5 Best Pilates Spine Correctors 2021

Whether you are sporting, working out in the gym regularly, spending most of your time seated on your office desk, or doing yoga, you would want to consider taking care of your spine by stretching, doing core strengthening, or pilate’s workouts. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to the Reviews Section The more … Read more

5 Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors

Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors

For ages, cycling has and continues to be one of the most effective exercises for muscle and bone strengthening, improving cardiovascular health, enhancing joint mobility and overall body coordination. Cycling outdoor could have been easy and very much achievable during one’s youth but it certainly isn’t in the golden years. Beyond age 60 people tend … Read more

7 Best Games and Activity Devices for Alzheimer’s Patients 2021

Games and Activity Devices for Alzheimer's Patients

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that shows symptoms such as a reduction in memory and thinking. It affects one’s behavior and is slow in onset, progressively developing over time that it eventually interferes severely with a patient’s daily functioning. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease will,  as the disease progresses, … Read more

5 Best Gait Trainers for the Elderly 2021

Best Gait Trainers for the Elderly

Gait is the posture an individual usually assumes when walking normally. A gait trainer is an important walking aid used in physical therapy to help patients gain stability and an upright posture when walking. This is with the aim of regaining a normal walking ability. An abnormal gait could be as a result of stroke, … Read more

5 Best Cervical Traction Devices 2021

Best Cervical Traction Devices

Cervical disk disorders and neck pain top the list of conditions that chiropractors handle on a daily basis. This conditions can be relieved effectively by a process known as neck or cervical traction. Cervical traction involves stretching apart the compressed vertebrae to ease the pain caused by spasms of the neck muscles, worn spinal discs, … Read more

5 Best Rehab Treadmills 2021

Best Rehab Treadmills

Rehab treadmills are a great investment for individuals who are recovering from injury or seniors who intend to keep fit. They offer a convenient option for improving cardio fitness, trimming extra calories, strengthening muscles as well as maintaining healthy body weight. Plus they are an all-time work out option since they can be used any … Read more

12 Best Exercise Peddlers (Leg Machines) for Seniors 2021

Seniors, quite often have a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle and more so when it comes to physical exercise. For most, it is the fear that their bodies are too fragile or too stiff. This has lead most seniors to be couch potatoes which is more detrimental to their health. Thankfully, innovation has come to … Read more