7 Best Knee Walkers (Scooters) 2020

Best Knee Walkers (Scooters)


If you recently had a foot or leg surgery, injury or feel pain when using your leg due to complications, you certainly need a knee walker. A knee walker is a mobility aid that allows you to ride on one leg with your injured knee rested. Knee walkers, also known as knee scooters, knee caddy, knee cruiser or orthopedic scooters is the best alternative to crutches. A knee scooter looks just like kid scooters but come in a variety of designs. They can be 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled or heavy-duty 4-wheeled with wheels as wide as 12 inches. Of course, the bigger the wheel, the easier it is to ride and can be used on all terrains.

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ELENKER Medical Scooter 9.6
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Sandinrayli Knee Scooter 9.8
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OasisSpace Small Size Foldable Knee Scooter 9.9
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ZeHuoGe Knee Walker Scooter Foldable 9.6
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OasisSpace Shock Absorber All Terrain Knee 9.9
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Upright walker Economy Folding Knee Walker 9.2
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Goplus Steerable Knee Walker 9.3

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Knee scooters are super comfortable, easy to ride and make mobility such a breeze compared to crutches. They are much more stable and cause no strain to the upper body. And since your “bad leg” is elevated, there is no chance of injuring it further or adding any weight to it. A knee walker is most ideal for people with lower leg injuries such as ankle injury and sprains, fractured ankle, fractured foot, foot surgery as well as Achilles rupture or tear. If you are looking for a knee walker for sale, this article is for you.  We’ve attempted to cover everything you need to know about knee scooters and in addition, we have included a review of some of the best knee walkers in the market currently.


How to use a knee walker properly?

For a first time user, you might be wondering how to go about using a knee scooter. Well, if you owned a scooter when you were young, you definitely have an idea of how to use one. Basically, you rest your knee on the knee pad, your hands on the handlebars and off you go. Not as easy as this though. You have to learn how to make turns, use the handbrakes and to use your one foot to scoot yourself.

The first step is to properly position your body.  Then adjust the handlebar by sliding it up and down until you find a height convenient for you. For some brands, you can also adjust the height of the knee pad. Now with your elbows properly flexed, stand up straight, hold the handlebars and scoot. Avoid locking your elbows as this can cause you to strain your arms, shoulders, and back. Once you learn all these, which takes 15 minutes tops, you are good to go. You can perfect your movement as you scoot more.


When not to use a knee scooter?

You most certainly cannot use a knee walker on steep roads, stairs or long steps. If your neighborhood, has any of these, we don’t advise using a walker and if you must, be very cautious when on these steep terrains.

  • You also cannot use it on very narrow spaces as you won’t have enough space to maneuver it.
  • We don’t recommend using a walker on stairs but should you, make sure they are wide enough. Also, if you have to use steps, keep it to 3 steps at most.
  • We also not recommend a knee scooter when both your foot are injured or if one is not strong enough to propel the walker.
  • Do not use an indoor scooter for tough terrains like gravel, sand, rocks or grass. Instead, use a heavy-duty all-terrain knee scooter.
  • Do not use a scooter if you have balancing issues either due to pre-existing conditions or injuries.
  • Lastly, do not use a knee walker if your strength is limited. Propelling the walker forward needs strength.


Walker or crutches?

Crutches have been around for way too long and while they have been super helpful in getting people with ankle, foot or knee injury to move around, knee walkers are undeniably faster, more stable, comfortable and stronger. However, let’s not make a conclusion yet instead, let’s look at the differences between the two as well as their pros and cons so you can make your own judgment.


Crutches – pros and cons

Crutches are basically just two tall canes that you place underneath your arms to help you maintain your balance without putting any weight on the injured leg. To walk with them, you lift your upper body as you hop around with one foot. Depending on the severity of your injury, you can use a single cane or a pair. The greatest advantage of crutches is that you have more and better control over the pace and speed of your movement. You can choose to “walk” faster or slower. You can also position your wrist and hand to prevent more pain, discomfort or fatigue.

