9 Best Sock and Stockings Aids for Seniors and Disabled


If you have ever watched an elderly, disabled or a person with a bad back struggle to put on socks, then you would understand the need for a sock and stocking aid. A sock aid makes all this struggle disappear just like that. It makes putting on and off socks easier, comfortable and fast. Using a sock aid is pretty simple, once you set up your aid, you place your sock or stocking over the gutter, slip your foot into the sock and pull it up using the handles.

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Price Product Our Rating
RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid 9.5
Vive Sock Aid 9.5
Carex Sock Aid 9.6
Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid Assist 9.5
RMS Deluxe 28 Inches Long Dressing Stick 9.8
Sammons Preston Sock & Stocking Aid 9.5
Taupe Sock Horse Aid 9.5
BodyHealt Sock Aid 9.4
RMS Sock Aid Kit 9.9

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Buying guide

There are countless brands of sock aids out there and they range from simple to use aids to well, robust complicated devices designed for long term use. This may be confusing for someone who has no clue what sock aid will give them the best experience. This is why we went out of our way to highlight what features to look out for when buying one.

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Ease of use

First and foremost, you want to look for a sock assist that is pretty easy to use. With mobility issues and dexterity challenges, you want something that requires the least energy and fewer steps. Secondly, you want to choose a sock aid with minimal resistance and no slippage when pulling up the sock. Preferably, one with an adjustable cord or ropes to help you in pulling the sock up to the desired height.



A good sock slider should accommodate different types of socks with different types of fabrics. It should also be able to accommodate different feet sizes without hurting the skin. A rigid stocking aid may tear the sock if too wide or make it difficult to slide your feet if too slim. The pulling cords should be easy to adjust the desired length independently. They should be long enough to allow a sitting or standing position.


Versatility and durability

We would highly advise that when shopping lookout for sock aid kits that are multipurpose such that you can use them to put on or remove your socks. There are some options that can also be used in dressing other clothing like shirts and pants. Such a design can be worth your money too. While at it, the product should also withstand excessive usage and mishandling that comes with elderly persons. The material used should be sturdy to resist breakage from falls or accidental stepping. Otherwise, you may be visiting the stores every now and then.


Review of the Best Sock and Stockings Aids for Seniors and Disabled 2024

Below we have reviewed some of the best products in the market for your consideration


#1 RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid

To kick start our list is the RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid. This is very suitable for anyone with a bad lower back and has difficulty in bending too low to put on their sock or stocking.  This brand features a carefully curved shell that aligns well with your feet to ensure the sock slides up smoothly and fully.  We love the flexibility of the shell that allows for easy fitting with less energy which is what every elderly or disabled would be looking for.

Another reason why this sock and stocking aid topped our list is the foam pad that keeps your sock and stocking from slipping off while dressing. Likewise, the ropes come with handles that are padded with a soft foam that is gentle to your hands and doesn’t slip. This ergonomic feature will allow you to dress faster and without dropping the rope, which can be very frustrating. Even better is that the ropes are adjustable to suit the length of your feet so that you don’t have to bend even if slightly while using it.


  • Ideal for all types of socks and stockings
  • Comes with a contoured and flexible shell for ease of fitting
  • Comes with adjustable rope length
  • Gives you great value for money


  • It may pose a fitting challenge for persons with wider feet
  • The highly flexible shell may overtime damage socks openings with delicate fabric


#2 Vive Sock Aid

The Vive Sock Aid is one of the must-have devices for putting on socks for persons recovering from arthritis-related surgeries that makes their bodies less flexible. Keeping your feet warm fastens your recovery process, and this stocking slider will help you do that independently, with ease and fast enough. The shell has the best anti-slip cuff that runs from one edge to the other. Hence, providing maximum strength to hold your socks while pulling the ropes for the best fit.

By holding the sock well, it also ensures the socks or stockings fit the highest length possible on the first attempt. The ropes come with handles that are padded with soft and contoured foam for better grip.


  • It comes wider a wider slip-resistant cuff
  • It can pull heavy socks up even the on the first attempt
  • The ropes are adjustable to fit your length
  • The handles are gentle to weak and soft hands


  • The shell is not flexible enough for different feet sizes


#3 Carex Sock Aid

The Carex Sock Aid design addresses the challenge of flexibility that is common with most similar aids. The front ends that get into your socks are slit opened to make them easier to compress when dressing. Hence you will use less energy to fit even the tighter stockings. This stocking slider also comes covered with a terry cloth that holds onto the inner socks surface firmly while pulling them up your feet. The fabric will prove to be safe on your socks as it does not cause abrasion or wear and tear.

Such a product is not bulky and comes with easy to fold straps for neat storage. These straps are soft on your hands and fingers, but with a stable grip along the entire length. Therefore,  you need not adjust them but rather hold at any point.


  • The straps offer a flexible grip at any point
  • It’s easy to pack and store
  • It comes coated with a safety fabric to protect your socks


  • The edges can easily collapse and lose grip


#4 Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid Assist

The idea of calling for help to do some minor tasks because you are sick lowers a patient’s self-esteem and robs them of their dignity and independence. However, with the easy to use Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid Assist, things are about to change. It comes with a flexible shell to comfortably fit any size of sock or stocking. There is a slip resistance pad built to hold your socks while you dress up the feet. The edges are smoothly curved to make this sock and stocking aid safe from hurting or cutting your skin. You can comfortably adjust the length of the strings use of an easy to press the knob. If there is a need to tag along with your dressing aid, don’t panic. This sock aid is lightweight and convenient to travel with.


