9 Best Knee Braces for Arthritis 2024

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If you are suffering from arthritis, you know the great pain that comes with it. Most times you are forced to sit down and watch the world go by, and this is frustrating to anyone. Osteoarthritis affects the moving parts of your body like the knees, making it excruciating to do even the simplest of things. Any type of relief is greatly welcome, and that is what knee braces are for. They are a source of great support and comfort for most people, designed to give a new lease on life for osteoarthritis sufferers.

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TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support 9.4
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Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace 9.5
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ArthritisHope Knee Compression Sleeve 9.2
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Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap Compression Brace 9.2
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Run Forever Sports Patella Strap Knee Brace 9.1
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EzyFit Knee Brace Support 9.1
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Athledict Knee Brace Compression Sleeve 9.1
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ANRI.E. Knee Brace Support for Meniscus Tear Arthritis 9.3

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Knee braces are designed to relieve pain in the knees by providing extra support for the knees. The padding on the knee braces provides comfort to the hurting knee as well. There are different types of braces that support different sections of the knees, with some supporting the meniscus. Knee braces are also used by people with arthritis to help ease stiff joints. In this article, we will take you through a buying guide with the most important things to look out for when in the market for a knee brace for arthritis. We will also review the best knee braces on the market so that you can get the best knee brace to suit your needs.


Key benefits of using knee braces for arthritis


Flexibility to move around

Knee braces give you the ability to move around after an arthritis flare-up. While these things might slow you down, the support and pain relief provided by a knee brace gives you the ability to get back to your active yourself. You can get back to work, sports, or exercise without further harming yourself. The flexibility afforded by a knee brace depends on the protection level it provides.



Knee braces provide comfort for your knee through the padding and cushioning built into the knee brace. Your knee is protected from further damage by the padding whether from the outside through heavy contact with objects or from excruciating pain from within.


Pain relief

Even though knee braces are not a substitute for arthritis drugs, they reduce the pain and discomfort significantly and reduces the number of drugs you would have taken. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, people who use knee braces in case of an arthritis flare-up useless over-the-counter drugs to combat inflammation. People who wear a knee brace for a longer period take even lesser prescription drugs.


Buying guide

Cost is obviously a big factor when shopping for a knee brace but these factors are very critical.  Ignoring any of these will be costly for you because you will end up with a brace that does not do as intended.


Type of pain

The knee brace you buy has to be one that accommodates the type of pain that you have.  Getting a brace that does not focus on the paining area will be useless. Some of the braces include wraparound braces, hinged braces or even open patella braces. Ask for help from your doctor or a physician to get the correct knee brace for your knee.


Protection levels

Most braces have protection levels ranging from 1 to 3. A level 1 brace offers the least support. However, it is more flexible than other braces. It is more suitable for pain relief and offers moderate support when active. A level 2 brace offers more protection than level 1 but is not as flexible. They allow you to have a bit of movement and offer moderate support for pain relief from torn ligaments. Level 3 braces, like the hinged knee brace, offer the most support but with very limited movement. It is heavier than most and is more suitable for pain relief from surgeries. These braces give major support to those with unstable knees or conditions like arthritis.



For a knee brace to work it has to have good compression. This correlates with the tightness of the brace. It should also feel comfortable and provide the right kind of support for your knee. You can get braces that fit your knee exactly or you can buy one with adjustable straps. These will allow you to adjust the straps according to your specifications and get the tightness you need.



It goes without saying that the knee brace has to be comfortable. Some knee braces are made with soft, cushion-like padding that surrounds your knee. This allows your knee to feel comfortable and can also protect the knees from external impact.



Look for a knee brace with high-quality material. These will ensure that the brace is durable and will last long so you can get the most use out of them. Also, make sure to look for material that won’t cause chafing or allow for sweat build up.


Best Knee Braces for Arthritis 2024


#1 TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

The TechWare knee brace helps relieve pain in the ACL or the LCL and the MCL. It offers relief from the pain in a torn meniscus. The brace is one of the best when it comes to people with arthritis. It has an alternating hoop and loop design. This provides even more support to the knee allowing you to go about your duties with no pain. It fully surrounds the knee offering maximum support but still allows you some flexibility. It has three straps, a center one and upper and lower straps. The center strap goes one way and the upper and lower straps go the opposite way. This allows you to easily adjust the brace. The straps also allow you to pull the brace without affecting the patella’s stability.


  • Offers bidirectional support so you can alternate the brace for maximum pain relief
  • Gives you maximum compression around the knee cap
  • Flexible
  • 3 strap system that offers a great fit no matter the size
  • Has moisture licking ability to prevent sweat accumulation


  • Can be hard to sleep with


#2 Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace

This knee brace from Shock Doctor has a bilateral hinge design. It fully protects your knee when doing heavy work or extreme exercises but at the same time it does not slow down your performance. It follows the natural shape of your knee, contours and all so that you can get the perfect fit. The bilateral hinges offer the best stabilization for your knees. The brace is easy to put on and it gets more comfortable with regular use. It is the best knee brace for arthritis with its unique features. These include it’s level 3 design. This allows it to stabilize, align, apply compression and support your knee. It is one of the best of its kind.


  • Durable pads to absorb external impact
  • Adjusts well with continuous use
  • Offers flexibility and good ventilation
  • No sweat build-up
  • Finger tabs for easy adjustment


  • Slight discomfort during its first uses


3. ArthritisHope Knee Compression Sleeve

Here is a knee brace that is designed specifically for arthritis patients. It is so comfortable and offers great knee support. It is the best knee sleeve for arthritis or any other knee pain. This is due to its unlimited support and pain relief. It also relieves pain in the meniscus. The sleeve also has a comfortable design that massage soft tissue in your knee. It also has 3D braiding technology. This helps provide heat reducing the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.


