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7 Best Car Seat Transfer Systems for the Elderly and Disabled 2024

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As you age, it becomes harder by the day to do things that you once found so easy. Sad but yeah, that’s the reality. At some point in your life, getting in and out of your car took you less than a minute. You could even do it with a blindfold on. Years later and it is a nightmare getting in your car and even worse when getting out after being seated for a couple of hours. Don’t sweat it though. Life can become easier once again with a car seat transfer system.

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SLIDE ‘n RIDE Vehicle Assist Seat 9.8
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Patient Aid Car Transfer Slide Repositioning Aid 9.4
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SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide 9.3
The Original Beasy 40” Transfer Boards 9.8
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Opatek Car Transfer Slide Repositioning Aid 9.1
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MABIS DMI Healthcare Wooden Slide Transfer Board 9.0
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Vive Wooden 30″ x 7.5″ Transfer Board 9.3

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A car seat transfer system is an innovative device designed to help those with difficulties to get into a car easily without too much strain. It is versatile and can be used to get in and out of beds or other raised places. In this article, we will review some of the best car seat transfer systems to look out for. We will also take you through a buying guide to help you make the best choice.


Buying guide

Before we move on to reviewing products, let us first look into what you need to look for when buying the transfer system. This will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best car transfer seats available.

Type of vehicle

The transfer system you choose should be suitable for the kind of car you will be using. This will make the transfer a whole lot easier and safer. There are different transfer systems for different cars and you will need to be careful when choosing. There are some transfer systems that are detachable and can be stored away when not in use. Others use the seat itself as the transfer system. The car seat can be changed to the desired height and can be swiveled in the correct direction when used. It would be safer to consult the sellers on the kind of seat that would be suitable for the kind of car you drive.


Where it will be used

Another thing to consider is where you would be using the transfer system. For example, the swivel seats in a car can only be used in the car. This is because the car seat where the disabled or the elderly person is going to sit on has been modified to turn and lower itself to make the transfer easier. However, there are some detachable transfer systems like the transfer board. These can be removed and replaced when necessary and so can be used in other situations like getting in and out of the bed. It will depend on you whether you want a transfer system for the car only or for other places too.


Level of comfort

One of the most important things to consider is the comfort of the care receiver. You will want to choose a transfer system that the care receiver feels more comfortable with. This might be the transfer board, the slide sheet or even a swivel seat. You will need to consult with your care receiver before buying the transfer system so that you know what they will be comfortable with.


Ease of movement

You will also need to find the easiest transfer system for you and your care recipient. The system you choose has to be one you can easily operate. It should also make the transfer to the seat easy. It is vital that you look for a system that will make the transfer effortless and will not harm the receiver.



It goes without saying that you should find a system that is safe to use. Those who need assistance are very fragile. You do not want to use a transfer system that might injure your care receiver. Make sure the transfer system you get is safe to use and won’t cause any harm to you or your care receiver.


Benefits of buying a car seat transfer system

Easy transfer of the elderly and disabled

A normal car seat might be too high for an elderly or disabled person to reach. A car seat transfer system is designed to make the transition easy.


Ease of transfer between surfaces

Once you buy this system you will not have any problems when it comes to making the transfer. It makes it easy to also transfer those in wheelchairs to the car seat. Some of the transfer systems can also be used to transfer care receivers to other surfaces that might be hard to move on to otherwise.



The transfer system also makes those who use it independent. By using this system, most of them can do the transfer on their own without needing help from anyone else. The transfer system is designed such that anyone can use it on their own.


Best Car Seat Transfer Systems for the Elderly 2024

#1 SLIDE ‘n RIDE Vehicle Assist Seat

There is no need to use a transfer boat with this vehicle assist seat. The seat can absorb the full weight of the passenger. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of injury to both the passenger and the caregiver. This seat can be used by anyone who uses crutches, a walker or a wheelchair or any form of walking aid. The seat is lightweight at about 14 pounds. This makes it compact and easy to store. It also has a handle for easy handling, folding and storing the seat. Due to its compact size, you can store this seat in the trunk or behind the seat for easy access.

The seat is compatible with most cars and can also be used in SUVs with lower heights. It has adjustable legs that can be adjusted up to 9-inches. It is also made with an easy to clean surface. It is also made from highly durable stainless steel.


  • The seat handle makes it easy to manage it
  • Can support up to 500 pounds
  • Easy to clean
  • Has an adjustable exterior leg to fit most cars
  • Lightweight and compact for easy folding and storing


  • It cannot fit a vehicle that is higher than 27 inches
  • It might not fit some small SUVs and other cars


#2 Patient Aid Car Transfer Slide Repositioning Aid

This one is also a transfer system but it is designed as a car transfer slide instead of a seat. It has a slick inner surface with a tubular design. This design makes it easy to get in or out of a vehicle easy. It is good for those who need assistance like the elderly and the disabled. This car repositioning aid is small in size and lightweight. Its size makes it easy to fold and store it away when not in use. This slide is also beneficial to the caregiver. This is because the care receiver does not a lot of help to use it. He/she just simply slides on to it. This means the caregiver won’t have to strain to help them get into the car.

