8 Best Overbed Tables 2024


Overbed tables have for a long time been synonymous with hospitals and homebound patients. Most of them are just plain simple wooden trays that easily get cluttered. They are used to move food and medicine closer to patients so that they don’t strain while eating.

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Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table 9.9
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Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table 9.2
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Stander Omni Tray Table 9.0
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Drive Medical Seat Lift Chair Overbed Table 9.8
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Vive Overbed Table (XL) 9.2
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Emall Life Upgraded Multifunctional Overbed Table 9.3
EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table 9.7
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Coavas Over-Bed Table with Lockable Wheels 9.5

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However, overbed tables can be used elsewhere aside from hospitals. They can be used for a cool, relaxed breakfast-in-bed morning at home; as a support for a laptop when you are working from your bed; and even as a table for carrying out arts and crafts in the comfort of your home. Their versatile use has led to the many innovative designs that come with adaptive features and pleasing aesthetics that blend beautifully with the look of your home. An overbed table is no longer just for the elderly, ailing or the bedridden. Anyone who values comfort can use it.

In this article, we will look at the different aspects you should keep an eye out for when in the market for a side table. No matter what you want to use it for, there is an overbed table for just about everyone. We will then look at the best-overbed tables out in the market so that you can pick one that best suits you.


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Tabletop design

The size of the tabletop determines the amount of use you will get out of your overbed table. A bigger tabletop will give you more room for items, maybe a laptop together with your phone. A bigger tabletop space also makes it easy for you to comfortably place your arms on top of the tabletop without pushing things off. A good tabletop is made of high-quality material that does not scratch easily. To this end, many overbed tables are made of laminated wood that is not easy to scratch but easy to clean. Most have an anti-slip covering lining the edges of the tabletop to ensure that things do not easily fall off the table.



Wheels give overbed tables great versatility. Whether you are using it when sick or not, wheels make it easy to push the table to and from. Wheels should be able to easily and smoothly glide over the floor to reduce the strain on you. This way even if the table is laden, you will not bear the brunt of the work. Rubber-covered wheels are also important since these protect your floors from being damaged by the weight of the table and the constant pushing.



Overbed tables with storage capabilities come in way handier. A magazine rack, extra drawers or shelves are important for keeping your books, medicine or other items in close reach. Even if an overbed table does not have extra storage, it is important that it can accommodate extra attachments. Attachments include a cup holder or a holder for your phone and stationery.



A folding overbed table provides for greater opportunities for use. Also, the tabletop should swivel up and down so that you can tilt it to the desired angle when using it. Swiveling makes it easy to bring the table close to you when you want to use it, and push it away when you are done using it. Locking mechanisms are also an important feature since they keep the table in place, negating the need for consistent adjustments.


Best Overbed Tables 2024


#1 Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

This Able Life Universal Swivel Tray Table is big enough for any type of use. Whether you want to use it as a dinner tray, a writing desk or a laptop stand, the tabletop is wide to allow you to do any of these things. It is also adjustable, giving you the choice of adjusting it to any desired height. It can be raised up to 32 inches, and the width of its base can be widened up to 35 inches.

The tray table has a 360 degrees swivel range so that you can pull it towards you when you need it and push it away without getting up from your chair. This means that both left-handed and right-handed people can use this tray table comfortably. As well, the base can be widened to allow your chair to fit between the two base stands.

The tray table can be adjusted according to the size of your couch. You can decide to have the feet of your chair either on the outside or the inside of the adjustable stability pads by pulling them apart or pushing them together. You should not be worried about your floor, it will not be damaged by the movement because the stability pads are covered with protective rubber to keep your floors in the same condition.