  • The material is lightweight and portable
  • The cords are easy to adjust
  • The edges are safe on your skin


  • The shell is not rigid enough for compression socks


#5 RMS Deluxe 28 Inches Long Dressing Stick

Another great choice is the Deluxe dressing stick. A handy sock tool for the elderly or a recovering patient who wants to dress without any assistance. It is a versatile dressing assist and can be used for different types of dressings, including socks and stockings, removing and hanging clothes. Its hook edges on opposite ends have a smooth finishing to prevent you from damaging your clothes. Its adequate length allows persons of different height to use it easily. But it is also short enough to pack and carry to wherever. It is lightweight enough to allow you to pick clothes from far corners without any difficulty. The rod comes with a hardwood framework that is sturdy and durable.


  • It is a multipurpose dressing kit
  • It allows both ease of access to clothes
  • It’s made not easy to break hardwood material
  • The dressing hooks are safe on your clothes


  • The hooks can come off if you strongly pull clothes


#6 Sammons Preston Sock & Stocking Aid

The Sammons Preston Sock & Stocking Aid is a lighter design that makes it portable from one room to another. Its shell has finger design, which allows for greater flexibility. If you got a wider foot this sock aid is a better choice. A dressing assists like this with a plastic material that is highly flexible is also easy to compress while fitting your socks. The surface is further coated with a special fabric that prevents socks from slipping when dressing. The straps are easy to wrap on your hands to adjust the length and to get a firm grip. Hence, it is ideal for patients recovering from surgical operations and with a bending problem. It is also easier to wash by hand and dries very fast.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is highly and easily flexible for patients
  • The straps are easy to adjust and use
  • It’s easy to maintain and clean


  • It may cause stockings with cotton fiber to stretch


#7 Taupe Sock Horse Aid

The Taupe Sock Horse Aid is a unique design for elderly persons, persons with disabilities, and especially with hip problems. It allows quick and easy putting of socks by simply folding the sock mouth over the tabs and pulling it on your foot. This sock aid device also works as a long-handled shoehorn to assist in putting on your shoes. Unlike other sock aids, this one does not deform your socks by widening them over time. Only the mouth of the sock with elastic goes on the rubber grips. The rubber grip also protects from damaging of socks with delicate fabrics such as nylon. Its handle is long enough for different heights and with minimal need for adjustments. This aid will last for a long time as it doesn’t require you to flex it open.


  • It is very easy to utilize
  • It does not damage your socks
  • Your skin doesn’t get into contact with it and hence no chances of bruises
  • It works well as a long-handled shoehorn


  • The plastic grips may get stuck on the sock even after putting on


#8 BodyHealt Sock Aid

The BodyHealt Sock Aid buys you freedom of dressing your socks and stockings even under difficult health problems. It comes with comfortable and convenient features for your daily use without tiring your back muscles. The shell comes with an easy to slide white plastic to put on your socks quickly. Nothing annoys like having to pull off your sock after slipping halfway. But with this sock aid for disabled and elderly, the shell has a slip-resistant pad to keep your socks in place while dressing to avoid slipping midway. Pulling the socks up has never been easier with the comfort foam grip handle on each rope. These ropes are also long enough to dress while standing. You can also adjust the knotting to suit your sitting position.


  • Has a smooth shell to easily slide your feet
  • It comes with a slide resistance pad to hold your sock firmly
  • Comfortable to use while seated or standing
  • Suitable for use by all persons with different challenges


  • It can be a challenge to adjust rope lengths by tying knots


#9 RMS Sock Aid Kit

Finally, we have the RMS Sock Aid Kit, a device for putting socks that comes with a medical-grade plastic that is safe to your skin and built to last. It is a two in one kit for putting on and removing your socks or stockings with ease. Featuring soft-grip handles, it guides the ropes and the shell steadily while dressing. The ropes come with adjustable lengths by making a knot at your level of comfort. Its shell is flexible and has a built-in grip pad that prevents even tight-fitting socks from slipping off halfway. On the other hand, the sock remover has a flexible handle and a smooth mouth end to safely remove your sock without injuring your skin. It also works on many types of socks and stockings with varying elasticity and texture.


  • It is a versatile sock kit with a sock remover
  • The plastic material is medically tested for safety
  • Its is easy to fold the ropes for storage or to carry
  • The sock remover can be used to pick other clothes


  • The flexible plastic can cause cotton socks to expand



Sock aids are a must-have for the elderly and people who are unable to bend to put on their socks. They are relatively cheap and can be used temporarily or long term. They are very simple to use and make it super easy to put on socks. When buying a sock aid, first make sure that the stocking slider will do the job easily without any resistance. Secondly, you need to check on the durability of the slider. Lastly, a good sock aid kit should include instructions on how to use the sock aid and adjust the cords. From our review, we have narrowed down great options for you. They all meet the above requirements.

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