6 Best Patient Turning Devices 2024


Manually turning and positioning a bedridden or immobile patient can be a whole lot of struggle for any caregiver. Most complain of backache and fatigue after doing it a couple of times and some have even been injured while assisting their loved ones. This is why it is a must for one to consider getting a patient turning aid. Patient turning devices are assistive devices that help caregivers turn their patients with ease making it a comfortable experience for both the patient and the caregiver. They can also be used to transfer a patient from one surface to another.

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TOMI Turn, Patient Turning Device 9.7
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ERGOMATRIX U-Turner Patient Turning 9.5
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Vive Transfer Blanket with Handles 9.3
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ZHEEYI Multipurpose 55” x 36” Positioning Bed Pad  9.5
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Patient Aid Positioning Bed Pad 9.8
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NEPPT Transfer Boards  9.9

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They guarantee safety for both the caregiver and the patient and they make the turning and position fast and effective. Let’s look at what advantages you will be getting by investing in one.


Advantages of using a patient turning device

The topmost advantage of a turning device is that it allows the caregiver to turn an immobile patient without needing the assistance of a second person. This is very practical for every family as they often cannot afford to have more than one caregiver attending to one patient. With a turning device, they can easily turn their patients when cleaning them, changing, feeding them or positioning them during toileting. The second advantage is that it requires minimal training and so anyone can use it. Most of the devices come with a manual but even without, learning how to use it is pretty straightforward. You can even watch video tutorials on Youtube if you are unsure.

Thirdly, it reduces any risks of causing strain or injury to the caregiver from constantly turning the patient. You don’t need to lift or carry the whole weight of the patient when positioning them or turning, you just turn the patient using the straps of the device. The patient is also not at risk of skin friction from manual positioning. Lastly, it is affordable, portable and space-efficient. Just about every reason to get a turning device. It is also very easy to set up and use and you can readily find one on Amazon among other places. A turning device can be used along with other assistive devices both at home and in the hospital. It can be used along with urination devices, incontinence liners or bedpans among others.


Buying guide

These assistive devices may be non-complicated but still require one to know what key features to look for to find the best patient turning devices. Here are some of the key factors that should guide you in your purchase.


Patient weight

Before everything else, the first thing you must have with you is the exact patient’s weight. This is especially critical for heavy patients. You want to choose a turning device that can accommodate the size of your patient while allowing some extra body room before hitting the weight capacity.


Weight capacity

Every patient turning aid comes with a set weight capacity that must be adhered to. Therefore, get one that is within or above your patient’s weight limit. If your patient weighs 200 pounds, get one that has a capacity of 300 pounds or even more.



If your patient is totally bedridden then it would only make sense that you look at the long term use when buying a turning aid. A strong material made of high-quality material is your best bet. Similarly, the straps need to be webbed for more strength for it to last long. Also, when looking at longterm use, you may want to consider one that can be washed and reused a couple of times before it wears out.



You need a turning device with as many handles/straps for easy turning and reposition. Most of the devices we have reviewed have at least 8 handles, this allows you to maneuver from any angle. Also, the straps can be padded or made of 100% webbed cotton to make them easy and soft on your hands. Another nice feature to have on the straps is the adjustability. This way you can adjust the height to suit different positions.



The patient’s comfort is very important and this is why manufacturers have incorporated a padded layer on the turning mat. Others have a waterproof layer that prevents liquids from reaching the sheets while others have a layer that soaks up all that liquid. All these are things you should consider.


Review of the Best Patient Turning Devices 2024


#1 TOMI Turn, Patient Turning Device

Turn your bedridden patient with this easy to use and safe turner from Tomi Turn. It is specially designed with a soft padded quilted layer at the top to prevent any skin abrasions, friction, and bedsores. It also comes with an inbuilt soaker pad to absorb any spilled liquids, sweat or pee. This prevents your patient from contracting cold-related diseases such as pneumonia. The PVC outer liner prevents any moisture from passing through to the sheets keeping them dry.

Using the Tomi Turn is pretty easy and straightforward. Start by lifting your patient’s leg to the opposite side of you. Reach over the handles at the side, top, and bottom and roll the patient slowly towards you. The straps are 100% cotton-webbed so they are very soft and easy on the hands and have a very good grip. It is ergonomically designed such that you only need one caregiver to turn the patient and they will do it gently and easily whether from side to side or from side to up.

You can wash it and reuse it for as long as you can so long as you keep the weight capacity to under 300 pounds. The material is very strong and durable and will surely last you for some time to come.


  • 8 handles for easy positioning and transfer
  • Requires only a single caregiver
  • Waterproof under-layer
  • Soft padded bed to prevent bedsores
  • Built-in soaker to absorb liquids


  • The price seems to be a bit steep for most but given its superior quality, it is understandable.


#2 ERGOMATRIX U-Turner Patient Turning

We wouldn’t do U-turner justice if we didn’t mention that it is award-winning. It is uniquely designed to provide your loved one with a safe and comfortable turn without straining you the caregiver. You can use it during cleaning, changing, wound care and when repositioning your patient to prevent bedsores.  Once you turn your patient, you can attach the straps to the rail of the bed or the bed frame to enable you to easily change your patient. You can adjust the size of the straps to fit the patient.