Washing the slide is also easy. You can machine wash it and let it air dry so it creates no fuss. You can also leave the slide on the seat provided the seat belt is fastened. This is to prevent the passenger from sliding off the car.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and easy to get sit on
  • Easy to fold and store
  • The materials are machine washable
  • The slide design enhances independence when using the seat


  • Some users find it difficult to use


#3 SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide

This car assist seat from Aids to Daily Living is also a slide with a slick design for ease of getting into and out of cars. It also makes an easy job of sliding and rotating. The smooth slick design makes the movement easy and effortless. You don’t even need to store it away, the passenger can sit on it, provided the seat belt is worn. Since it does not need to be adjusted, the slide can be used with any vehicle. This slide can be used by anyone who needs assistance in getting into the car. The slide is strong and can be used by all sizes and weights.

It is also good for the caregiver. The slide is stable and can accommodate the weight of the passenger so the caregiver won’t have to bend and strain their backs. The slide is also made with material that can be machine washed for good maintenance.


  • Machine washable
  • Can be used by anyone who needs moving assistance
  • Slick design for easy movement
  • Can be used by the patient alone without assistance
  • Versatile in its use, not the car only


  • It might feel expensive for some people


#4 The Original Beasy 40” Transfer Boards

This transfer board is manufactured by one of the best transfer board companies around. It is a no-lift board. This reduces the soreness and injuries to the patient. It also protects the patient from friction caused by the movement. This is because the system is the one that bears the friction thereby protecting the patient’s skin. Since there is no need to lift, the patient can use the board on their own. This increases their sense of independence and allows them to move around without the need of any assistance. This is made possible with the upright lateral slides.

The board is strong and can support up to 1100 pounds of weight. It weighs 6.4 pounds. This makes it easy to transport and store the board. It is also thick in order to support the weight of the patient and it makes the transfer between surfaces easier.


  • It is long to accommodate transfers easily
  • Can be used by the patients on their
  • The board is thick to support the weight
  • Reduces injuries due to its no-lift design
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • The moving disc might get stuck in the middle of a transfer


#5 Opatek Car Transfer Slide Repositioning Aid

When you have a person with limited mobility, it might be hard to move them around. Especially if that person is bigger and taller than you. But, the Opatek transfer slide with a tubular slide sheet has been designed to do just that. The slide has been fitted with a sliding material. This ensures that you don’t need to use a lot of your own strength in moving the person. The sliding material also protects the patient’s skin as it reduces friction. The slick material makes it easy to transport the patient from one place to another.

The slide can also be used by the patient when they are on their own. The material that makes up the slide is strong and durable and can hold the weight of anyone placed on it. You can even use two slides to make the transfer easy if you have trouble operating with just one.


  • Slick material for easy movement
  • Can with an assistant or without
  • Reduces friction due to the smooth material
  • It is made from strong and durable material
  • Tubular design for easy swivel


  • It is expensive
  • Might be hard to transfer a heavy weighted or taller person


#6 MABIS DMI Healthcare Wooden Slide Transfer Board

The DMI Deluxe wooden transfer board makes it easy to transfer a person from a wheelchair to another surface like a car. It can also be used by people who have trouble walking and need some assistance. The board is sealed and coated. This makes it easy to slide the patient or yourself to another surface. It has two integrated handles that offer stability to the caregiver and to the patient too. This board protects the back of the caregiver. This is because it takes the weight off their back when transferring the patient as the patient only has to slide to the transferring surface.

The board is also designed to be strong. It can support a person that weighs up to 440 pounds. This is due to the smooth and durable plywood material. It ensures that you can use the board for a long time safely.


  • Plywood is strong and long-lasting
  • Can support up to 440 pounds
  • It is sealed and coated for easier transfer
  • Easy to transfer because of the integrated handles
  • Less friction and abrasion because of the sanded and sealed board


  • It might not slide easily and feels gritty


#7 Vive Wooden 30″ x 7.5″ Transfer Board

This is another wooden transfer board for those who need assistance in moving from place to place. It is made from high-quality durable sealed. This wood is stronger than other hardwoods. The wooden material can handle a lot of tension and is strong enough to carry a person weighing up t0 440 pounds without cracking or splitting. Even with all this strong and highly durable material, the board is lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around. It has two ergonomic handles near the end. This gives the caretaker more control and leverage without affecting the board’s performance.

The board is easy to position due to its tapered and smooth radius ends. The wooden board has been sealed with a special coat that is of high quality and ensures that the board is smooth. The smoothness reduces friction during movement and does not snag the patient’s clothes during transfers.


  • Wood construction does not break or crack easily
  • Smooth finish and high-quality sealing for ease of transfers
  • Can handle up to 440 lbs
  • Ergonomic handles make it comfortable to control the slide
  • Easy to the position because of tapered ends


  • The slippery material makes it hard for the patient to use on their own



The car seat transfer system is a handy device. It simplifies the process of getting into and out of a car as well as any raised surface. It also restores dignity because now you do not have to be wrapped around someone’s arms in order to get in and out of a car. The systems are designed for everyone, whether you are lightweight or heavy. The reviewed systems are all affordable and durable and will serve you well.

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