9 Best Step Risers (Half Steps) 2024

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Getting up and down the stairs can be a bit of a challenge for many of us. This is especially so for small pets, toddlers, people who have broken legs, people with mobility issues like arthritis, and the elderly. Many times such individuals require support to navigate stairs and other raised platforms. The downside is, such help is not always available. And the loss of freedom can be frustrating especially for those who used to be able to do this without assistance before.

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North American Health + Wellness Indoor Stair Assist 9.5
Plus+Size Living Brylanehome Outdoor Step 9.3
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Bluetone 80-5121 Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Step 9.9
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Ecrocy Wood Bed Side Step 9.3
URFORESTIC Non-Slip All Weather Top & Feet Mobility Assistance 9.4
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Evelots Mobility Lightweight Half Step 9.3
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Hoovy 3.5” Step Riser – Portable One Step Stool for Elderly & Disabled 9.6
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North American Health and Wellness JR5919 Non-slip Outdoor Step 9.1

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Step risers give you the support you need without the handholding. These are platforms raised to a few inches high and can be placed below steps to give you a boost. They make it easy for you to navigate high thresholds, entering or leaving the car, and even getting in and out of a bathtub. In this article, we will look at some of the best step risers available. But first, let us see why you need a step riser.


Benefits of step risers



If you suffer from mobility problems like arthritis, or if you are starting to feel the effects of old age, then you know simple things like navigating a flight of stairs can be excruciating. With your joints not being able to handle the pressure anymore, getting on or off raised surfaces can be a problem. Mobility steps for the elderly address this by reducing by a great percentage the distance your foot will have to cover. This means that you do not have to overstretch in order to get into a car or up a step. The comfort offered by step risers is incomparable to any other.


Reduced injuries

When you have trouble moving as a senior you can easily topple off a raised surface. This is because your muscles do not have the ability to stretch the same way. You can easily miss a step because your body cannot properly accommodate the distance your limbs have to travel. With a step platform, accidents can be a thing of the past. The reduced distance they offer means that even a child can get themselves out of bed without falling off.



Many of us find it hard to ask for help. This is especially so if you are older and hate to be a bother to people. While you might need to ask for help to do some things, a mobility step removes the necessity of being helped down by raised surfaces. This means you can comfortably live in your beloved home with all those stairs because you know that you can navigate them. You get the freedom to do what you want, when you want and where you want without someone constantly hovering over you, waiting to catch you if you fall.


Buying guide



You want a mobility step that has a strong, sturdy construction. This is because you need to be able to stand on your step stool with all your weight and be assured that you will not fall. You, therefore, need to look for a one-step stool that is made from strong materials. Many mobility steps are made from strong plastic that can hold several hundred pounds without breaking apart. The best step platform has non-slip construction. In plastic step stools, this is provided for by an anti-slip treaded mat. In wooden mobility stools, you get this through a platform that has slats in between.  With non-slip capabilities, you can easily trust your stool to get you where you want to be in any weather.



Step risers are not expensive, but nobody wants to spend any money on a defective tool either. A half step mobility aid needs to last you for a long time, often more than a year. This is highly dependent on the material used for its construction. However, other aspects like weatherproofing are necessary for durability. You want a step riser that you can also use as an outdoor mobility step. Wooden step risers should have a coat of varnish to protect them from the elements. For plastic step risers, you want one with holes on the platform that will drain off any water in case it is rained on.



There is no point in getting a step riser if you need to get one for every raised surface in your home. A portable step gives you more use. You can easily pick it up and move it to a different area of the house where you need help. It is also possible to travel with your mobility half step. This is important for when you are running errands and need help getting in and out of the car. The best portable steps are also lightweight and compact. You can easily place one in your passenger seat and retrieve it when needed.


Best Step Risers (Half Steps) 2024


#1 North American Health + Wellness Indoor Stair Assist

Walking up and down the stairs can be a painful process for people with mobility issues like arthritis and for the elderly. It can even turn dangerous in the case of small children or pets. This step platform addresses this problem by reducing the height of your steps by half, making it the best step platform out there. Made of a strong and sturdy material with a non-slip covering, this stair riser will make it easy to navigate those tricky staircases. This Wellness Stair Assist steps from North American Health are the perfect mobility steps for home. You can purchase several of them and simply fit them at the bottom of individual steps in your home. This way you can easily get up and down the stairs without any injuries.


  • The wide base keeps you steady when you step on it
  • Halves the height of regular stair steps in most homes
  • Smooth top covering enhances comfort when using them
  • Space efficient, taking up only a small side of the staircase
  • Comes with 8 screws to hold them securely to the steps


  • Small size necessitates placing one foot at a time, which can be an issue for people with stability challenges
  • Extra help might be needed to screw them in place


#2 Plus+Size Living Brylanehome Outdoor Step

This is a very good step riser for elderly people. It is designed for seniors who have trouble climbing over raised thresholds. It can be used in the entrance to the home or within the home like in bathrooms. It is a one-step stool that is easy to operate: just put it below the threshold and step on it. It halves the height of your step, giving you the height boost you need to get through the door without straining yourself.

This is also an anti-slip half-step. The top is covered by slip resistant-rubber. This rubber also makes the half step water-resistant: you can comfortably leave it outside even when it rains. It can support up to 440 pounds of body weight and is thus suitable for people of all sizes.