With a crutch also, you can pretty much maneuver any type of terrain with less difficulty albeit tiring.

And the best part is that they are very affordable and you can buy them without needing any prescription. Additionally, they are portable so you can easily travel with them. However helpful they are, crutches come with a couple of limitations. The most common being fatigue and discomfort and some even claim to experience pain on their wrists and hands after long term use. There is also the underarm irritation and the wrinkling of your clothing when used for extended periods.

Additionally, learning how to use a crutch may be challenging and may take most people a long while to get comfortable using them especially for those who lack upper body strength. You can also not carry things around with a crutch. Crutches are ideal for people planning to use it for a short while, probably those with minor leg injuries or post-surgery patients. But for the elderly and people with mobility difficulties, we would highly recommend a knee walker.


Knee walkers – pros and cons

Knee walkers, on the other hand, are pretty easy to use and it only takes you less than 30 minutes to learn how to. They are three-wheeled and come with features such as handlebars, a padded place to rest your knee, a mini basket to place your items among others. However, these features vary though according to manufacturers. These knee scooters allow you to move comfortably at your own pace without putting any pressure or weight on the knee. You don’t need any balancing like the crutches as the wheels make the scooter balanced.

They are very stable compared to crutches and move pretty fast. You can easily maneuver through doorways and narrow corridors. And the best part is that you can use your hands to do other tasks when you stop moving. Some even allow you to sit on when taking a rest. You don’t need any upper body strength and there is very little risk of falling, tripping or slipping on surfaces.

The only drawbacks to wheel walkers so far are the fact that they are slightly expensive compared to crutches and that you can’t use them on stairs or steep surfaces. Now that you understand the pros and cons of each, we hope you are better informed and still prefer a knee walker over crutches. Something else worth mentioning is that you will still need to use the walker a couple of times before it gets all comfortable. We have a detailed buying guide for you that covers all aspects of knee walkers; stability, speed, comfort among other key features.


Buying guide

It is one thing to want to buy a knee scooter but when it comes to knowing which one to buy and which one actually suits your needs is an entirely different ball game. Here, we have expounded on some of the factors you should consider when in the lookout for one.

Activity level

If you are super active and spend lots of time outdoors, we would advise you to pick a scooter that can handle all terrains. All-terrain scooters have wider sturdy wheels that can move over rocks, cracks, sand and uneven trails. These are mostly 4 wheeled. For indoors, a 3-wheeled with relatively thin wheels works just great.


A steerable walker makes it very easy to maneuver on indoor spaces. Without the steerable ability, you will literally be picking up your walker and turning it. However, if you intend to spend a lot of your time outdoors, we would recommend the unsteerable version instead. Why? Because there is more space on outdoor terrain and you won’t have to deal with the annoying jerk movement every time you hit a bump. This doesn’t mean though that you buy two walkers when using the steerable one outdoors just hold on tight to the handlebars and be gentle when on bumps.


The best part about a knee scooter is that you can move around and even travel with it. As such you want it to be able to pack down and be transported easily. Most are lightweight, however, you still want to make sure it weighs not more than 20 pounds.

Good brakes

The brakes are for controlling the speed of the walker and for stopping. You, therefore, need to choose a walker with very good and strong brakes that respond immediately and as needed. Even better if they are locking brakes.

There are two types of brakes in the knee walker. 1) the disc brakes that are used for slowing the walker down and 2) the parking brakes that prevent the walker from moving when parked or when stopped.

Easy assembly

Whether you are looking for a knee scooter to use for a short time or long term, you want to buy one that you can easily assemble and disassemble. It should not take much of your time or effort to pack it down either for ease of storage, traveling and cleaning.

Bodyweight capacity

Most knee walkers will come in the range of 300 to 350 pounds which is an average weight for most users. However, if your weight is on the heavier side, you may want to consider one with a higher weight capacity. Always check the weight capacity just to be certain.


