6 Best Fingernail and Toenail Clippers for Seniors 2022



It is good to appreciate that seniors have some limitations and they may not be able to handle even the simplest tasks the way we do. One such task is personal grooming and hygiene, specifically in terms of clipping nails. Older adults tend to have hard nails that can be very difficult to cut through. In their advanced years, many of our loved seniors often find it difficult to handle small tools like mail clippers in their hands and fingers due to conditions such as arthritis or lack of coordination. It also becomes difficult for most of them to bend over to reach their toenails properly as they get older.

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However, many special nail clippers are now available which the seniors can easily use for taking care of their hand and foot hygiene. One of the key aspects of proper hand and foot care is ensuring that nails are clipped regularly and safely. Many nail clipper options can be used by elderly persons to make it easier for them to cut their nails and in a safe manner, allowing them to remain self-sufficient.


Benefits of cutting short both finger and toenails in seniors

Since nails grow every day, there is a need to maintain both their shape and size for health as well as aesthetic reasons. Some of the benefits of trimming nails in seniors include:


Improves personal hygiene

This is the main reason why seniors should cut their nails regularly. In many cases, the elderly may forget or find it hard to trim their nails. It is therefore upon caregivers and family members to ensure that seniors take good care of all areas of their bodies, including fingernails and toenails.


Reduces fungal infection

Cutting nails regularly reduces the fungal infection that is often caused by long nails. Fungal infections can become a nuisance in the life of a senior and interfere with their daily life and activities. This is especially important for seniors as they are more prone to fungal diseases than any other age demographic.


Reduces cases of food poisoning

Research indicates that if you come into contact with chemical substances, many of the particles are likely to be left beneath your nails. These particles may lead to food poisoning. To avoid this problem, it is therefore important for seniors to trim their nails regularly to clean off the chemicals.


Reduces the causes of injuries

Trimming nails reduces the risks of injuring oneself during normal daily activities of the senior such as wearing shoes and brushing teeth.


Tips for seniors on how to take good care of their nails

Maintaining the hygiene of nails can be a daunting task for many seniors. However, it should be at the top of a senior’s hygiene care list, as inadequate care of minor issues often leads to bigger troubles. Here are some simple tips for proper nail care for the elderly;

  • Clip nails after a warm bath. Seniors’ nails tend to be hard thus try clipping them after a bath or after soaking them in warm water, as this softens the nails and makes it easier to cut them. This also ensures they are clean and free of any potential irritants such as dirt, which can be pushed further into the nail bed by nail clippers.
  • Ensure your hands and feet stay dry. Make sure you have dried your hands and feet completely after a bath. This is because any leftover moisture can lead to fungus and infections.
  • Leave your cuticles alone. The cuticle serves an important purpose. It seals the area at the base of the nail thus when you cut or remove it, it breaks that seal of protection leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection.


Buying guide

When it comes to choosing nail clippers for seniors, it is important to consider the qualities of the clipper and how it works before finally choosing one that matches their needs. The factors that need to be looked at and considered critically include:



The design is everything. The nail clipper should be able to offer convenience to the highest level as well as be safe to use and with ease with or without assistance.



Nail clippers that are made of high-quality do not fail easily. It should be durable and not something that you will need to buy every day.



Due to age, most seniors have hands that are fragile when it comes to holding items. The nail clipper, therefore, should be one of a reasonable size that can be easily held and maneuvered by the seniors.



For purposes of convenience, the nail clipper should be sturdy and stable to avoid unnecessary accidents while in use.



Select clippers that are made of high-quality materials that are rust-free and easy to clean too.


Best Fingernail and Toenail Clippers for Seniors 2022


#1 SZQHT Ultra Wide Haw Opening Nail Clippers

With an ultra-wide jaw opening, this nail clipper can cut nails that are up to 15 mm thick. It is hence fit for thick nails, especially toenails. It has a strong handle designed to offer additional strength to properly trim thick and tough nails. It is also ideal for ingrown toenails that develop as a result of fungus, aging, diabetes or paronychia and is therefore among the best fingernail and toenail clippers for seniors.

It is large enough to allow you to comfortably trim your nails without cutting yourself. It is also made of premium stainless steel that is not only sharp but also durable. This clipper is suitable for men and women, the elderly and for pet nails as well. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can always get a refund or a replacement.


  • It is built for thick and ingrown nails
  • It is very sharp and designed for precise clipping
  • Its wide handle allows you to comfortably trim using minimum effort
  • It is made with high-quality material
  • Can be used to trims pet nails


  • It does not fold down well


#2 DEJLIG Podiatrist Toenail Clippers

This nail clipper has a curved blade design that is perfect for cutting men’s nails and toenails. The curved design also eliminates the risks of injury and eases pain resulting from nail problems. While it is designed for the shape of men’s nails, it is also one of the most ideal toenail clippers for seniors. Made of high-quality surgical grade stainless steel, this clipper is durable and does not rust. It is also very sharp and safe to use even for the elderly with dexterity challenges. It has a very impressive ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable and firm grip for easy and precise cutting.

