10 Best Slip Free Strips and Treads for Indoor Stairs 2024

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Stairs can be a hazard around the home and in institutions. Statistics have it that in the United States, every 30 seconds witnesses an injury. However, with stair treads, this can be prevented. Anti-slip treads are not just a safety measure but also deliver a comfortable on the feet and protect the surface from wearing out. They provide traction on stairs, especially when walking down, to reduce the chances of slipping off. In a home with seniors, children, pets, and new mums, stair treads are a necessity.

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Price Product Our Rating
EdenProducts Pre Cut Transparent Stair Treads 9.9
TreadSafe Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape 9.3
Steady Treads 60 Foot Non-Slip Clear Installation Kit 9.6
Treadwell Clear Comfort Stair Treads 9.7
Jorviz Rubber Clear Adhesive Stair Treads 9.6
RugStylesOnline Brown Carpet Stair Tread  9.2
MBIGM Anti Slip Stair Treads  9.4
Finehous Non-Slip Stair Treads  9.5
Slip Doctors Black Stair Safety Treads 9.2
GRADE Non-Slip Stair Treads  9.1

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Consider the following factors when selecting anti-slip treads for stairs

  • Pre-cut strips or cut-to-size roll. Some strips come in the form of an uncut roll and others pre-cut. While the latter will save you the hassle of measuring and cutting, it limits you to using the strips as they are.
  • Transparent, translucent, or opaque. Transparent stair treads are good for two reasons. They will not cover the aesthetic detail of your surface and will hardly be noticed by people using the stairs. However, choosing between transparent, translucent, and opaque treads depends on one’s preference.
  • Length and width. The dimensions of your selected treads should match those of your steps. Do not go for one that will leave too much allowance on the sides since this will not have addressed the safety problem.
  • Material construction. The best materials for stair treads are rubber or fabric as they offer better traction on surfaces.
  • The surface texture of the anti-slip grip strips. Some strips have gritty surface texture, particularly those used on high foot traffic steps. Others are smooth and suitable for delicate users like kids, pets, and the elderly.
  • Water resistance ability. If you are looking for stair treads to use indoor and outdoor in wet environments, the water resistant ones are a good option.


Best Slip Free Strips and Treads for Indoor Stairs 2024

Our review features 10 anti-slip strips for stairs. They are made of quality material, are easy to install and they come with a whole lot of admirable features.


#1 EdenProducts Pre Cut Transparent Stair Treads

This anti-slip adhesive strips by Eden are a good option in a home with seniors, children, or pets. They are made of the safe PEVA material and features a soft non-skid texture on its top surface. Secondly, it is transparent and will therefore not conceal your staircase detail. This tape is good for all wood types and will not get damaged by water. It has a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including stairs, terraces, mats, ladders, ramps, and more. Cleaning is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth.


  • Works with most types of hardwood and tiles
  • Water-resistant
  • Transparent
  • Easy to clean


  • The adhesive may damage painted surfaces when removing if not carefully removed


#2 TreadSafe Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape

With the TreadSafe anti-slip stair treads, wooden stairs are certainly safe and well taken care of. The package includes 15 strips of clear non-slip tapes each measuring 32 x 4 inches. They are comfortable to the feet and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Installation is easy and it will work with most staircase materials. They are safe for use in a home with children, seniors, pets or where safety is of general concern.

These strips are made of polyethylene vinyl chloride which is non-carcinogenic.


  • Water-resistant, therefore suitable for wet areas
  • Smooth texture, friendly to the feet
  • Non-toxic


  • Limited to use on stairs


#3 Steady Treads 60 Foot Non-Slip Clear Installation Kit

This clear tape by Steady Treads is made of non-toxic PET plastic material which is friendly to everyone in the home including children, seniors, and pets. It comes packaged in a roll measuring 720 inches in length and a 2-inch width allowing you to cut it into the number of anti-slip strips and sizes that you need. With an #80 grit texture on its top surface, this tape is definitely non-skid and safe for use around the home. It is also made with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive at the bottom and comes with a rubber roller for easy installation and guaranteed adhesion for up to 3 years.

This tape is translucent and does not conceal the details of your surface.


  • Not made of toxic PVC and is therefore safe
  • Strong lasting adhesion
  • Cut according to your needs
  • Non-toxic
  • Water resistant


  • Grit texture may not have a friendly feel on the skin


#4 Treadwell Clear Comfort Stair Treads

Treadwell anti-slip treads for steps are wider than the ordinary, measuring 6 inches and come in pre-cut 24-inch length strips. They are clear and comfortable on the feet with a smooth rubberized texture and not grit texture on their top surface. These strips are also free from the toxic PVC element present in ordinary strips.

They are pretty easy to install. Simply peel off the backing and press on your stairs to stick, without the need for pressing tools. With very strong adhesive, these treads will stay out for 2-3 years without coming off. Thanks to the fact that they are also water resistant.


