Best Cold Laser Therapy Devices in 2022

5 Best Cold Laser Therapy Devices 2024

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Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or low-power laser therapy (LPLT).  It’s become popular over the years thanks to its safe non-invasive treatment using light wavelength. Cold laser therapy devices for home use generate just enough dose of heat to treat pain, joints, muscles, tissues, and some skin conditions. All without causing damage like the devices that professionals use. 

Cold laser therapy delivers immense benefits including: 

  • Healing wounds faster.  
  • Promoting hair growth.
  • Relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Preventing skin damage.

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TENDLITE Red Light Device 9.8
HDcure Cold Red Light Device for Muscle Reliever, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder 9.5
Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Device Unit 9.4
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Cold Laser Human/Vet Device with LED Display 9.6
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Red Light Therapy Device for Shoulder Back Knee Joint Muscle Pain Relief 9.7

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Cold laser therapy can be done by a physician or at home using a cold laser therapy device. The latter is a more convenient option since you can buy a cold laser therapy device. However, take care when self-performing cold laser therapy. It is advisable to consult a physician first before using the cold laser therapy device. Secondly, be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in the user manual. 

How does cold laser therapy work? 

During cold laser therapy, the device applies a low-level light to a targeted part of the body for about 5-20 minutes. This light could be a red light, modern infrared, or a balanced combination of the two.  

This light penetrates the skin (dermis and epidermis) and then cells absorb it leading to regeneration which stimulates healing, relieves pain, and promotes blood circulation. General healing requires a light wavelength between 600 nm and 700 nm. Deep tissues require up to 950 nm wavelength. Other conditions may require more or less light wavelength.   

How often can you do cold laser therapy?  

You can do cold laser therapy 1-2 times a week. Depending on the targeted area and the light frequency, cold therapy takes on average between 5-20 minutes. Consult with your physician to get an exact number. Some acute conditions may require therapy once or twice a day for a number of days.  

Cold laser therapy device buying Guide

What is the best cold therapy device that will meet your specific needs?  

To enjoy the benefits of cold laser therapy, it is essential to get the appropriate device that serves your needs. For this reason, some factors that you need to consider when you plan to buy the best cold laser therapy device for home use or professional use are:  

1. Laser power output

Higher laser power output effectively penetrates deeper underneath the skin and is a good choice for thicker joint and muscle tissues. Lower laser power output can be effective but only for areas that are less dense and those directly underneath the skin.  

Doctor Holding Cold Laser Therapy Device on a Patient's Hand

While more power can be effective for treatment, you should take caution when using laser therapy devices. This is because a high-power output can also damage an area of the body as well as the eyes.  

2. Laser therapy dosage  

Laser power output is different from laser wavelength. A laser device’s wavelength will determine which part of the body can be treated effectively. The standard laser therapy doses found in most cold laser therapy devices for home use are:  

  • 600 nm – 680 nm wavelength: For shallow penetration and good for skin conditions, bruises, and surface wounds.  
  • 800 nm – 860 nm wavelength: For deeper penetration and good for joint pains, inflammations, and deeper wounds.  

3. Treatment coverage area

Cold laser therapy devices are small or big depending on the surface area that they cover. For instance, smaller therapy devices may be good for stretch marks but not for muscle tissue or sore joints. A device you use on your back may be different from one that you want to use on your face or palms.  

In addition, devices that cover larger surface areas tend to be better as they generate more light power and hence perform better compared to their smaller counterparts. Smaller devices are great if you want a lightweight, portable device that you can carry around for on-the-go use.  

4. Quality

You can determine the quality of a device by checking its build and trying it out. Also, your physician can recommend a good brand for your consideration. Further, look out for certified or approved devices.  

You can check if the laser therapy device that you are planning to purchase has complied with safety standards for the build quality, power output, and light frequency.   

Finally, a good practice is to always check reviews and customer feedback on each device. However, be on the lookout for fake product reviews as they can be misleading.  

Best Cold Laser Therapy Devices

There are many different cold laser therapy devices for sale in the market today. They vary in their features, power specifications, settings, and more. Even so, not all these devices are equal in their quality and functionality.  

Our review features the 5 best home cold laser therapy devices that can also be used by professionals in their clinics. Here is what makes them qualify:  

1. TENDLITE Red Light – LED Device  

TENDLITE Red Light device, shaped like a torch, uses the highly efficient Photo Red 660nm CREE LED light of 3000 mW input. This shines directly on aching or painful joints in one-minute doses to relieve the pain.  

This cold laser therapy device for pain relief is great for short-term relief of minor joint and muscle pain from conditions like arthritis, inflammation, and stiffness. LED red light therapy is also good for promoting blood circulation, cell regeneration, and relaxation.  

This torch is made from durable top-quality corrosion-free stainless-steel material. It is lightweight thus easy to handle during therapy and also portable for on-the-go users. TENDLITE Red Light device does not use harmful UV rays and is RoHS and Reach compliant which makes it naturally safe and effective on the skin.  


