Best Cervical Traction Devices

5 Best Cervical Traction Devices 2024


Cervical disk disorders and neck pain top the list of conditions that chiropractors handle on a daily basis. This conditions can be relieved effectively by a process known as neck or cervical traction. Cervical traction involves stretching apart the compressed vertebrae to ease the pain caused by spasms of the neck muscles, worn spinal discs, and nerves that have been pinched by compressed vertebrae. Typically, physical therapists perform this action at their centers and complete relief would require regular visits which can be very expensive. This is why investing in a neck traction unit for home use can save you a great deal. However, you need to first seek the guidance of your physical therapist to use it effectively.

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Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 CTD Neck Cervical Traction Device 8.8
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ComforTrac Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit 9.6
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Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device, Large 9.1
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DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar 9.2

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Types of Neck Traction


As the name suggests, a physical therapist or a chiropractor manually stretches your neck over and over while you are lying down and gently releases it until you feel relieved.



This is done with the help of a neck hammock at home. While sitting, or lying down, the user attaches his/her head and neck to the hammock that is a constituent of a pulley on the door and uses this to stretch the neck muscles.



Mechanical traction makes use of a traction device to relieve neck pains. Here the patient attaches their neck to a harness that is powered by a machine to apply traction force on the neck.


Buying Guide

Here is what you need to consider when purchasing a cervical traction device:

  • How fast you want your results. It goes without saying that the pricier devices will produce faster results. For instance, using a posture pump will yield faster results while over-the-door devices need to be used regularly overtime to get the same results.
  • Ease of operation. An easy setup or no assembly device is certainly a preferable option, especially when in pain.
  • Portability. If you plan to use your device while on the go, think about its weight first and then how you will carry it. Lightweights are obviously easy to move around with. Secondly, some devices come with special padded bags (some with wheels) to store them safely and move around with them conveniently.
  • Position. Cervical traction can be performed in different positions but some devices dictate the position you will take when using them. While some users prefer lying down, others prefer sitting up. It is all a matter of comfort and convenience.
  • Adjustability and custom fitting. Most devices are adjustable. They are generally designed to adjust to different neck sizes and different traction levels. However, check a device’s features and be sure that it meets your specific adjustability requirements.


5 Best Cervical Traction Devices 2024

Here are the 5 top cervical traction devices:

#1 Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 CTD Neck Cervical Traction Device

The EverTrac CT800 cervical traction device is a great option if you are looking for precision particularly for doctor prescribed tractions. It is recommended for relief from headaches; tight muscles at the neck, nerve roots, and the upper back area; to relax the neck muscles and to decompress muscle structures. It comes equipped with Direct Cable Technology to provide up to 50 lb traction force. This eliminates the need for pumping air to provide the force, as is common with other traction devices. The greatest advantage of this device is that it provides the accurate force. Simply turn the traction knob until it points to the traction force prescribed by your physician. Finally, FDA approval is the mark of quality that sets this unit apart from others.


  • No air leakage because it does not use air to operate
  • Easy reset after a completed session by pressing the release button
  • Does not require plugging in so it can be used anywhere


  • Lacks a foam padding for comfort


#2 ComforTrac Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit

The Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit by ComfortTrac is designed with maximum comfort and an excellent fit thanks to the adjusting neck wedges. Its comfort features include the memory pillow that takes the shape of your head and wraps around it comfortably. The angle inclines to adjust to 10 degrees, 15 degrees and 20 degrees to give you a range of comfortable neck traction positions. With a maximum pound-force of 50 lb, it is possible to increase or decrease traction force while already on using the hand pump. Simply press the quick-release button in order to reduce the desired amount of force. At just 7 lb and with a carrying case, it is easy to carry around this neck traction device and store it safely.


  • Easy to operate
  • Ability to increase or decrease traction force on the go
  • The pump displays force both in the pound and kilogram units


  • Recommended for neck relief only and not the spine
  • May slide on wood or tiled floor. Needs a carpet or a mat for stability


#3 Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device, Large

This neck traction unit by Glacier Cross comes in three sizes; large for regular men, regular for regular women and wide for wide neck and shoulder individuals. It comes with impressive comfort features including two foam pillows each cushioning the neck from top of the shoulders and the head from the back adequately. It uses air-inflated bellows to provide up to 35 lb of traction in a gently adjusting manner. The patient presses the pump to supply air into the bellow which then expands pushing the head up to prop the cervical curve. By squeeze and releasing the pump, patients are in charge of the amount of traction supplied to this device. Finally, Pronex Pneumatic Traction Device also comes with the advantage of angle incline between 15 and 22 degrees as well as a lateral neck flexion using the integrated flexion wedge.


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable traction force while in session
  • Requires no assembly
  • Comes in three sizes to fit different patient necks
  • Can be used on soft surfaces like the bed or couch


  • Maximum traction of 35 lb is a bit low for some
  • Cannot be used by patients with less than 14-inches of neck circumference


#4 Cervical Neck Traction Device 3000

The most outstanding feature in this Cervical Neck Traction Device 3000 made by Jimugor is the fact that it is designed with a self-rotating switch that gives the user the ability to dictate how much traction to supply for a several conditions such as headaches, muscle tightness in the neck, neck and upper back pain as well as nerve root compression. It comes with a recoil pad positioned right below the chin and on top of the shoulder for maximum comfort. For quality guarantee, this neck collar has been approved by the FDA.


  • This is one of the few neck traction devices designed to offer relief to both the neck and the shoulder
  • Ergonomic shape allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax while in use


  • A bit uncomfortable for some users


#5 DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar

The DDS MAX cervical traction collar places comfort, mobility, and convenience central to its design and performance. Featuring the revolutionary Vertical Air Pressure (VAP) Technology and its patented traction design, this collar sits upright on your neck and inflates in the same direction when the air is pumped into it. As it fills with air, it tenderly stretches the occipital bone under the chin and the shoulders from below to create spinal decompression and relieve pain right from the nerve roots which is caused by bulging or degenerated discs through its Airtouch system. It is an excellent rehabilitative device for posture and mobility-related issues and features a soft lining on the inside to enhance maximum neck comfort. This collar is great for those who need therapy on the go because it does not confine to a sitting or lying down position. Other impressive features included in its design are the gauge at the hand pump that displays precise air pressure during pumping and an adjustable velcro closure to offer a perfect fit for different neck sizes.


  • Lightweight and can be used on the go
  • Supports a speedy posture recovery
  • Spinal decompression is a fast cervical pain remedy
  • Soft inner lining to keep the neck comfortable
  • Hand pump is integrated with a gauge that displays exact air pressure applied on the device


  • Velcros are the first to succumb to wear and tear and may not keep the device firm on the neck with time
  • Possibility of air pressure leaking hence may need constant pumping when this happens



A cervical traction device is an excellent time and money saver. It saves you from the numerous trips and time you could have spent at the physical therapist because it is designed for home or on-the-go use. Apart from this, it is an effective reliever for neck pains making life a lot more bearable.

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