Swimming Pool Lifts for Elderly and Disabled

6 Best Swimming Pool Lifts for Elderly and Disabled 2024

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Swimming pool lifts are a valuable investment in the lives of the disabled, the elderly, or people with limited mobility. This is because they enable the elderly and the disabled access to swimming pools and spas, same as others. It is also a great option for those intending to engage in aquatic therapy from the comfort of their homes, something that was not possible years back. Thanks to The Americans with Disability Act (ADA), it is now a prerequisite for commercial swimming pools and spas to design their facilities to accommodate this special population and having a swimming pool is one way of doing this.

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Price Product Our Rating
S.R Smith ML300 Swimming Pool Lift with Integrated Armrests 9.1
The Patriot Portable Lift w/ADA Fixing Kit 9.8
Aqua Creek EZ Power EZ Lift Battery Powered Model F-03PEZ 9.4
EZ Pool Lift (With Anchor) 9.3
S.R Smith 202 PAL2 Fixed Portable Swimming Pool Lift 9.9
Hoyer Classic Pool Lift – Includes Free Sling 8.0

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Types of swimming pool lifts

There are three main types of pool lifts.


Portable pool lifts

These are usually designed with casters and are battery powered since they are designed for use in many different places. For this reason, they are never permanently installed but depend on a counterweight system for stability.


Permanent pool lifts

These lifts are normally permanently fixed on the pool deck mostly. They have powered either battery or manually powered by a hydraulic pump.


Removable pool lifts

These pool lifts offer some flexibility in between permanent and portable lifts. Removable pool lifts are fixed by installing a sleeve and drilling holes for installation. When not in use, the lift can be removed, stored, and the sleeve covered.


6 Best Swimming Pool Lifts for Elderly and Disabled 2024

Below we look into top-rated pool lifts and why they stand out.


#1 S.R Smith ML300 Swimming Pool Lift with Integrated Armrests

S.R Smith ML 300 Swimming Pool Lift is operated by intelligent control powered by a rechargeable 24-volt battery or the handy remote which gives you the flexibility of using it anywhere. It comes with a maximum carrying capacity of 300 lbs. With a powder-coated stainless steel finish, ML300 will not rust even in the most unfriendly weather or get stained by pool water making it quite a durable pool lift. In addition, it features a flange mounted with 4 anchor bolts to deliver sturdy support for its users and an ML300 pool lift cover to protect it when not in use. Other impressive comforts and convenience features in this swimming pool lift include a removable footrest, armrests on either side, as well as a safety belt. Having a weight of 200 pounds, ML300 is compatible with most standard swimming pools, spas, and hot tub systems. Pairing it with S.R Smith in-ground pool steps to enhance mobility makes it a safe and versatile swimming pool and a great option for the elderly.


  • Safe to use
  • Easily operated
  • Well-integrated armrests


  •         Not suitable for users who weigh more than 300 lbs


#2 The Patriot Portable Lift w/ADA Fixing Kit

The Patriot Portable Lift makes the disabled access to the swimming pool easy and fast thanks to the fact that it is completely mobile and requires no permanent fixing on your pool. This makes it a good option for those considering more functionality. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs and is stable enough as it has been incorporated with a sand ballast counterweight system. The sand is however not included in its package so you will need to purchase 12 bags of 50-pound medium grain sand based on its requirements. Another impressive advantage that makes it an excellent choice for the disabled is the fact that it has especially been designed to facilitate easy lateral movement from the wheelchair and back. It comes with a special fixing kit that makes it easy to set up, firmly locking the lift in place. When fixed to your pool, this lift’s design perfectly accommodates gutter variation thanks to the 0″-12″ additional back range created when it is compacted. The Patriot Portable lift has a water-proof handset and a rechargeable battery equipped with a wall-mounted charging system. A plug-in socket for both the actuator and the handheld controller is also available. This lift weighs 202 pounds and can accommodate up to 12″ water draft. Other features include its adjustable footrest and a beautiful and strong stainless steel construction with a white powder coat finish.


  • Has a flip-up armrest system
  • Reduced transportation cost because sand can be bought locally so the lift shipping weight will be much less
  • Strong and corrosion-free owing to the stainless steel construction


  • The emergency button can only be used if the battery is charged


#3 Aqua Creek EZ Power EZ Lift Battery Powered Model F-03PEZ

Power EZ offers easy and much flexible access because it is battery powered. It comes with a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs and guarantees maximum safety with its sling-style seat design. It features an electric hoist that allows the caregiver to stay beside the elderly patient throughout as the handheld remote controller operates at a short distance from the lift. The Aqua Creek EZ lift is constructed with non-corrosive stainless steel with a unique powder coat finish that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. In addition, the manual pool lift comes with standard adjustable chains that are an essential part of operating it. The rotation bar has a concrete embedded anchor which rotates at 360 degrees. It comes with several functionalities including dock-to-boat access lift, spa lift, or shallow pool lift with up to 16-inch heights. Finally, this pool lift is highly mobile making its storage and movement easy. However, because it is manually operated, this lift is suitable mostly for residential applications. Optional features that you can consider with this lift include a strong plastic seat, wood deck anchor, protective seat cover, surface mounting anchor system, and an anchor extension arm system to increase the setback ranges.