  • Supports large weights due to strong plastic construction
  • Reduces the height of steps by half for easy navigation
  • The anti-slip top keeps you steady even in wet conditions
  • Weather-proof
  • Lightweight for easy portability


  • Stepping off-center can topple the stand


#3 Bluetone 80-5121 Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Step

This mobility step for seniors is designed for people who have stability issues when standing. That is why it has a wide platform, enough for you to stand on with both your feet. This gives you time to become stable before taking that next step away from the platform. You can also easily turn around on this mobility step, making it a good mobility step for cars as you can get in and out easily.

The riser is made from polypropylene. This is a strong material, giving the riser the ability to handle up to 400 pounds of body weight. Its height is 3.5 inches, which is about half the height of regular steps. It is, therefore, suitable for anyone who needs a riser in order to climb steps or step over thresholds. The anti-slip top will keep you stable even during slippery rainy conditions.


  • The wide platform gives enough room to stabilize before making another step
  • Enables turning around to get into a car or on a bed
  • Strong construction can handle up to 400 pounds in weight
  • Easily portable due to lightweight construction
  • Anti-slip platform construction offers you stability regardless of the weather


  • The surface may be too hard for some people when stepping bare feet.


#4 Ecrocy Wood Bed Side Step

This mobility step stool is made completely from pine wood. The wood construction makes it stable, capable of holding up to 400 pounds of weight comfortably. It has a nice, natural finish with clear varnish. This makes the platform smooth and comfortable to step on even when barefoot. The varnish ensures that the platform is not easily scratched due to friction. It is 4 inches tall, suitable for when you want to get in and out of bed, or in and out of a car. It is also wide, which means you can securely stand on it with both feet. You can easily turn around on it in case you need to get into a car on a bed.


  • Sturdy and stable due to wood construction
  • The wide platform enables two-step operation
  • Easy to turn around on it while getting in or out of a car
  • The height makes it a good step stool for stairs
  • Varnish makes it waterproof


  • Wood can get slippery when rained on


#5 URFORESTIC Non-Slip All Weather Top & Feet Mobility Assistance

This portable step features a treaded mat on the platform. This treaded surface makes this step one of the best anti-slip half step to use in rainy weather as It keeps you very steady. The platform also has 12 drain holes where liquids can seep through. You can therefore comfortably leave it outside without a worry.  The mobility step stool is made from polypropylene plastic. This is a strong and sturdy material that will give you good service for quite a long time. It is also portable, so you can use it both outside and indoors to get in and out of a car, bed or downstairs.


  • Wide platform for easy turning
  • Non-slip treaded mat keeps you steady throughout
  • Drain holes enhance the weatherproof qualities of the step stool
  • Sturdy construction to handle large weights
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • Corners are higher than the center which can lead to accidents if stepped on wrongly
  • Might slip when placed on smoother floors


#6 Evelots Mobility Lightweight Half Step

This is a 3.5 inch one step stool. It is at the right height to give you a boost up and help you down from a raised surface without straining your muscles. It is wide so you can comfortably stand on it with both feet. The stool is also highly portable. It is slim and compact, easy for you to carry around. This way even an elderly person can carry their own step stool to the car or to the shower door. The mobility stool is made from high-quality material. The material is heavy duty and can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight without collapsing. It has a non-slip covering at the top so that you can comfortably use it even in the rain and snow.


  • Half the height of many steps, requiring only one step to boost you up
  • Slim and easy to carry around even by seniors
  • The wide platform gives space for turning around
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Non-slip treaded platform increases stability


  • Treading pattern makes it uncomfortable to stand on barefoot
  • Easy to tip over if you step on the sides


#7 Hoovy 3.5” Step Riser – Portable One Step Stool for Elderly & Disabled

This 4-inch mobility step is made from a high-quality plastic material. It can comfortably withstand up to 440 pounds, making it suitable for both adults and children. The 4 inches height makes it the perfect stepping platform when you want to get on or off a bed, car seat or into the house. The surface of the platform is covered with non-slip material. This will give you steady support even during the rain or snow when you are more likely to slip. It has holes punched into the surface to drain outstanding water. You can comfortably leave it outside without it being damaged over time by the elements.


  • Height is compatible with most steps and high platforms
  • Can take in a lot of weight, making it suitable even for heavier adults
  • Non-slip material keeps you from slipping in wet conditions
  • Drains off standing water and can be used outdoors throughout the year
  • Bottom support in case of any cracks


  • Rubber coverings on legs can fall off


#8 North American Health and Wellness JR5919 Non-slip Outdoor Step

This stepping block reduces the height of a step by half. It is comfortable to step on, having a non-slip material at the top for added security. It is small and compact so that you are able to carry it around the house without straining yourself. You can get one for door thresholds and for help getting out of the shower. You can also purchase multiple so that you can arrange them at the bottom of every step in a staircase. This way, if you have long-term mobility problems you do not need human assistance to get down the stairs. These step risers give children, elderly people, and even small pets the freedom to move around.


  • Easy and secure assembly aided by the manual
  • Can be screwed on for extra stability
  • Small and easy to move around with
  • They do not take up too much stair space, suitable for a house with many people
  • The platform is non-slip for stability


  • Might not be helpful for stairs higher than 7 inches



Losing the ability to easily climb up and down raised surfaces does not have to be all bad. With all the modern technology we have, there is no reason for you to feel discomfited at the thought of getting on a raised platform. Step risers or half steps are great items to have in the house. Even when you do not have a pet, a child, an elderly relative, accidents happen all the time and you might need help tomorrow getting up the stairs. They are affordable and portable, a handy item to have around. By picking one, or two, step risers reviewed in this article, you can be assured of that extra boost whenever you need it.

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