6 Best Dementia Clocks 2024

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Some of the early signs and symptoms of Dementia is forgetting and being unable to tell what time it is. It could be a missed appointment with your doctor or an urgent phone call. Whatever it is, it can be a frustrating experience, mainly if it affects your everyday life. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to the development of devices that your loved ones can use to keep track of time.

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Price Product Our Rating
iGuerburn Talking Day Clock 9.9
YISSVIC Day Clock 9 Inches Digital Frame Clock 9.5
SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia Clock 9.3
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American Lifetime Digital Clock 9.4
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JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock 9.3
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Clear Digital Clock 9.4

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If you are looking for a clock for the elderly, there are different types, with some being analog and others digital. We have extensively researched and reviewed a number of dementia clocks in the market and we can confidently say that our review has the best dementia clock. Let’s start with the buying guide before we provide you with our list of some of the best dementia clocks.


Buyer’s guide

Dementia clocks are designed for people suffering from memory loss, Dementia, or Alzheimer. They are useful in improving their quality of life and allowing them to continue with their everyday routine. As the condition progresses, keeping track of time becomes an issue due to forgetfulness. These devices are useful in helping dementia patients remember the time, date, day of the week, and month. They have reminders that help the seniors in keeping up with appointments and taking their medication.

If the patients are unable to read the digital clocks, there are analog ones that are user-friendly. Digital clocks are loaded with various features which include photos, audio recordings, and videos. When Dementia is in its early stages, a day time clock is enough; however, when it gets serious, more advanced options are ideal for use. When searching for the best Dementia clocks for the elder or senior, there are several factors to consider. Below we highlight the top considerations.


Easy to read numbers and bold letters

When Dementia sets in, patients can read a clock with large numbers. They can also differentiate the days, months, and years. A digital clock should have large numbers and show the time of the day, whether it is am or pm. If the elder prefers a 24 hours mode, there are those options too. When patients can distinguish between day and night, this prevents them from waking up early or sleeping late.


Multiple alarm settings or reminders

When a person is in the late stages of memory loss or Dementia, they often have difficulty reading the clock. A simple clock with alarm settings is ideal since it can remind the elder what time of the day it is. For instance, morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Also, alarms are useful for alerting the elder when to take medication or doctor’s appointments.



Digital dementia clocks are multifunctional and useful to people with memory loss, including those with poor vision. The day clocks set reminders for necessary appointments like mealtimes, medication, or when to walk the dog. Some advanced options may have SD card slots and therefore can record videos or audios alongside taking photos.


Battery power

Most digital cameras work by sourcing their power from the AC; therefore, you must connect to an electric outlet. However, there are some battery powered Dementia clocks which makes them suitable for hanging on the walls or traveling with. When shopping, it’s essential to consider if the batteries are rechargeable. Battery backup is important when the power goes off, such that there is no need to rest the time and date.


Advanced features

With the advancement in digital technology, Dementia clocks come loaded with various features that improve their functionality and performance. The auto-dimming function is one of the advanced features to look out for especially if your loved one has vision problems. These devices normally brighten during the day and dim at night.


Best Dementia Clocks 2024


#1 iGuerburn Talking Day Clock

The iGuerburn Talking Day Clock made it to the top of our list for particular reasons. For starters, it’s a digital clock with advanced features, available in six languages and uniquely designed for use by dementia patients. It comes in an attractive package, and you can gift your loved one on any occasion such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, and much more.

A closer look reveals a large screen with clear numbers. It doesn’t end there since it’s a digital touch screen, easy to use and operate. The versatility extends to people with an impaired vision since the digits are large enough and therefore will not strain. It also illuminates in brightness when alerting the user, thus making it ideal for use at night. This battery-operated Dementia clock allows you to set reminders for your loved one to ensure they do not miss urgent appointments. The clock speaks, and therefore, the user can keep track of time all day. You can mount this battery-powered dementia clock on the wall or place it on a desk for ease of use.

It is customizable depending on the time of the day. This feature allows you to set up to a maximum of eight alarms. This model is a high-quality device that’s also a good value for money. We also love the battery backup feature that retains the time and date when there is a power interruption.


  • Has a large touch screen
  • It’s a speaking clock
  • Set up to eight alarms
  • High quality
  • Battery backup feature


  • Cannot work on batteries


#2 YISSVIC Day Clock 9 Inches Digital Frame Clock

If you are looking for a clock that works and with useful features, you may consider YISSVIC Day Clock. It’s a high-quality clock for elders and people who have Dementia. These groups may have problems determining what time of day it is and to get their routine back in shape, they need a clock with alarms.

You will be happy with this device since the screen is large and user-friendly with clear labels of the time of day. It is a day and night clock for dementia clock, and another useful feature is the large 19-inch display with large numbers and manual set up. Set up is unbelievably easy since accessing the menu requires you to touch the screen. If you have ever tried to teach a senior how to use a smartphone, then you will appreciate the functionality of this clock.