In as much as most scooters will come with an adjustable handlebar, steering column and knee pad, you want to be sure by checking the specifications. It should be adjustable to a height comfortable for you. If the height is too high or too low, it may be challenging to navigate and you will end up putting pressure on both the good and the injured foot.


A scooter can be cheap or expensive depending on so many things. We won’t say you pick a cheap one but one that fits within your budget but still functional.

In our review people, we have listed some of the best performing knee walkers amazon offers at affordable prices.


Review of the Best Knee Walker (Scooters) 2020


#1 ELENKER Medical Scooter

Elenker is a very reliable brand that produces superior quality mobility aids. It’s no wonder, its top on our list. Among its high-quality aids is their medical scooter that is very effective for those with a broken, fractured or injured leg and foot. This scooter is very safe, comfortable and easy to use. Among its features is the ability to pack down really well making it ideal for traveling and outdoor use. It also makes it easy to store as it doesn’t take up a lot of space whether in the car, airplane, garage or a tightly spaced house. Equally, unfolding takes minutes and requires very minimal effort.

Both its handlebars and knee pads are adjustable making it easy for the user to adjust to correct height to avoid straining when bending over to navigate the walker. The knee pads are compatible with both the right and left leg and it feels comfortable riding on either leg. Did we mention the knee pad is super comfortable? Yes, they are made of memory foam. A material that does not irritate the skin, molds to the shape of your knee and distributes weight and pressure equally. Lastly, the handgrips are ergonomically designed for easy control. On the handle are disc brakes that help to slow down the walker or bring it to stop.


  • Excellent maneuverability
  • PVC wheels to handle all terrains
  • Easy to use brake locks
  • Quick-release fold switch for fast folding
  • The height can be adjusted up and downwards
  • Packs down easily for easy transportation and storage


  • Does not come with a tie rod steering


#2 Sandinrayli Knee Scooter

This scooter from Sandinrayli is definitely worth the amount. With the 8-inch robust wheels, it can handle a weight of up to 300 pounds. Pretty ideal for people on the heavy side but not on the heaviest. The wheels are sturdy and provide maximum stability when riding even on rough terrains. With its foldable design, it is easy to store even when space is tight. You can also easily pack it down to fit into the trunk of your car when you want to travel with it.

As well, the scooter comes with an attached basket that is super ideal for storing personal items like your wallet, water bottle, keys or phone when moving around. Additionally, the handlebar is adjustable to fit people of varying body frames. Whether big or small-framed, you can adjust upwards or downwards. The knee seat is adjustable as well and allows one to customize it to a height that feels comfortable. On matters safety, well, this scooter has it figured out. It has lock wheel brakes and dual rear on-wheel brakes that are adjustable too.


  • Dual lock brakes for maximum safety
  • High weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Attached basket to store personal items
  • Foldable design for easy storage


  • May seem a bit pricey for some


#3 OasisSpace Small Size Foldable Knee Scooter

Approved by the FDA, this small size knee scooter also comes highly recommended by medical practitioners as it meets the highest medical standards. It is safe to use, comfortable and efficient. The knee pad is padded for comfort and is wide enough to provide maximum support.Don’t be deceived by its small size, its features plus its quality is worth its price. First off, we loved that the manufacturer has a 12-month warranty on it and go the extra mile to offer after-sales service upon purchase.

It features a quick to release folding mechanism on the handlebars for easy foldability. If planning to travel with it, this feature is more than convenient. Similarly, it folds up to a size easy to store in the car. It also features a padded handlebar and knee pad for adequate support and comfort. The padded handlebars allow you to grip securely during riding. Finally, the pneumatic wheels are robust, sturdy and can comfortably handle a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Ideal for adults and older kids. The scooter can also be used on all terrains.


