Can be folded down to a compact size for easy storage
  • Stable and strong enough to sit to stand position


  • Can’t stand on its own


#7 HurryCane Freedom Edition

The shiny color finishing on these walking sticks will make you walk along the streets elegantly. The multicolor designs available fits both men and women and compliments one’s dressing. This HurryCane Freedom Edition walking stick is a sturdy aid that can hold persons with higher weight without twisting and can be used on both indoor and outdoor terrains.

The rotating base comes with stabilized rubber for extra traction. You can walk with it comfortably and balanced on loose chippings, concrete pavements or loose soils. Additionally, the walking canes collapsible feature provides elderly persons with freedom of movement. If traveling long-distance, the stick is easy to fold and pack in the availed carrying bag to fit in your luggage.


  • Easy to adjust the height to a proper arm length
  • Comes with a safety wrist strap
  • The base is resistant to slippery floors
  • The handle is padded for comfort


  • May require a lot of effort and energy to unfold


#8 Ez2care Folding Quad Cane

Individuals who use both hands will find the Ez2care Folding Quad Cane very useful. They can easily switch the direction on the handle by pressing the release knob on the stick. It’s also one of the best walking sticks for seniors since they get tired easily and need to keep changing hands. The base comes with four legs to stand on its own near to you when seated. It also makes the stick more stable and to help elderly persons to stay balanced while walking. Even better is that the quad base is stabilized with rubber for better traction on a slippery floor.

The offset handle is contoured for easy grip and padded for a soft touch to your palm. It also comes with a strap to hold it from slipping your hands. When not in use, you can conveniently fold, carry and store.


  • The handle is contoured for easy grip
  • There is a trap on the handle on keep the hand more secure
  • It’s a standalone design hence very stable


  • Not flexible enough for traveling


#9 Vive Quad Cane Walking Stick

Many stores offer different walking canes for sale without a proper description of features but not Vive, their descriptions are very detailed and the products are exactly as explained. This is a plus for them. That aside, Vive Quad Cane Walking Stick is perfect for the elderly persons due to its stability and traction. its wider baser provides better balance and stability on almost all types of surfaces.

Each of the four prongs is rubber capped to offer resistance on a slippery floor. in addition, it is made from high quality and strong anodized aluminum to support more weight without bending. The handle is equally strong and padded. This versatile design is convenient on either hand and is adjustable to fit different height levels. It’s a self-standing walking stick and can be placed next to you when seated for ease of reach. It also features a grip locking horn and brass locking pin to secure the safety of an elderly person walking out alone.


  • Highly stable on all terrains
  • Dual security features
  • Non-corrosive material
  • Wider base for greater stability


  • It a little heavier than alternatives



As mentioned earlier, there is a slight difference between a walking stick and a cane, however, they all do one thing- help either an elderly or a disabled walk with ease by providing support and stability. As such, the most important thing to consider when choosing one is safety. Also, ease of use and comfort should be highly considered. Lucky for you, all the walking sticks we have reviewed are safe to use, comfortable and easy to use. Your search for the best walking stick is therefore concluded here.

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