6 Best TV Remotes for Seniors 2024

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Seniors watch television more compared to other groups of people perhaps because after retirement they have more time available to them. It is typical for a home to have more than one entertainment device, each with its remote. For the older generation, trying to sort through the clutter to control each device with its rightful remote can be cumbersome.

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Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for Seniors 9.3
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Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote 9.1
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Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote 9.1
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Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control 9.5
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This is why a universal remote is considered one of the handiest tools around the house. Whether purchased to replace an original remote that has been misplaced, you just need one remote for all your devices for convenience, or you need a simple TV remote for elderly people, there are factors you need to consider.

  • Compatibility. This is the first and most important factor that will guide you to consider a remote or not. While a universal TV remote for the elderly or other people should be compatible with most IR devices, this does not mean they will work with all devices. Take a step further to verify that the remote you are getting will work with the devices you have in the house. Some usually have a list of devices that they are compatible with, if not too sure, get in touch with the customer service to find out.
  • The number of devices it can control. A universal remote should be designed to control at least two devices. Others can accommodate up to 8 devices.
  • Ease of use. Consider getting an easy TV remote for seniors. They should easily programmable with large tactile buttons that are easy to press. For some, the fewer the operating buttons the better. Some will come with only 6 buttons, two volume buttons, two channel buttons, a mute, and an on/off button. Still, others will have backlit buttons for people who have challenges with their vision. With regard to this, getting a programmable TV remote for seniors can be of great advantage since it can be programmed according to their needs to reduce much handling.
  • User support. User support should be both in terms of a clearly illustrated, easy-to-use manual and available online help. No one wants to be stuck up with a remote they can’t use simply because they do not have access to a little help.


Best TV Remotes for Seniors 2024

Below, we analyze 6 simple TV remote controls elderly people can use conveniently. Remember you will not have the time to sit by their side all through their entertainment, therefore, it helps to get them a remote that will empower them and let them enjoy their time.


#1 Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for Seniors

This unit by Flipper comes with all its features designed to meet the needs of seniors for smooth simple operation. This TV remote with big buttons is suitable for people with visual challenges as the buttons are tactile and colored. It comes with the ability to control two devices, both the television and cable box as well as a lock function to keep the programmed favorite channels list intact and safe from accidental reprogramming.

This TV remote allows you to set up to 30 favorite channels. It is compatible with most infrared TVs, cable boxes, and sound bars.


  • Universal, works with most infrared TVs, cable boxes, and sound bars
  • Can set up to 30 favorite programs
  • Lock function for favorite programs list


  • The power button will not turn the TV and cable box on at the same time which may cause them to be out of sync


#2 Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote

The Universal Big Button TV Remote is quite simplistic in its design making it the best TV remote for seniors. It features 6 big backlit green buttons including one on/off, two-volume, two-channel, and one mute button which makes it easy for seniors to memorize each button’s function. It comes attached with a removable strap that loops around the wrist so that your loved one will not lose it easily.  This remote works with most infrared TVs and cable boxes.

It comes with a “Quick Search” function which lets you quickly scan for your TVs code. You can also program your buttons to specific commands just the way you like it right from your TV or cable box remote. In addition, it allows you to save and lock your favorite channels list making it a good TV remote for seniors.


  • Designed to control both TV and cable box
  • Ability to custom commands to the remote buttons
  • Locking function for favorite channels


  • All buttons are the same color which may be a little challenging for those who cannot read labels
  • First time programming complicated for some


#3 Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote

The EasyMote DT-R08W universal TV remote for seniors is the white version of the DT-R08B also by Continuus. With more or less the same features including the ability to control both the TV and cable box, quick search function, 6 backlit buttons for improved visibility, and the ability to custom commands on the buttons to suit your needs.

Secondly this remote allows you to save your favorite channels list and use the locking function to prevent accidental reprogramming. This makes it easy to find your favorite channel without having to search through the available channels. It comes with a detachable wrist strap to keep the remote securely on your wrist to avoid losing it when using it.


  • Controls both the TV and cable box
  • Backlight improves visibility and operation
  • Ability to custom commands on the buttons


  • For those with difficulty in reading, color coding the buttons work better than the backlight


#4 Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Buttons

A large button TV remote for the elderly is definitely a worthwhile investment whether in the home or in an assisted living facility. Sony’s RM-EZ4 universal remote features large, easy-press buttons for easy use. Furthermore, its volume and mute buttons, coded blue, are positioned at the bottom right side while the channel buttons are positioned to the right allowing your loved ones to master these positions. Secondly, these buttons are tactile to allow for convenient use.

The RM-EZ4 has been designed with a separate TV and cable box control buttons meaning no more fumbling trying to control the two. With the integrated infrared feature, this remote works with most infrared TV and cable boxes.


  • Very functional piece with an option for scrolling the channels or custom setting them on the numbered buttons
  • Works with most infrared TV and cable boxes


  • Too many buttons on the remote defy simplicity which is what seniors need
  • With extensive use, the printed numbers may rub off and fail to be visible


#5 Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control

This universal remote control by Tek Pal features a very simple design with only 6 important buttons on its surface including on/off, mute, the volume adds, volume decrease, channel forward, and channel backward scroll buttons. These buttons are both tactile and backlit for convenient use making it the best TV remote for elderly people with visual impairment challenges. In addition, they come in different shapes for easy recognition.

This universal remote works both with most infrared TV and cable boxes with either a direct line or satellite connectivity and fits comfortably inside the palm. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.


  • Buttons distinguished by their shapes, tactile, and backlit for convenient use
  • Compatible with satellite and direct line TV and cable box connections
  • Small size and lightweight


  • It does not come with an instruction manual


#6 Boostwaves Universal Jumbo Remote Control

At a glance, you’ll be astonished by the size of this large TV remote for seniors. Measuring 11 x 5 x 0.75 inches, there is no losing it for whatever reason. Secondly, with its size, its buttons are also large enough to allow for very simple operation.

By far the greatest advantage with the universal jumbo remote is the fact that it controls up to 8 devices at the same time including TV, DVD, VCR, Satellite, cable box, combos, and other auxiliary devices.

It’s on/off button comes integrated with a timer that you can set to switch your device on or off at the time when you have set it. It also features code search buttons that are helpful when you need to discover devices to control using it. Overall, this is one TV remote control elderly people can use with much ease and convenience.


  • Large TV remote for the elderly, large buttons with backlight
  • Can control up to 8 gadgets
  • Timer integrated into the on/off button


  • Too many buttons it becomes a little challenging figuring out how to use it especially if using it for the first time
  • Instructions in fonts too small to be read by impaired eyes
  • Buttons are not tactile therefore requiring a hard press



Seniors certainly enjoy their entertainment moments. A universal remote puts them in a position of control, letting them switch through channels, adjust volume, and perform other tasks with much ease compared to using individual remotes for each device. In essence, a good TV remote for the elderly will bring in simplicity, peace of mind, and efficiency during entertainment and these are the very things that seniors value the most. Seniors feel empowered when handed a remote control that they can use with ease without always seeking help from others.

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