  • Optimal compression massages the soft tissue
  • Offers great mobility and flexibility
  • Relieves meniscus and other knee pain
  • Comfortable and breathable materials for an easy wear
  • Anti-slip silicone to ensure the sleeve doesn’t slip


  • Starts rolling down after with continued use


#4 Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap Compression Brace

This knee brace has it all. A hot/cold compression gel that provides hot or cold therapy depending on the need for pain relief. It comes with four adjustable straps that give it versatility and can be worn on any knee. It has a latex-free neoprene blend. This allows the knee brace to be breathable and lightweight for a very comfortable fit. The brace targets both the front and the back of the knee reducing swelling and inflammation on both sides. The brace is suitable for both men and women and its size can be up to 21”. Has a strong fastener system and four adjustable straps for a maximum fit.


  • Three removable gel packs for hot or cold therapy
  • Provides relief for both the front and the back of the knee
  • Latex-free neoprene blend for breathability and comfort
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Offers soothing pain relief for people with arthritis


  • Cold packs might be faulty


#5 Run Forever Sports Patella Strap Knee Brace

This knee brace is fully adjustable. It also gives you a tight compression and has a soft inner fabric. These make the brace comfortable. The patella strap makes it even more comfortable to wear. It is made from high-quality materials that make it durable and lasts longer than other straps. The high-quality material ensures that the strap doesn’t scratch. It makes it lightweight and has a soft feel. The brace reduces pressure on the patella. This alleviates the pain you feel when running or when you have stiff joints. It goes around the knee for a perfect fit.


  • Provides comfort and support
  • Offers flexibility during activities
  • Curved design relieves patella tension, perfect for people with arthritis
  • Fully adjustable for a great fit
  • High quality, durable material


  • May feel bulky to users with smaller frames


#6 EzyFit Knee Brace Support

The EzyFit knee brace offers comfort and support. It is also easy to wear and gives you flexibility and unrestricted movement. The brace offers heat therapy that helps in relieving pain in joints and aids in quick recovery. The brace has dual stabilizers on both sides of the knee. This provides strong and flexible support to the knee when doing any activity. It also has adjustable and strong closures giving you the best compression. It comes with a non-slip silicone gel that ensures the brace doesn’t slip and a double stitching design to prevent the material from scratching.


  • Open patella for flexibility
  • Heat therapy for joint relief
  • Neoprene material follows the shape of your knee for easy fit
  • Different sizes for different people
  • Easy to put on


  • May not be comfortable for inactive users


#7 Athledict Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

If you are looking for a knee brace that relieves pain faster than any other, look no further than the Athledict Knee Brace. It is the only anatomically designed sleeve that allows for targeted pain relief for all joints. The compression sleeve has an adjustable strap. This combined with the anti-slip silicon will ensure that the sleeve stays in place and provides you with maximum support.  This allows you to move around without any scratching from the material. It has an adjustable strap that is also removable. This allows you to customize the sleeve. Just place the strap on the painful spot and get instant relief.


  • Many support levels in one sleeve
  • Instant pain relief with targeted compression
  • Anatomical shape for a flexible fit
  • Skin-friendly silicone grip
  • Offers stability


  • Might cause chafing


#8 ANRI.E. Knee Brace Support for Meniscus Tear Arthritis

This knee brace gives you support and relief from joint pain, injuries or intense pressure. It gives extra support for any activity and all sports. It also tightens perfectly for the best pain relief. It is made from high-quality material so it can last longer. The brace is adjustable so you can get the right fit for your knee. It is made from breathable fabric that ensures there is no sweat build up. It has anti-slip silicone rings to hold the brace in place during movement. It also has metal sidebars. These ensure you get the perfect fixing. The straps have soft edges and are adjustable for better tightening.


  • Suitable for any knee or joint pain
  • Great support even in heavy work
  • Open patella design for flexibility
  • Breathable and anti-slip fabric
  • Offers great stabilization


  • Fabric may come undone after continued use


#9 Gladton Knee Brace Support for Running Meniscus Tear Arthritis

Here is another popular knee brace. It gives great pain relief for those with arthritis. It also works well for those with meniscus tears or other types of knee injuries. The brace is easy to put on and to take off. It has adjustable straps that allow you to either tighten or loosen the compression depending on your need. The brace has moisture-wicking neoprene material. This removes moisture from inside the brace and avoids odor from the sweat build-up. It implements the open patella design. This ensures the brace gives maximum compression without restricting your movement.  It also has dual stabilizers for added flexibility.


  • Non-slip silicone to prevent the brace from slipping
  • Sweat-resistant material to expel moisture
  • Protects the knee from external injuries
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Longer straps for added support


  • Velcro straps might tear off after a while



Knee braces are such a huge pain reliever to those suffering from arthritis. This is because they give maximum support and pain relief to the aching knee. This way, you get to go about your daily activities with ease. When looking for a knee brace, it is important to keep in mind the type of support you need. This is the most important element because you do not want to spend money on a knee brace that will not address your exact kind of pain. Also, keep in mind other elements like the protection based on the level of flexibility you desire, fit and comfort. If you consider these elements while perusing our reviewed knee braces, you are sure to get the perfect knee brace that will accommodate all your activities, whether you are extra active or taking it slow.

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