10 Best Patient Lifts and Transport Slings 2021


Thanks to patient lifts and transport slings, patients and caregivers have a more efficient and comfortable means of transport. These mobility aids make the transfer of a patient from a bed, bath, wheelchair or chair very effortless for the caregiver and less strenuous for the patient. Isn’t it wonderful what innovation can do?

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Graham-Field Lumex Universal Sling 9.1
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Drive Medical Full Body Patient Lift Sling 9.5
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Drive Medical Padded U Sling 9.6
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ProHeal Universal Full Body Lift Sling 9.1
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Invacare Transport Sling for Patient Lifts 9.8
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Sammons Preston Love Lift  9.9
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Graham-Field Lumex Deluxe Sit-to-Stand Padded Sling 9.9
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Patient Aid Sit to Stand Padded Patient Lift Sling Weight Capacity 9.4
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Patient Aid Bariatric Sit to Stand Padded Patient Lift Sling 9.3
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Patient Aid Sit to Stand Transport Patient Lift Sling 9.2

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When looking for a good lift sling for your loved one, safety and comfort are essential. You must find one that is strong enough to support the user’s weight but also gentle and comfortable to avoid injury. In this article, we are going to look at what factors you should consider when looking for a perfect lift for your patient. We will also recommend some of the best patient lift and transport slings to consider. But before we even get to buying, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to fully establish what your needs are.

Here you go.

  • Will your patient need lifting from a seated position or from a sleeping position?
  • What is the cognitive ability of the patient? Can they hold on to the grips?
  • Will the lifting device be needed out of the house?

All these questions will determine what type of lift you will need.


What is the difference between patient lift and sling?

Patient lift devices can be categorized into two, Sling lifts and patient lifts. Let’s look at how each is different and when suitable for use.

A sling lift is for patients who are either disabled or weak due to the severity of their illness or injury. They are also used for bariatric patients. You will mostly find sling lifts at nursing homes, hospitals as well as private homes. They are used to transfer a patient from their chair, shower or bed to a sitting position. Sling lifts bear all the weight of the patient. Sit-to-stand lifts are used for patients who have no mobility difficulties and only need a little assistance to stand and move to a different seat. The patient is helped to a standing position by the use of straps and belts that are wrapped around their upper body. The patient must be able to bear their weight and sit up unassisted. Sit-to-stand lifts are best for patients who are in the rehabilitation process and aiming towards independence.

Both of these two categories can either be manual or electric. Manual lifts are powered by hydraulic power such as air pumps and are less expensive compared to electric ones. These lifts are easier to use as they require no labor on the part of the caregiver. However, they are more expensive and one must have a power source to power them. Sling lifts are available in different varieties: ceiling lifts, floor lifts and free-standing. Floor lifts are wheelable and are placed next to the patient’s bed or chair for easy transfer. Ceiling lifts, on the other hand, are permanently fixed on the ceiling using tracks and are lowered and raised using an electric motor. They require very little space compared to floor lifts. Free-standing lifts are moved from one place to another when moving the patient.


Buying guide

Having discussed the different types of patient lifts, here are the most important factors to consider when buying one.

Weight capacity

The very first consideration should be the weight capacity. A good lift should range within the patient’s weight. Anything between 300 and 700 pounds is ideally the best.

Sling material

Two important things about the material of the sling; durability and comfort. A good material is one that feels comfortable to the patient, in that it does not cause any irritation. It should also be a material that is resistant to germs and does not promote contamination. Lastly, it should be easy to clean and maintain. Durability is rather obvious here, we won’t even touch on it.

Polyester mesh is the most preferred as it is breathable, does not store moisture and dries pretty quickly. If your patient will be wet a lot of the time, this is what we would highly recommend for a material. However, you can choose the padded polyester if comfort is primary for your patient. It is equally germ-resistant and is easy to clean but unfortunately not moisture-resistant. This type is most ideal for people with skin sensitivity.

Attachment points

You will come across specifications such as two points, four points or six points. These attachment points are where you attach the sling to the lift. Confirm from your lift how many attachment points you need to attach the straps. Each strap should go into an attachment point.

Lift height

Since the lift will be used to transfer patients from different places and positions, you will need to consider one that has varying lift heights. It should go as high as the highest surface that the patient will need to be transferred to and from and similarly, to the lowest surface height.

Emergency shut-off control

If you are going to pick an electric lift, it is very important that it has a shut-off control for safety. And in case of a power blackout, the caregiver should be able to access an overriding manual to know how to safely transfer the patient.


When it comes to slings you will want to consider features like padding for comfort and to prevent irritation and shearing. According to your patient’s needs, you may need to get disposable slings, stretcher slings if your patient needs supine transfer, divided leg slings, commode slings, full-body sling or mesh bathing slings. Basically, what to choose will depend on the condition of your patient and their needs.

Weighing scale

You will also need a lift with an inbuilt scale so that the caregiver can always monitor the weight of the patient when transferring. All lifts and slings have a capacity that should not be exceeded.