  • Robust pneumatic wheels ideal for all terrains
  • Adjustable locking hand brakes and rear brakes for safety
  • Memory foam padded knee platform for maximum comfort
  • Attached large basket for storage
  • Safe to use on all terrains
  • Comes with a bell


  • Difficult to maneuver outdoors


#4 ZeHuoGe Knee Walker Scooter Foldable

The design of this four-wheeler is very comfortable and supportive. It packs down nicely for better storage and easy transportation and is very durable. Its made of a steel frame, a material that is easy to clean. As well, the wheels are made of heavy-duty PVC making this scooter very long-lasting for someone who needs to use it for a long time. When riding on bumpy surfaces, you are bound to hit a bump or two which can cause you pain or discomfort but don’t sweat it, this scooter has shock-absorbing capabilities to prevent you from such. It makes your ride very smooth and effortless.

For an even more comfortable ride, the handlebars are adjustable to up to 7 inches to suit different body frame sizes. Similarly,  the knee pad seat is adjustable and is padded. As for the weight capacity, it can handle a weight of up to 295 pounds. A rather smaller weight capacity than most we’ve reviewed but with a smaller margin.


  • Can be used for both left and right legs
  • A reliable rear wheel brake for safety
  • Countered knee pad for proper support of the knee
  • Comes with non-skid handles to prevent skidding
  • Features anti-shock system to prevent discomfort on bumpy surfaces


  • Difficulty in maneuvering on some terrains on grass


#5 OasisSpace Shock Absorber All Terrain Knee

Two things that stand out for this scooter from OasisSpace, shock-absorbing ability, and all-terrain capability. Being an all-terrain scooter means you can ride on rocks, grass, gravel among other hard surfaces without any difficulties. And the shock-absorbing capability will make you not feel any shocks in case you hit bumps unexpectedly or hard bumpy surfaces. If you are an outdoor person, these two features are very important. In addition, it is four-wheeled and each of the pneumatic wheels is 12 inches to provide you with maximum stability, durability and unparalleled performance on all terrains. Upon buying, the package comes with premium accessories such as a pump, knee pad cover and walker bag.


  • FDA approved
  • Has shock-absorbing capabilities
  • Thick wheels to prevent puncture and handle tough terrains


  • Tough to maneuver on very thick grass


#6 Upright walker Economy Folding Knee Walker

The Upright economy walker looks and actually feels very light at only 19 pounds but can take on a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds without strain or damage. It is equally very sturdy and durable and is fit for anyone recovering from foot surgery, has sprains, amputation or other foot and ankle injuries. It makes for such a great alternative to crutches and the traditional walkers. This steerable knee walker features an adjustable handlebar with a  quick release folding mechanism to ease transportation and storage. It also features a quick-to-respond braking system for safety.


  • Light in weight – weighs only 19 pounds
  • Quick to release folding mechanism for easy folding
  • High weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Braking system to safety


  • Does not come with a storage basket


#7 Goplus Steerable Knee Walker

This is a heavy-duty, durable and sturdy four-wheeled scooter. Featuring a locking hand brake system that is safe and allows you to be in control, it makes for a perfect alternative to crutches for kids and adults with leg, foot and knee complications. The weight capacity is pretty impressive as well, it can handle up to 350 pounds yet it is light in weight (22 pounds). The four 8 inches rubber wheels makes all this possible. And what’s more, the wheels have a very good grip on the surface to prevent skidding.

The scooter has a well-padded orthopedic knee platform to give your knee better comfort and support. In case you get tired of riding, you can comfortably seat on the scooter as you take rest. And you don’t have to worry about carrying your personal items, just place them in the storage basket in front of the scooter and off you go. Lastly, it is easy to clean and when well maintained, it can last for years even when used every day.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Orthopedic knee pad for superior comfort and support
  • The superior braking system for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a removal storage basket at the front


  • Its price may be too high for some people



We do hope that you’ve found this article pretty helpful and you are now at a better place to buy yourself a knee scooter that suits your needs. As outlined, knee walkers are very efficient, easy to use and perform way better than crutches. You also don’t need any upper body strength. With a knee walker, you can once again enjoy your freedom.

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