  • Smooth and comfortable rubberized feel on the skin
  • Strong adhesive will last a while before coming off


  • A very strong adhesive may not be easy to uninstall
  • Not ideal for rough textured surfaces like unfinished wood or bricks


#5 Jorviz Rubber Clear Adhesive Stair Treads

These wide 6 x 24-inch anti-slip rubber strips for stairs by Jorviz are a great option for homes with children, new mothers, seniors, and pets. They are translucent, water-resistant, and not toxic as they do not contain any PVC element in them. Its package containing 15 pieces along with a roller for installation.

With a smooth non-grit top surface, these treads are comfortable to step on but also easy to take off. They can be installed anywhere from the stairs indoors, in bathrooms, loading docks, pools, or in the garage. These treads are RoHS and REACH compliant.


  • Gentle on the feet
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to install using the roller


  • Not ideal for rough-textured surfaces
  • Translucent treads conceal some surface detail


#6 RugStylesOnline Brown Carpet Stair Tread

These unique anti-slip strips for steps are made of olefin fiber with full protection from UV. They come in a pack of 13 pieces each measuring 8 x 13 inches and are most suitable for indoor use. Secondly, they are not lined with adhesive at the back like most others. Instead, they have a skid-resistant rubber backing which stays secure on the surface. However, if you want additional security, affix it with a double sided

These stair treads by Rug Styles Online come in a variety of colors to match your home decor. Clean by vacuuming or by hand washing and air drying to protect it from curling at the sides. It features a corrugated construction which makes it non-slip.


  • Does not use an adhesive which tends to damage floors during removal
  • Stain, mildew, and fade proof
  • Their large size and will cover the stairs well
  • Cushions noise when people walk on stairs
  • Durable


  • It is not water resistant
  • Limited to indoor use since it can be damaged by a lot of water
  • Not suitable for stairs with high traffic and pet paws tend to damage them


#7 MBIGM Anti Slip Stair Treads

The MBIGM anti-slip stair treads, made of non-toxic PEVA material, is packaged in a roll measuring 396 inches in length which allows you to cut it to your own preferred size. The width measures 4 inches and the package includes a roller for installation. It delivers smooth rubbery traction on the feet and is backed by a strong adhesive for secure installation.

It is clear and good for a wide variety of uses including a variety of stair materials like wood, tiles, vinyl, marble, and concrete, decks, ramps, and bathtubs. This is because it is waterproof and can withstand both indoor and outdoor use without getting damaged.


  • Allows you to cut according to your required size
  • Transparent to conceal it and reveal your stair details
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use because it is waterproof
  • Non-toxic


  • 4-inch width is a little slim for some staircases
  • A strong adhesive may a damage wooden or painted floor during removal if not done carefully


#8 Finehous Non-Slip Stair Treads

These treads by Finehous come in a pack of 10 treads each measuring 6 x 30 inches. They feature an 80 grit non-slip top texture with an adhesive backing for installation. In addition, they are clear which is important in two ways. They will hardly be noticeable and will not conceal the detail of your staircase which makes them a remarkably safe addition.

These treads are water resistant and can be used both for outdoor and indoor applications including stairs and surfaces made of hardwood, concrete, vinyl, tiles, metal, laminate, marble, and more.


  • Water resistant
  • Transparent to conceal it and reveal your stair details


  • Grit texture may not be friendly to some users


#9 Slip Doctors Black Stair Safety Treads

The heavy-duty stair treads by Slip Doctors is designed for both commercial and residential use. They feature a 60 grit aluminum oxide top surface with a strong acrylic adhesive backing. This makes them a good option for places with high foot traffic since their strength allows them to remain intact with heavy use.

They are also weather resistant and can be used indoor and outdoor. The package includes an edge and seam roller for easy installation along with 10 pre-cut anti-slip tread strips measuring 6 x 24 inches.


  • Heavy duty, good for commercial and residential use
  • Strong adhesive secures the treads well
  • Durable


  • An extra strong adhesive may damage some surfaces during removal
  • Not clear and will cover some surface detail
  • Construction includes PVC layer which is considered toxic


#10 GRADE Non-Slip Stair Treads

These treads come in a pack of 15 pre-cut strips measuring 32 x 4 inches. They are made of PEVA and does not include harmful chlorine or PVC in its construction. They are good for indoor and outdoor use but not in an extremely wet environment. The clear anti-slip strips for wooden stairs come with a roller for easy installation. Secondly, they are wide enough to cover a bigger part of the stairs which makes them safer to use in homes with new mums, children, pets, seniors, and other delicate people.


  • 32 inches length covers the stairs well enough without leaving too much space on the sides
  • Does not contain toxic PVC or chloride
  • Transparent


  • Good on painted wood stairs indoors. May not work well elsewhere



Going by the number of stair fall injuries and deaths documented by the National Safety Council, anti-slip stair tread covers are a necessity in homes and institutions with staircases. They are also good for wet areas and work stations like loading ramps and decks where injuries caused by slip-offs are bound to happen. It takes a little but worthwhile investment in these handy strips to save a life and/or prevent injury.


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