8 Best Easy-to-Read Watches for Seniors 2024


Everyone loves watches. They are neat little inventions that not only help you keep track of your day but also allow you to add a little flair to your dressing. It’s hard to stop when you start wearing one. This is why even in old age, seniors still fancy wearing their watches albeit their sight failing them. As you grow older, your health may not hold up as well as your watch.

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TOPCHANCES Elderly Smart Watch 9.7
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Timex Men’s Easy Reader 9.5
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Timex Women’s Easy Reader – 38 mm 9.6
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Timex Women’s Easy Reader – 33 mm 9.5
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Timex Women’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch 9.5
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Timex Easy Reader Date Expansion Band 38 mm 9.9
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Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch 9.5
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Geneva Large Number Face for Ladies 9.2

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You may find that you have trouble reading the very same watch that you have had for ages. This is because of your failing sight. Slowly, numerals start to recede into the background or you find that you can’t distinguish the hands of the watch and the harsh marks that tell the time. This is expectedly very frustrating for many senior citizens. Lucky for you, some great innovators thought of such struggles and came up with senior-friendly watches that are very easy to read even with the declining eyesight.


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Keeping a routine is important and something that many seniors are used to. It keeps their life organized. They, therefore, need to be able to keep up with the current time to stick to their routine. And in doing so, most seniors prefer to use a wristwatch rather than using a smartphone to check the time of the day. All watches tell time, however, some are digital while others are analog giving. Both these options differ in features and functionality. Keeping in mind senior’s needs, here are key factors that you should consider when buying a watch.

  • Large watch face. Watches with larger faces tend to have large displays that are very convenient for seniors as they make reading of the time easy and causes no strain to the eyes.
  • Contrasting color hands. The minute and hour hands should be of contrasting colors so that they stand out from the background, making it easy to read the time with minimal or no strain at all.
  • Large numbers. When going for digital watches, choose a model in which the numbers take up the entire screen of the watch rather than tiny numbers which become crowded and may not be easily readable.
  • Big, tactile buttons. Find a watch with big enough buttons to allow for easy access to other functions of the watch as well as setting the time. Tactile buttons allow the senior user to feel the crunch when they press them adding to friendly usability.
  • Easy to use bands and straps. Watches with expandable bands are easy to put on and off. Where the band is adjustable it also allows for a good fit.
  • Make of the wristwatch. Some people have sensitive skin and may react to certain materials, therefore, settle on a watch whose material does not react with your skin.
  • Health benefits. Some smartwatches for seniors can monitor the fitness of its users. These watches check the seniors’ heartbeat rate, prompting reminders of important things such as timings of medication, periods to drink water and keeping track of how many steps they take.


Best Easy-to-Read Watches for Seniors 2024


#1 TOPCHANCES Elderly Smart Watch

To start our list of the best wristwatches for seniors is the TOPCHANCES Elderly Smart Watch that comes with unique and useful features. Most importantly is the inbuilt Wi-Fi tracker to monitor the movement of an elderly person for security purposes. This feature is compatible with your existing iPhone or Android smartphone.

The security is enhanced with the speed dial system that allows one-touch emergency dialing to a guardian or family member. It also features a forced silent answering for you to listen to what is happening in the surrounding. Its large digital display screen with larger digits enables seniors to read the time even when they have forgotten to carry their glasses. The backlight aid in reading time under low light or at night.


  • Wi-Fi tracking to monitor your loved one
  • Large screen display
  • Forced silent answering mode
  • Emergency speed dial


  • Might be a bit too technical for the elderly


#2 Timex Men’s Easy Reader

This watch is manufactured by one of the leading companies known for quality watches. Timex Men’s Easy Reader is one of the easy-to-read watches for seniors featuring a white dial with large, full Arabic numerals. Unlike modern digital models, this analog watch is by far familiar to a senior. Hence, most seniors associate and find it easy to use. They would gladly accept one as a gift.

Elderly persons are forgetful in nature and may accidentally be splashing it with water. Thanks to its high water resistance of 30 meters, the Timex Men’s Easy Reader will survive such an incident. Its casing is polished with stainless silver to resist corrosion while the glass is scratch-resistant. Hence, expect this watch to last longer and to maintain a long-lasting new look. Besides checking the time, these digital watches for seniors include a calendar with day and date window. This keeps seniors fully in touch with dates for adequate planning and remembering of events. Its elastic stainless steel wrist band is comfortable and easy for seniors to wear by slipping through independently.


  • Water resistance of up to 30 meters
  • Easy to wear chain band
  • Day and night display
  • Made of scratch-proof mineral glass


  • Chain band not comfortable for big arms


#3 Timex Women’s Easy Reader – 38 mm

Similar to our previous review, Timex Women’s Easy Reader is an ideal and stylish watch for elderly ladies but can also be used by men. This type comes in a blue and gold combination to make it an elegant jewel for a lady. The displayed dial comes in contrasting large black numerals on a white background for ease of reading time. This display also features the revolutionary Indiglo backlight to enable clear reading of time at night. In addition to time, this timepiece has a date window to keep in touch with days.

Special attention is given to detail and quality finishing for strength and durability. The display cover is made of scratch-resistant mineral glass carefully fitted in an all-brass metal casing. This precision is what contributes to the watch’s water resistance to persevere raindrops and water splash. For persons with sensitive skin, they will find the genuine leather wrist strap very comfortable to wear all day. The straps come with easy to tie and untie latch that allows an elderly person to dress on their own.


