6 Best Patient Turning Devices 2021

Manually turning and positioning a bedridden or immobile patient can be a whole lot of struggle for any caregiver. Most complain of backache and fatigue after doing it a couple of times and some have even been injured while assisting their loved ones. This is why it is a must for one to consider getting … Read more

9 Best Electric Wheelchairs for the Elderly 2021

Best Electric Wheelchairs for Elderly

Disabled people and people who find difficulty walking would require a quality and steadfast power wheelchair. With the help of this wheelchair, they can rely on their own-self because depending on the other end family members will require more time of theirs. Though this wheelchair is beneficial, it is also a much expensive device than … Read more

7 Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility 2021

Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility

People who have limited mobility, may it be because of old age, disability or illness that keeps them bed-ridden, can only participate in limited daily activities. Using the bathroom, walking, sitting down the couch, and getting up from bed may not be as easy and simple for them as what we all think. Today, there … Read more

10 Best Handicap Scooters for Sale 2021

Best Handicap Scooters for Sale

A handicap scooter is a great tool to help with mobility if you or your relative is suffering from physical ailments. With a handicap scooter, the user will feel independent and confident in his/her abilities. It can be taken anywhere, whether a person is visiting malls, going to the cinema or just moving inside the … Read more

8 Best Wheelchair Ramps (Slopes) 2021

Best Wheelchair Ramps (Slopes)

Wheelchair ramps come as the much-needed aid for people who are either permanently or temporarily on a wheelchair. These people usually have limited access to such areas as rooms, entrances, and buildings that are limited by structures like staircases. Sometimes modifying areas around the home to suit them is not an option. This is why … Read more

5 Best Gait Trainers for the Elderly 2021

Best Gait Trainers for the Elderly

Gait is the posture an individual usually assumes when walking normally. A gait trainer is an important walking aid used in physical therapy to help patients gain stability and an upright posture when walking. This is with the aim of regaining a normal walking ability. An abnormal gait could be as a result of stroke, … Read more