It is a perfect gift idea for your loved one since it is multifunctional and works as a wall clock and a digital entertainment unit. Users may insert SD cards to watch videos and photos. Moreover, you can hang up on the wall since the numbers are large.

There are twelve alarm options, and the good thing is that you can set various reminders such as waking up, taking a walk, and much more. There is no need to reset the clock when the power goes off since it features a battery backup. Also, the package comes with a universal USB port for charging which you can use for other devices. There are eight language options as well as audio varieties.


  • Large digital screen
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Twelve alarm reminders
  • Has a USB charging port
  • You can hang on the wall
  • Eight languages


  • Might seem pricey for some users


#3 SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia Clock

The SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia Clock takes the trophy as the best clock for elderly care. It features a large screen with large numbers that are easier to read. This amazing clock offers a high resolution that makes it incredibly useful at night. The letters are bold and label such a morning; evening night ensures your loved one keeps track of time the entire day.

It has some special features absent in other similar devices. For instance, there are two color displays white or yellow and allows the user to set three alarm settings. If you are worried about your loved one missing a medication, worry not, the SVINZ is the best option.

The screen dims at night and illuminates during the day; therefore, people with impaired vision will find it useful. The AM and PM have large letters, and therefore seniors will not confuse the time of the day. If you are looking for clocks for Dementia, this is a perfect gift idea for your loved one, and you can mount on the walls for convenience. You will be happy with the purchase, and there is no need to keep resetting when the power goes off since it has a backup function.


  • Large screen
  • Large numbers
  • Battery backup
  • Three alarm settings
  • Two-color options, white and yellow


  • No option to change the size of the numbers


#4 American Lifetime Digital Clock

The American Lifetime Digital Clock is a great product highly recommended for someone who has Dementia or short-term memory loss. Some of the notable features of this fantastic clock are the eight inches screen that speaks out time and time of day. It also tells you if it’s Monday, Tuesday, January, February, and much more. All in clear and easy to read letters.

The deal-breaker is the five alarms that the elder can set reminders for necessary appointments and activities. Amazingly, the battery backup will keep the time and date in case power goes off. The product is elegant and will look good on the wall, cabinet, or desk. Furthermore, you can gift a loved one during essential occasions to show them you love and care.


  • Has a large display
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Five different alarm settings
  • Battery back up
  • A beautiful gift


  • Doesn’t have daytime saving option


#5 JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

From a distance, the JALL may look like an ordinary digital clock. However, it’s a special clock for people with dementia or memory loss. While surfing dementia clock amazon, you will note it’s a popular product with a high rating. This talking dementia clock will spell the time and date. Also, when it’s a new month, it will notify the senior. If your elder has a weak vision, they will find it useful since the numbers are large and can be seen from far.

There is a maximum of 5 alarm functions, and therefore, the elder can set reminders for appointments and when to take their medication. The auto-dim function is ideal for people with impaired vision and would like brightness during the day. Surprise your elderly with this gift, and it will warm up their hearts.


  • Talking clock
  • Can set five alarms
  • Has an auto-dimming feature
  • Large screen with easy to read numbers


  • Too bright at night


#6 Clear Digital Clock

The size of the clear clock will blow you off. The set-up is easy, and the compact design is a good option for most people. This innovative clock is an excellent gift to your loved one suffering from Dementia, memory loss, or poor vision. It features an extra-large display with precise, bold numbers and letters. The user can change the setting by going to its menu then select the day mode whether morning, night, evening, and afternoon.

This model is an improvement from previous ones since it has an automatic dimming option, power off and on function and several alarm settings. Besides, you can activate the alarm by reading the instructions. You can mount it on the wall without interfering with the décor and also looks good at the desktop or table. The brightness can be easily adjusted depending on the time of the day.


  • Large display
  • Easy to set up
  • Extra-large numbers and bold letters
  • Several alarms options
  • Automatic dimming function


  • Controls located at the back



Dementia clocks are useful and reduce confusion or anxiety, especially to elders who cannot tell what time of the day or night it is. They also help in tracking time, date, day, and month. They make life peaceful for both caregivers and patients alike. Although the options herein will help you shop for the best clock, it’s also essential to consider the preference of the elder. Some may prefer the old models, while others may go for digital options.

All in all, the best dementia clock is one that is easy to use, read, and understand. It’s of no use buying a highly-priced and complicated product. Elders are sensitive and need to be handled with care. Ensure the numbers and large and bolded and the instructions of use easy and straightforward. With those in mind, you will have the best product for your loved one.

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  • Janice Fitzpatrick
    December 5, 2019 5:44 am

    I am looking for a dementia clock with day, month, year, and time that is battery operated. I need to be able to move it easily around the house,
    Please reply ASAP.

    Janice (Australia)

  • Dear Janice,

    You can pick any from the list of the clocks in this article – they all meet your criteria.


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