  • A caregiver is always by the user for safety
  • The concrete embedded anchor is stable and 360° rotation is an advantage
  • Highly portable allows easy movement and storage


  • Limited to private use only
  • It has a manual hydraulic operating system


#4 EZ Pool Lift (With Anchor)

EZ pool lift, specially designed for residential use, is considered the best pool lift for the elderly and disabled people. It comes with a 400 lb weight rating and operates in pools of up to 16 inches height. This feature makes it a great option for both in and above the ground pools. Its functionality extends to boat access lifting making it a versatile option. This pool lift can be used either as a fixed or a mobile lift thanks to its stable anchor system that boasts of cement embedding and 360-degree manual rotation. To improve its rotation rate, consider adding a new turning bar perhaps with additional optional anchors to increase its functionality. Its comfortable mesh-lined 38-inch by 20-inch seat is wide and soft enough to accommodate special needs users. The EZ pool lift is made of quality stainless steel metal with a long-lasting powder coat finish making it rust-resistant and durable. Finally, at just weighing 65 lbs, this pool lift offers flexible mobility for easy relocation and storage. Overall, the EZ pool lift is the go-to option for those who desire to move away from bulkiness as is common with most special needs equipment.


  • Convenient storage and relocation because it is highly portable
  • Can be used both as a fixed and mobile lift
  • Comes with an option for increasing its rotation rate
  • Operates in both above-the-ground and in-ground pools


  • Limited to residential use
  • Not ADA compliant


#5  S.R Smith 202 PAL2 Fixed Portable Swimming Pool Lift

The PAL2 (Portable Aquatic Lift) picks most of its impressive features from its predecessor the PAL lift along with more innovative and convenient features. It is a portable, unsupported pool lift integrated with the PAL Secure-It Kit system making its installation on your deck fast and easy. Owing to its 1200 lbs weight, it has been designed with casters for easy maneuvering even with one individual. It is designed with 240 degrees rotation which gives its users an ample transfer area for utmost safety. S.R Smith 202-0000 is operated by an intelligent lift control system covered by the waterproof battery console cover and accessible with the waterproof hand control. This system is powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. The sturdy stainless steel and aluminum construction has a sleek powder-coat matte finish to take care of all your corrosion concerns. PAL2 comes as one of the best pool lifts for disabled people thanks to its compliance with The Americans with Disability Act (ADA). It has a weight lifting capacity of up to 300 lbs. other impressive features include a rotomolded seat integrated with armrests, sturdy detachable footrests, and a seatbelt. This pool lift is compatible with most standard gutter pools and is suitable for spa applications. Additionally, PAL2 pool lift is available in Hi/Lo and spa versions


  • ADA compliant
  • Sturdy construction guaranteeing stability
  • Integrated with casters for easy relocation


  • Quite bulky and heavy at 1200 lbs


#6 Hoyer Classic Pool Lift

Hoyer classic pool lift designed for use with people who are being attended. This hydraulic-powered lifting system enables users to do both recreational and therapeutic swimming. Its heavy-duty stainless steel structure is capable of supporting up to 400 lbs weight capacity and is also water and rust-resistant. This remarkable pool lift can be set up in a breeze in two ways. Simply, drill holes in the anchor plate and fix it or cement it if you want a permanent installation. With a 62-inch lifting height and 360 degrees rotation, the Hoyer Classic guarantees safety and maximum comfort for the person being lifted in and out of the pool. Its comfort is further enhanced by the mesh seat that is also rather easy to clean. This pool lift comes with an in-ground mount cap to cover it when not in use.


  • A long 62-inch lifting range for gently lowering the user into the pool
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • Its operation is limited to attended use
  • Not ADA compliant
  • Not portable



While a pool lift was a common phenomenon is commercial pools, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, manufacturers are now warming up to the growing demand for residential pool lifts. As we have seen, these are widely available. You only need to select what works best for you. Some things you need to consider include maximum weight capacity, power source, and whether it is permanent or portable. Bear in mind, however, that most residential pool lifts will be portable and most permanent ones bulky. Other things that you can consider include functionality features like, to what degree they will rotate, their lifting height, and construction.

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