  • One-minute doses help prevent overuse and damage to the skin and underlying tissues. 
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to use.  
  • UL recognized component. It is RoHS and Reach compliant, hence safe for use. 


  • It can be tricky restarting the RED LED light device after every one minute of use. 

2. HDcure Cold Red Light Device

The HDcure Cold Red Light device combines 3 pieces of 808nm and home 12 pieces of 650nm laser diodes to deliver up to 510 nM of red light power. It has a rechargeable 5200mAh lithium battery that charges fully in just two hours and can last up to 7 days on a full charge.  

If you are experiencing chronic, acute, workout, or sports-related joint or muscle pain, this handheld cold red light device will do the job. Use it wherever and whenever as it is small and so portable. The HDcure laser therapy device can be used on both humans and animals, at home or in clinics by professionals.  

It works for skin, soft tissue, muscle, and inflammation healing therapy and is safe and natural. Plus, the device comes with free goggles for eye safety and a portable stylish bag.  


  • Portable, convenient, and easy-to-use device. 
  • Ideal for professional and home use on humans and animals.  
  • Lasts 7 hours on a full charge. 


  • Lower light power is more effective for skin issues than for deeper tissues and muscle pain relief.

3. FUNRE Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Device Unit  

FUNRE’s cold laser therapy device uses a combination of infrared and red light wavelengths to treat arthritis, cervical spondylitis, sports injuries, slipped discs, and shoulder of periarthritis among a broader range of other conditions.  

This cold laser therapy device is a good choice for both human therapists and veterinarians. It produces low power wavelengths of 808 nm and 605 nm for safe and natural treatment therapy. However, do not use it on dark or black surfaces as it tends to produce higher output which may cause a burn. This includes dark skin spots, black hair, and black fur. 

This device has intuitive controls at its topside which include the power, on/off, and timer buttons. Also, there you’ll find an LED display that shows the pulse, battery power level, and strength of the laser in use. Once set up, simply apply the laser by pointing it to the target area for about 10 – 20 minutes.  

It lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge and you can use the velvet pouch and protective eye goggles.  


  • Uses a combination of infrared and red light wavelengths thus providing treatment for a broad range of conditions. 
  • Easy-to-use controls and intuitive buttons. 


  • Some may not find it as powerful compared to others in its league.  
  • The handle is not ergonomic and may feel a little bulky to some. 

4. KTS Cold Laser Human/Vet Device  

The KTS cold laser therapy device is one of Amazon’s best sellers. It uses integrative red light therapy that combines infrared and red light wavelengths to provide effective therapy to treat pain. It’s built with 2 laser beams with 808nm and 12 laser beams with 650nm for effective muscle fatigue prevention, enhanced muscle growth, and fueling muscle tissue.  

This device is useful for both pets and humans for a wide range of conditions including: 

  • Acute chronic otitis 
  • Arthritis 
  • Degenerative joint disease 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Anal glands in pets 
  • Cervical spondylosis 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Sports-related sprain 
  • Knee arthritis 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Shoulder periarthritis in humans 

It features a simplistic design and an LED display with time and battery capacity display, on/off, and time buttons. It is small, lightweight, and portable hence convenient for carrying it everywhere you go. The package includes safety goggles and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that charges fast within two hours to take you up to 4 days of use on a full charge.  


  • Compact portable design.  
  • Built for professional and personal use on both humans and pets. 
  • Penetrates light or deep under the skin for effective integrated red light therapy. 


  • Its light may be a little too bright and damaging to the eyes. Therefore, it is important to wear protective goggles when using it.  

5. SINORIKO Red Light Therapy Device  

The upgraded design, easy-to-use, and portable red light therapy device by SINORIKO has three 808 nm diodes and thirteen 650 nm diodes. This results in effective penetration of your skin’s surface and deeper joint and muscle tissue. It is safe for both personal and professional use. The 808 nm light is not visible to the human eyes, making this device safe for use. Refer to the guidelines in its package to understand the different ways of safely using this device. 

It features four power levels and 4 different timer settings at 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes to meet a wide range of needs for both pets and humans. With its fast-charging 2200 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it takes four hours to fully charge and will last you up to 4 days of use. The LED display shows the device’s battery capacity, power level, and a countdown timer. It also features easy-to-use controls with on/off and timer buttons.  


  • More lights and greater efficiency. 
  • Multi-functional for both humans and animals. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 


  • Operating it is not as simple and may take some time getting used. This includes getting it to work, setting the protection-mode, and adjusting to the right setting.   
  • Does not turn on with the charging cable plugged to it. 
  • No time-up alert for the timer. 


The best cold therapy devices offer effective pain and ache relief. They are compact and portable and can be used conveniently on the go or in the comfort of your home. They are a safer, natural, and non-invasive alternative to painkillers, acupuncture, or anesthesia. Additionally, it can penetrate lightly or deeply underneath the skin to the joint and muscle tissues in any part of your body. Not only does it provide pain relief, but these devices also promote faster healing, improve metabolism, and blood circulation to keep you fit and healthy.

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