  • Genuine leather straps that are easy to tie and untie
  • Large time and date display
  • Splash water resistance


  • The watch straps can be hard for frail seniors


#4 Timex Women’s Easy Reader – 33 mm

The design of Timex Women’s Easy Reader combines the traditional analog reality with modern techniques to create perfect watches for elderly women and for any occasion.  It comes with large full Arabic numerals printed on luminous cream dial. This makes every digit visible from a distance with naked eyes. During the night, you need to switch on the lights to read time as the backlight of this watch is adequate.

A woman’s watch is not complete without a detailed finishing and Timex Women’s Easy Reader will not disappoint. Its metal casing is gold plated for a shiny and classy appeal. The glass lens is scratch-free and crystal clear. The watch is not the type you swim with, but it’s resistant to splashing waters or mild soaking. In addition, it comes with a bolder leather strap that is sweat-free and lays smoothly on your wrist. Depending on the circumference of your wrist, the strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit.


  • Crystal clear dial
  • Ability to glow in the dark
  • Soft and sweat-free leather strap
  • Waterproof


  • Lacks date display


#5 Timex Women’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch

This timepiece comes with a timeless style for a senior citizen aging in style. The Timex Women’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch is ideal for an elderly person with difficulty in tying straps. This watch substitutes a latch strap with an elastic stainless steel band for a comfortable slip through. The band can expand adequately to fit a medium wrist circumference without pinching the skin.

Watches for seniors with dementia also need to have a clear date display window. This helps them to remember what day it is and not to miss important medical appointments or personal events. Besides this feature, the watch also comes with a dial that is quick to read at a glance. The numbers are not only boldfaced but also eye-catching. The watch also comes in a smoothly polished stainless silver casing for a shiny, elegant finishing. The crystal glass lens allows backlighting to glow and project the dial clearly at night. It also comes in a luxurious package to make this beautiful timepiece a special gift for an elderly relative.


  • Comfortable to wear brass band
  • Crystal clear dial
  • Detailed finishing
  • Expandable wrist band


  • Not water resistant


#6 Timex Easy Reader Date Expansion Band 38 mm

Large face watches for seniors are ideal for a person with eye problems and have to use glasses to read small figures. For this reason, Timex Easy Reader Date Expansion Band 38 mm watch is a favorite choice most guardians who want their seniors to remain independent in time management. Yes, the Arabic numerals are full enough for ease of reading, but their font is also classy. It utilizes Indiglo technology to light up the dial in the dark. This watch is also admirable to ordinary citizens due to its elegant design, hence worth the price.

This watch comes with a sturdy metallic wrist chain with a two-tone finishing. You can easily adjust the circumference by plucking off some links on the chain. This kind of wrist strap is not easy to break even under careless handling. It also puts some weight on the wrist to add a good solid feeling on the hand. The model also features waterproof abilities thanks to its tight-fitting glass lens and back cover. Some amount of splash or rainwater will not harm the watch, but immersing it may be dangerous.


  • Durable construction
  • Blends elegance and functionality
  • Can be used in the dark
  • Adjustable wrist band


  • Heavy to wear all-day


#7 Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch

Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch is another choice for watches for elderly with dementia or low vision. It comes with enlarged time numerals with a contrasting background for ease of reading. The numerals are full Arabic design, black in color and well-spaced in the dial. Hence, there is minimal or no chance of confusing time. Additionally, the hour and minute hands are very conspicuous for ease of differentiation. Because elderly persons get confused easily, the second’s hand is also slightly visible but present. If the day is dull or its night time, the backlight can be initiated to illuminate the dial.

This watch is also meant to add beauty and make the wearer appear smart. Hence, the manufacturer opted to give it an entire smooth gold polish. The scratch-free glass lens adds a crystal clear touch in the middle of your wrist. This watch is also designed with ease of fitting on different sizes of wrists. You don’t need to make adjustments on the wrist band after purchasing in order to fit.


  • Easy to read day or night
  • Exact hour and minute hand reading
  • Classy wear for any occasion
  • The elastic band is easy to slip through


  • Cannot be worn to the shower


#8 Geneva Large Number Face for Ladies

The majority of watches for senior citizens are convenient for both men and women. However, for a lady who feels she wants some special attention, the Geneva Large Number Face for Ladies will make her stand out. Belonging to the Japan Quartz Movement, this watch is manufactured with precision to give independence in time management. The most useful feature is the large numerals prints in bold black and equally spaced on the white dial for ease of reading the exact time of day. You will not struggle to tell hours and minutes within a second. The white background makes it easier to view time in a low lit room, early morning or evening.

This watch fits different wrists due to its expandable wrist band. The design is simple but solid to last for a long time. The casing and back cover are stainless steel to resist moisture effects. This timepiece also consumes low power due to a lack of backlighting. Hence the battery will take time to change.


  • Large print numerals
  • Japan quartz movement
  • East to fit wrist band


  • Limited color options



Clearly, watches are more than important to seniors now as they were to them in their younger years. They make life so much easy to plan and keep organized. It is a known fact that seniors thrive in a routine and watches help their flow routine smoothly. When looking for a watch for a senior, remember to consider how easy it is to read the numerals, easy to wear and easy to set and operate it. Other useful features to have include water-resistance, nighttime illumination as well as a flashlight. From our review, we have listed the best watches you will find in the market currently that are specially designed for seniors. Take your pick.

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