This toenail clipper is designed for cutting thick and tough nails and is also great for people with nail problems and ingrown toenails. These nail problems can be from diabetes, fungi, aging or other health problems. It is therefore advisable for people with nail problems to use this professional clipper as it is safer compared to the ordinary nail clippers. This clipper also features a non-slip material coating to prevent injury and accidents.


  • Non-slip coating to prevent injuries
  • Curved design for cutting precision
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • It does not come with any instructions on how to use the spring levers


#3 Kohm CP-120L 5mm Heavy Duty Toenail Clippers

The Kohm toenail clipper features sharp extra-wide jaw curved blades that can be used by seniors, young adults, men, athletes, and women as well as for professional use in nail salons. Made with a coated alloy, this clipper weighs much less compared to pure stainless steel models. Its lightweight nature has ranked it among the top toenail clippers for the elderly available in the market currently.

Its exceptional lever design lowers the pressure required to clip tough and thick toenails hence making it easy to trim nails. The extra-wide jaw opening opens to up to 15mm to accommodate thick nails and to carefully and precisely clip them. This clipper is very sharp and should, therefore, be used carefully. Kohm also has clippers designed for deformed and very thick nails like the Kohm KP-700.


  • Lightweight
  • Lever design to minimize pressure when clipping
  • It is well-shaped and balanced to make trimming easier


  • It can be difficult to hold.


#4 GlossyEnd EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Fingernail Toenail Clipper

This fingernail and toenail clipper is designed to rotate 360 degrees for precise clipping. It has sharp blades made of stainless steel and wide handles for easy, secure and comfortable grips. If you are looking for fingernails clippers for disabled or fingernail clippers for handicapped, this clipper is a perfect choice. Since it easily rotates to clip all sides of the fingernails and toenails, it is convenient for those with limited strength and less flexibility like the elderly and people with arthritis. This clipper helps you carefully trim all angles leaving you with neat nails.


  • 360-degree rotating head for precise clipping
  • It has long handles and hence requires little pressure to cut
  • Rust-resistant
  • Secure and comfortable grips


  • Since its made of stainless steel, it may be a bit weighty


#5 Wanmat Toenail Clipper

These toenails scissors by Wanmat are perfect for thick nails and ingrown nails. It helps keep nails and feet clean and healthy and is among the safest toenail clippers for the elderly. They are especially suitable for seniors, people with arthritis and athletes as well. Its blade edge is designed in a 25-degree arc to fit perfectly the shape of nails. Its handle is made with soft, non-slip material (ABS material) that provides safety and makes clipping easier for both right hand and left-hand users. It is sharp, durable and does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Wanmat has great customer service and will quickly refund or replace it in case your product is broken or has defects.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Does not rust nor corrode
  • Can be used by both right and left-handers
  • It is strong enough to cut very thick and tough toenails


  • Some users may find it too thick and heavy when using


6. Kohm WHS-800 Toenail Clippers

These Toenail clippers are ideal for very tough and extra-thick toenails as well as irregular nails caused by aging, irregular nail growth, fungus or other health problems. It features an extra-large rubber handle that offers an easy and firm grip especially for those with weak hands. The rubber handle helps you to comfortably and firmly hold as you cut your toenails. It is for this reason that the Kohm WHS-800 clipper is popular for being one of the top safety nail clippers for elderly people.

This clipper is also made of stainless steel that is easy to sanitize and clean. All you need to do is wipe it with alcohol to disinfect it after use. It comes with an instruction manual on how to maintain it and safety tips as well.

Its wide jaw can open to up to 1 inch wide while its sharp blades are slightly curved to fit around the nail. These nail scissors can be used by professionals in nail salons and by seniors, men, women and young adults at home as well. It is also ideal for athletes and those with extra thick nails and ingrown nail growth. Both right-handed and left-handed adults can use these clippers.


  • It is easy to operate and comfortable to work with
  • Has curved blades for clipping with precision
  • Made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and disinfect
  • It is strong and durable


  • The blades may be too thick for people with slender nails



If you find yourself in a position of caring for an elderly person, you should take time to learn about the best practices to make their lives as easy, safe and convenient as possible. Caring properly for their nails is one of those key practices to do to improve their hygiene. And such a delicate task needs the right tools for the job to reduce the chances of injury. Unknown to them or their caregivers, most seniors continue to use the same ordinary nail clippers they have been using their whole lives without realizing the consequences of what a small cut could bring. A minor cut could result in a painful and troublesome infection.

This is why elderly people must carefully trim their nails using specially designed, high-quality nail clippers meant for seniors. In this informative guide, we have outlined basically everything you need to know about nail clippers for seniors. Lucky for you, we have also reviewed some of the best fingernail and toenail clippers for seniors to help you make a great choice.

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