7 Best Knee Massagers for Pain Relief (Arthritis, Meniscus, etc.) 2021


Knee pain sucks! You would know this if you suffer from arthritis or have ever had to endure a night of painful knees. That pain can leave you miserable for days. Even though you have an option of seeking health care treatment from a physiotherapist or a chiropractor, a knee massager is the best alternative with zero side effects and offers quick pain relief.

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MS.DEAR Wireless Heating Knee Pads Knee Massager 9.5
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AngVin Knee Therapy Machine  9.9
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HailiCare Heated Knee Massager 9.7
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HailiCare Wireless Heated Knee Wrap Knee Massager 9.7
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VALLEYWIND Heated and Vibration Massage Knee Brace Wrap 9.1
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Creatrill Massaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap 9.3
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IVOLCONN Knee Wrap Massager  9.1

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Knee massagers offer convenience and are way affordable than the trips to the hospital. Besides, you get to enjoy and relax as you relieve the pain. Knee massagers come in different styles and designs. Some are handheld while others are wrap-around. They also incorporate different technologies like infrared heat and vibration, air compression or magnet physiotherapy. The latest technology currently is cold laser therapy. This technology uses light energy that passes through your skin into your knee tissues in order to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation.

Keep reading to find out what knee massagers we considered to be the best. We have also highlighted some of the key features to consider when buying to help you make the best choice.


Buying guide

Here are the features to consider. Some may not seem important but trust our word, they are.


Most knee massagers are adjustable to accommodate different knee sizes, however, you still have to double-check the size and to what extent the knee pads are adjustable.


There are massagers that use infrared technology and others that are purely electric. Your choice will depend on your needs. Massagers using infrared technology give quick relief.

Auto shut-off

Most if not all of the massagers we have recommended here have an auto-shutoff function. This is a basic safety feature that we insist must be included in such devices. It is very easy to fall asleep during a massage session and the danger of this is that you are not monitoring the heating up. This can lead to serious burns. This feature will give you peace of mind knowing that the massager will shut off after a specific set time. So even if you left home without unplugging your massager you are at peace knowing that you won’t come home to a burnt down house! It can be tiring to keep turning it on every 15 minutes if you want a longer session but hey, it’s all worth the hassle.

Corded vs cordless

Even though expensive, cordless massagers give you flexibility. You can move around with them as opposed to corded which restricts you to a certain place as you have to plug into a power source. If you are a frequent traveler, a cordless design is most suitable.

Heating settings

When it comes to a knee heat massager, it is crucial that you get one with varying heat settings. Why? Because you get to control the temperatures to your satisfaction. Some units have fewer settings while others have more and the more the better.

The length of the power cord

This may seem like a negligible factor until you get home and you can’t use your massager where you want to but next to the socket in the most uncomfortable place in your home. In short, a long power cord will not confine you to one spot but allow you to use your unit wherever.


Are knee massagers safe to use?

Well, we wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. Knee massagers are very safe to use when used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It is very important that you first read the instructions and understand before you start using your massager, Negligence on your part can cause you serious injury or accidents.

Other safety tips you should observe include:

  • Always observe the time guideline provided unless recommended otherwise by your doctor
  • Check for any loose wires
  • Always use the auto shut-off function if there is a chance that you may fall asleep during use
  • For heat pad massagers, start with lower temperatures and way your way up as you gauge the intensity of the heat


Review of the Best Knee Massagers for Pain Relief 2021

We have selected the following best knee massagers for you based on customer reviews as well as our experience on the device’s effectiveness and approach in helping to cope with knee pain.


#1 MS.DEAR Wireless Heating Knee Pads Knee Massager

This product by MS. DEAR offers relief for swelling as well as arthritis through heating and massage. The knee brace wrap provides massage through strong vibrations and heating. The massage also relieves joint pain and reduces joint swelling and muscle stiffness. This massager features a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery that releases a comfortable amount of heat that soothes pain. Unlike other old models of heating pads, its knee pads are safe to use as it does not burn your skin.

This knee massager has been rated among the best knee massagers for arthritis mostly because of its multiple usages and its effectiveness in relieving pain. The wrap massager not only serves the knee but can also fit well on shoulder and elbow joints as well. The compact wrap massager has look and loop straps that you can properly adjust to make it stay in place. Using this massager is easy. It has 3 buttons for heat, time and massage modes that help you operate the knee massager.


  • It is wireless hence comfortable and convenient
  • It soothes using a comfortable amount of heating that does not burn
  • Can be used to massage other body parts
  • It is firm and stays in place


  • It may not fit well on bigger people and an extra strap is therefore required.


2. AngVin Knee Therapy Machine

This knee massager by AngVin features a 3-grade airbag wrap that automatically relieves any discomfort on your knee. It works by compressing the knee in the airbag and as a result, the soft tissues in the knee relax hence providing comfort. Its 3-grades constant temperature hot pack relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow to the knee joint. The knee massager also utilizes 19 red lights that make the cells around the muscle more energetic and increases cell viability.