Outstanding features for this turning device include an ergonomic anti-friction nylon, webbed cotton straps for maximum safety, a quick-release buckle clasp as well as multiple handles for maximum control. Another great feature is the moisture and mildew-resistant material to keep your patient dry and smelling fresh. You can either choose to machine wash it or wipe it clean. It dries pretty quick so even if you don’t have an extra one, you can still clean and use it in a couple of hours.

The turner is available in three different sizes:

  • Ideal for patients weighing between 100 and 300 pounds.
  • Ideal for patients weighing under 100 pounds.
  • Ideal for patients weighing over 300 pounds and those using bariatric beds.


  • Safer and gentler than manual turning
  • Also available in pediatric and bariatric sizes
  • Washable
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Does not soak in moisture


  • Maybe a little harder to use in the beginning


#3 Vive Transfer Blanket with Handles

There are so many ways you can use this blanket with handles. You can use it to turn your patient, reposition them, transfer them from one surface to another and even from floor to bed in case of a fall. You can also use it to assist your patient to sit up. The straps are lightly padded for a secure and comfortable grip during repositioning and transfer. The handles are four, each for every side to allow the caregiver to use any angle when transferring or turning the patient. The straps are pretty strong as they are reinforced with multiple stitching to avoid any accidental tears during transfer. This also makes this patient turning aid very strong.

Do not despise its size and weight, yes it is lightweight but can support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It can be used both at home, nursing and elderly care homes as well as with bariatric patients. It is no doubt one of the best pad with handles for bariatric patients. It is made of a strong but lightweight non-slip nylon for safety. This material is easy to clean, care for and is water-resistant.


  • Waterproof to keep patient dry
  • Fitted with pockets for additional stability
  • Lightweight and super easy to clean
  • Padded straps fora  comfortable and secure grip during transfer
  • Four handles for easy assistance from any angle


  • Do not try to move a patient if the patient does not have the strength to roll over or stay on their side


#4 ZHEEYI Multipurpose 55” x 36” Positioning Bed Pad

These are very large (55” x 36”) and sturdy multipurpose positioning mats. The multiple handles on all sides give you options for lifting and repositioning your patient without killing your back. Additionally, there are reinforced cross straps on the backside of this mat to distribute the weight and prevent the patient from sagging during lifting. The handles are made very thick and make lifting not only effortless but comfortable as well. You can use this heavy-duty patient pad to turn your patient, reposition them or transfer them the bed to the stretcher safely without needing a second pair of hands.

It is made from, a lightweight nylon fabric that is easy to clean, is waterproof and breathable. It does not wear out fast which allows you to reuse it countless times. This makes it very economical especially if your patient may need to use it for a long time. What we loved most about this turning pad is that the seller is very confident of their quality that he offers a 100 % prompt refund if you are not satisfied. Not many are these confident.


  • Washable and reusable
  • Double-sided nylon fabric for extra strength
  • Reinforced 8 handles for easier positioning
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • Being a double-sided nylon sheet, some users find that it slides a lot during repositioning.


#5 Patient Aid Positioning Bed Pad

If your patient struggles with incontinence, this pad is the most ideal for them. It is designed for both adults and kids to be used at home or in the hospital. This pad has rightfully earned its reputation, especially among nurses and caregivers in homes for ease of use and safety. The pad comes in 3 layers for maximum protection. The top layer is made of 100 % brushed polyester and is comfortable and breathable. Very ideal for nighttime protection. The middle layer is made of non-woven 90 % polyester and 10 % rayon and is responsible for soaking up any moisture – sweat, urine, and other liquids. The bottom layer is made of polyester and polyurethane which is waterproof to protect sheets and keep them dry.

Even though it has fewer handles than the other pads we have reviewed, two on each side, the four work perfectly well for easy lifting during transfer, turning and positioning. Unlike disposable underpads, these ones save you money as you can machine wash and dry and reuse. The fabric used is strong, durable and soft on the skin and does not slide when used. When not in use, you can slip it under the mattress or you can fold it up and store it away.


  • Straps for easy transfer, turning  and positioning
  • Hospital quality pads
  • Folds up for easy and discreet storing
  • Comes with a protector liner underpad ideal for people with incontinence


  • Too small for most users
  • The handles are too far apart and may cause the pad to bung up when moving your patient.


#6 NEPPT Transfer Boards

NEPPT transfer board belts can be used in many ways – to transfer patients, to position them, to turn or to carry the patient. They are designed to be used by wheelchair users, elderly with mobility difficulties, bariatric patients, bed-ridden patients and the disabled. This transfer board is reinforced for safety, durability, and strength. It is made of hard polyester fabric and the handles are webbed and double stitched and feel soft on the hands of the user. The weight capacity isn’t so big but is still within a reasonable range of 220 pounds. Even for frequent use, it will still stand. The only challenge with this transfer board is that you may need more than one person to move the patient.


  • Multipurpose
  • Heavy duty to cater for heavy users
  • Double-layered for strength and durability


  • You will need more than one caregiver to move the patient
  • Is not washable



If you have had sleepless nights because of fatigue and backache then you know how much of a lifesaver or should we say back saver patient turning devices are. They make your caregiving duties so much easy, safe and less strenuous. The most hectic part for most caregivers is selecting the best patient turning device, and this is where we come in with our detailed buying guide. Once you know what you are looking for then it becomes easier to even choose from the devices we have recommended. Our review caters to all needs from bariatric to incontinence. All our products have been carefully reviewed and meet all the safety standards. Whichever you select, be almost certain that you will come back here with a positive review.

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