Optional features

There are optional features that would make the transfer even more comfortable and safer for the patient such as a padded headrest, additional straps, hand grips, and commode openings.


Review of the Best Patient lifts and Transport Slings 2021


#1 Graham-Field Lumex Universal Sling

The Lumex Universal Sling is among the most user-friendly lift slings for patients in the market. It is not only easy to use but also effective in moving a patient from a wheelchair or a seated position and a supine position as well. It offers head support and also supports the patient’s thighs and neck. For this reason, this lift swing is convenient for patients with little head control. It is made of comfortable solid fabric and can hold up to 400 pounds.


  • It is user-friendly
  • It is machine washable
  • It is comfortable, safe and secure to use
  • Provides head, neck and thigh support


  • The solid fabric retains heat and should, therefore, be removed immediately after lifts
  • It can be too big for some users and is hence suitable for users who weigh between 200 to 400 pounds


#2 Drive Medical Full Body Patient Lift Sling

The Drive Medical Full Body Lift Sling is built for comfort and durability. It is strong and has a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. The lift sling measures 58 inches in length and 45 inches in width. Its straps are made of polypropylene material and it has four sling points that ensure safe transfers from the bed to the shower chair or the wheelchair. It has been rated among the best transport slings for floor lifts.


  • It is durable, sturdy and lightweight and takes on a considerable weight capacity
  • It is easy to use
  • It is safe and comfortable


  • It is only fit for floor lifting


#3 Drive Medical Padded U Sling

This sling lift is designed to offer comfort and safety during floor lifts. It features padded head support as well as four sling points that make it one of the best lift slings for handicapped.  It can hold up to 600 pounds and measures 49 inches in width and 58 inches in length. It has 4 or 6 cradle points and is made of polyester. The sling lift has a solid design and does not need an optional strap.


  • Made of long-lasting polyester material
  • It has padded head support for comfort
  • Has 6 cradle points for better support
  • Extra-large to accommodate heavy-bodied people


  • It can only be used for floor lifting


#4 ProHeal Universal Full Body Lift Sling

If you are looking for a lift sling that works well with the lift model that you use, consider this ProHeal Universal Full Body Lift Sling. It is not only compatible with various brands such as Lumex, Drive Lifts, and ProActive, it is also available in different sizes from medium to XX-large. It has been rated among the best transport slings since it can be used in dry as well as wet environments. Also, this lifting sling is machine washable and dries quickly hence cleaning it is easy.

It is made with comfortable and durable materials, nylon and polyester, which are secure, easy to clean and ideal to use in any environment. Also, ProHeal has a money-back satisfaction guarantee for its medical supplies including this full-body lift sling. You can, therefore, get a refund if the product fails to meet your needs. It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and is convenient for regular use. The lift sling measures 56 inches in length and  43 inches in width. Ensure that you check the care instructions on the label before cleaning it.


  • It is shaped and made for comfort
  • Comes in varying sizes
  • It is machine washable
  • Higher weight capacity of 600 pounds


  • It may not be comfortable enough for short people


#5 Invacare Transport Sling for Patient Lifts

The Invacare Transport Sling, R134, is effective for quick transfers from a chair or a bed. It helps in in-room transport and to move patients from two seated surfaces. It is made for patients with both head and neck control and also for users who can bend their knees, hips, and ankles.  It is made of stretch-resistant material for maximum support as well as easy positioning. Its positioning straps provide level sling positioning. It also has a brushed lining that prevents the user from sliding and also protects the user’s skin. The sling is also washable and is among the best transport slings because of its quick transfers.


  • It is padded and has a brushed lining for comfort
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is stretch-resistant for better support
  • It is effective for quick transfers


  • It is not very comfortable for taller people
  • Only ideal for patients with head and neck control


#6 Sammons Preston Love Lift

This love lift is one of the most efficient lift slings for handicapped, the disabled and the elderly. It is safe and comfortable as it helps reduce shearing and irritation in the thighs and buttocks and helps caregivers to learn the right transfer techniques. It is built for safety and it requires two caregivers on each side of the patient to minimize accidents. It is an effective lifting assistance aid for handicapped, elderly and disabled people. It helps users to safely slide to a chair and allows caregivers to properly adjust the lift.


  • The lift can be adjusted to a comfortable position
  • Heavy-duty transfer belts
  • It is made of soft and comfortable material to reduce skin irritation and shearing.


  • It holds up to 250 pounds and can break if the user weighs more


#7 Graham-Field Lumex Deluxe Sit-to-Stand Padded Sling

The Sit to Stand lift sling is built to help users who have neck and head control, can sit and bend knees, hip and ankles and have a little weight-bearing capacity. It is compatible with other models such as Invacare, Lumex, Hoyer, Drive, and Medline. This lift sling is ideal for making simple transfers and is built in a U-sling or divided leg sling design. It, therefore, offers adequate back support from the shoulders to the thighs.  It helps move totally dependent or partially dependent users from a seated position. It also aids in moving the user over a long distance with a sit to stand patient lift.