This massager also uses magnet physiotherapy to speed up the pain relief process. Magnetic energy from the built-in energy magnets in the massager balance the magnetic field below the muscles to relieve pain faster. Your knee pain, therefore, eases quickly and from inside and for this reason, it is among the best knee massagers for pain relief.


  • It is effective at relieving pain quickly
  • It fits well on other body parts like elbows and shoulders


  • It may not fit well around the knees of big people


#3 HailiCare Heated Knee Massager

This Hailicare Heated Knee Massager lessens your knee pain through heat and vibration. You can turn on both the heat and vibration to perform at once or separately. It eases joint pain and reduces muscle stiffness as well as joint swelling.

It contains an 8.4 V 2600 mAh rechargeable battery that gives adequate power that quickly heats the heating pad. This knee massager has the best heating knee pads. The knee pads have a 3-level heating and vibration settings that allow you to regulate the amount of heat and vibration. You can turn the temperature and vibration to whichever level that you want. The red color in the indicator shows the highest temperature and vibration, blue shows medium while green shows the lowest level. The massager is ideal for a wide range of joints problems such as muscular aches, joint pains from sprains, overexertion and strains and pains from meniscus, osteoarthritis, and arthritis as well.


  • It is comfortable to wear
  • You can use either heat, vibration or both
  • Can also be used to keep the knee warm in the cold weather
  • You can wear them when walking, traveling and working.


  • It may not fit someone with larger calfs


#4 HailiCare Wireless Heated Knee Wrap Knee Massager

This knee massager by Hailicare eases knee pain from knee arthritis and aids injury recovery through 3 heating and vibrating levels. It has 2 portable chargers and 2 pcs 2600 mAh power banks that power the knee brace wrap for up to 3 hours when fully charged. It has features such as rubber grips that help it stay in place. You can therefore walk, hike and work comfortably when wearing it without having to worry that it might slip. The knee massage is easy to clean and washable. When cleaning it, remove the power banks, clean the wrap and let it dry. It is the best electric knee massager for traveling and hiking.


  • It is convenient as you can move around with it
  • Comes with portable chargers and power banks
  • Does not slip off when you move


  • It is a little heavy


#5 VALLEYWIND Heated and Vibration Massage Knee Brace Wrap

This ValleyWind knee massage relieves pain from knee arthritis and helps in injury recovery through heat and vibration. The brace wrap releases adequate heat and vibration to reduce swelling, muscle stiffness and joint pain in 3 levels of heat and vibration. The knee massager is adjustable and can be wrapped and fixed to different positions like the thigh. When adjusted properly, it stays firmly in place and does not slip during movement.

It is also very user-friendly. With 2 built-in vibration massaging motors, this knee massager is among the most impressive knee massagers for pain relief. The knee massager comes with one 8.4 V adapter and 30 days guarantee. ValleyWind also has a reliable customer support team ready to help and to answer any questions that you may have.


  • 3 heat and vibration levels
  • Reliable customer support
  • Can be used on thighs and elbows too


  • It does not properly fit bigger people


#6 Creatrill Massaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap

This knee massager has fast heating knee pads that quickly relieve arthritis pain, aid injury recovery and keeps your knees warm. It is also convenient for thighs, calves, and arms to reduce soreness and relieve cramps. It has 3 intensity levels for heat and vibration, highest shown in red color, medium in blue and lowest in green. It is also adjustable and comfortable to wear. The reinforced stabilizer ring keeps it in place whether it is on the knee, thigh or calf and prevents it from slipping when walking.

It also has other features that offer both safety and comfort such as the neoprene brace with overheated protection design and thermostat sensor.


  • Can be adjusted to fit thighs, elbows, and arms
  • It stays in place and does not slip
  • Has an overheating protection system
  • Has 3 intensity levels


  • It can be too hot when the heat is turned on to the highest level


#7 IVOLCONN Knee Wrap Massager

This knee massage uses heated therapy as well as vibration massage to relieve leg and knee pain and is ideal for the aged. It is built to provide leg relaxing massage and circulation. It has an adjustable temperature that keeps the legs and knees warm during cold seasons. It also has 3 modes of vibration massage: the weak vibration mode, strong mode, and mixed auto vibration massage. For this reason, it has become one of the best knee massagers in the market. The massager is fit for people of different sizes as it comes in different sizes and has adjustable straps. It also has a one year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Adjustable straps to keep it secure
  • It has adjustable temperatures
  • Comes in different sizes to fit different knee sizes
  • One year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee


  • It does not allow you to walk and work when wearing it.



Knee massagers are definitely a necessity for someone with chronic knee pain such as arthritis. They come in very handy in relieving pain and inflammation. And the fact that they are affordable leaves you with no excuse of not getting one. From our guide and review, you should be able to pick that suits your needs.

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