This transport patient lift sling can however not be used for floor lifts or with floor style lifts but only with sit to stand lifts. It provides comfortable, supportive and secure transfers from seated positions. You can hence safely move the patient from the wheelchair, bed or toilet. The lift sling is padded and made of polyester fabric that prevents sliding and protects the user’s skin hence providing comfortable and safe transfers. It has four attachment points that make it possible to use with any sit to stand patient lift.  This transport lift sling has a weight capacity of 350 lb and is among the most effective lift slings for toileting.


  • Compatible with other models
  • It offers back support
  • Its material is safe to use for users with sensitive skin
  • It is secure and good for toileting
  • Comes with a  1-year warranty


  • It is not suited for floor lifts


#8 Patient Aid Sit to Stand Padded Patient Lift Sling Weight Capacity

With extra padding around the underarm and in the lumbar areas, this lifting sling is among the most comfortable lift slings for patients. It is suited for users with head control and neck control and can bend at the knees, hips, and ankles. Since the sling is made to be wrapped around the user’s torso and to go under the arms, it is fit for users with more weight-bearing ability. It also allows patients to lower their clothing in the bathroom and is, therefore, a good choice if you are looking for effective lift slings for toileting.

It also features a textured adjustable belt that prevents it from sliding up the user’s arms and causing discomfort during transfers. The sit to stand slings are only meant for making transfers from a seated position and are used to sit to stand patient lift models only. It is compatible with an array of sit to stand patient lift models and brands such as Hoyer, Medline, Invacare, and Lumex. It has two connection points and is therefore not made for floor lifts. Its 400-pound weight capacity makes it suitable for users of different sizes with different needs like toileting access and standing assistance. It has dimensions of 14.5 inches in height and 34 inches in length and the belt adjusts from 30 inches to 48 inches.


  • Extra padding under the arm for maximum comfort
  • Allows for a good toileting position
  • Textured and adjustable belt to prevent sliding during transfer
  • Compatible with other brands and models


  • It is only used for transfers from seated positions.


#9 Patient Aid Bariatric Sit to Stand Padded Patient Lift Sling

This lift sling works well with various stand assist lift brands like Hoyer, Drive among others. It is padded under the arms and has an adjustable belt that keeps it in place and prevents it from sliding up the user’s arms. It is suited for patients with more weight-bearing ability since it is worn around the user’s torso and goes under the arms. It is also appropriate for people with head and neck control and can bend at the knees, ankles, and hips. Toileting is easy with this lift sling as it makes lowering clothing possible.

It has two attachment points that enable it to work well with other sit and stand patient lifts but is only used to make transfers from a seated position. It has extra padding beneath the arms and on the torso area to protect the user’s skin and offer secure and comfortable transfers from the bed, chair, and wheelchair. This lift sling is suited for a wide array of users of different sizes as it has a 600 pounds weight capacity. It is among the best lift slings for patients with needs like weight-bearing practice as well as standing assistance.


  • It is padded for extra comfort
  • Offers secure transfers
  • It has a one year warranty
  • It is most ideal for quick transfer


  • It may seem too big for small-bodied people


#10 Patient Aid Sit to Stand Transport Patient Lift Sling

The Patient Aid Sit-to-Stand padded sling is built to offer a comfortable and secure transfers from a seated position. It features a textured belt as well as a buckle strap to keep the sling in place. It is also padded in the lumbar region and under the arms for extra comfort. This lift sling is designed for those who have head and neck support, and can also bend at the ankles, knees, and hips.

This Sit-to-Stand sling ensures safe seating and standing transfers and is among the best lift slings for quick and secure transfers. It has 2 connection points and can be used with a buttocks strap and a calf or knee strap for additional support. It is, for this reason, popular for being one the most secure Sit-to-Stand lift slings in the market.

It can as well be used with a sit-to-stand lift but not with a floor lift. This lift sling helps in toileting as it allows for clothing lowering.  It can hold a weight capacity of 400 pounds and is made for torsos that measure 30 inches to 46 inches. The yellow color shows that it is medium size.


  • Buckled straps for extra security
  • Helps in toileting
  • It is well-padded under the arms and lumbar area for extra comfort
  • It is affordable


  • It only works with a specific Lumex Sit to Stand lift.
  • It is not fit for floor lifts.



If you are a caregiver, whether fulltime or not, you know the hassle of transferring patients from one surface to the other or from one position to another. You don’t need to go through all that ever again, just get a patient lift. It will make your caregiving so much easier. A patient lift is also safe and comfortable for the patient. No more accidental falls, discomfort, and pain during transfer.

We have tried to cover everything you need to know about buying a patient lift in your guide. You must have noticed that different patient slings meet different needs. It is crucial that you first establish what you are looking for in terms of material, size and style before purchasing one. Go through each product from our guide to identify the best lift for your patient. We are certain you will not regret it.


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