  • Attractive bamboo wood that fits in with your home’s aesthetic
  • Rubber-covered stability pads to protect your floors
  • Can swivel to 360 degrees giving you a wide range of motion
  • A wide tabletop to suit a variety of uses
  • Can accommodate extra attachments like a cup holder or a mouse pad


  • The tabletop only swivels from left to right, not up and down


#2 Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

This overbed bedside table is easy to assemble and does not need you to be an expert in order to get it to work. After assembly, the tabletop can be raised and lowered to the height you prefer. You can use it to hold dishes when eating, place your book when reading and writing or a laptop. when typing. The tabletop can handle up to 50 pounds without wobbling. This bedside table can be raised up to 40 inches high depending on what you are using it for. All it needs is a gentle upward or downward push on the locking handle in order to raise or lower it. The table has wheels and is therefore easy to pull towards where you are located. The wheels feature ergonomic padding that protects your floors from damage.

Two of the four wheels on this table lock into place. Once the table is locked into place it will not slide away from you and put your items into the risk of falling. The table is also strong, featuring tubular steel frames which are chrome-plated. This means that your table will not break or bend despite the weight placed on it. Lastly, when well maintained, it will last you a long time.


  • Made of high-quality material that makes the table durable
  • It can handle up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Wheels that lock in place to prevent accidental rolling away
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • The tabletop is laminated to prevent slipping of the items placed on it


  • The assembly instructions may be difficult to follow


#3 Stander Omni Tray Table

The Stander Omni Tray Table is made of an attractive bamboo material that will most definitely fit in with your home’s aesthetic. The tabletop is large, able to support a variety of materials, whether it is food, books or a laptop and arms. The tabletop can swivel up to 360 degrees, giving you the ability to pull it towards you when you want to use it and push it away easily.

The tabletop can support up to 30 pounds of weight without bending or wobbling. The table can be raised up to 32 inches in height to suit your varying needs. The base can be widened up to 32 inches to either fit the front and back chair legs between the stands or fit the stand between the chair legs. The Stander Omni Tray Table is easy to assemble and comes with instructional material to help you assemble it without the help of an expert or tools. There is also a stand that rises above the tabletop. This stand can be used as a support to help you stand up from a bed or a chair. The stand is made from sturdy material that can handle up to 250 pounds of weight.


  • Comes with a supporting stand to help you when standing up
  • Adjustable height in order to suit the use
  • The stands are covered with rubber to protect the floor
  • Tabletop swivels to 360 degrees to suit the user


  • Tabletop might need lubrication to move easily


#4 Drive Medical Seat Lift Chair Overbed Table

The tabletop on this heavy-duty hospital overbed table is made of laminated teak wood that keeps your items, whether it is crafts, laptop or a food tray in place during use. The items do not slide off and the risk of accidents is minimized. There is also a magazine rack where you can place your newspaper and other items in easy reach. This table can be outfitted with extra racks for bottles or cups.

The table is made to work together with a recliner, a couch or a lift chair. To use on either of these options, the table can be raised up to 32 inches high in order to suit the type of use you are putting it to. The tabletop can also be switched to the right or to the left with 180-degree rotation.

The table also has 360 degrees swiveling to pull or push the table away from you. It does not require extra pinning down as it is designed to fit under furniture. The weight of the furniture keeps the table in place. The attractive teak wood paneling makes the table a beautiful furniture addition to your home.


  • Laminated to hold items in place
  • Extra storage space
  • Can be used with couches, recliner beds and lift chairs
  • 180 degrees rotation to suit right- or left-hand use


  • Does not have extra supports and must be securely fitted under furniture


#5 Vive Overbed Table (XL)

This large overbed table is designed to suit you whether you are using a chair, couch, bed or wheelchair. The tabletop is wide and can fit a food tray, a laptop or any other items. The frames of the table are made of high-quality steel to support up to 50 pounds of weight without buckling. The laminated wood top is easy to clean. There is also a lip around the tabletop to keep items from sliding off.

The tabletop features a simple raising technique, necessitating a soft touch to push the table upwards and a gentle turn of the swivel handle to turn the table down. The height can be raised up to 39 inches to suit where you are seated or reclined.

This table also has swivel casters which help you turn the table to any direction as desired. They make it easy to pull the table towards you and push it away when you are done using it. There are wheels that aid the pushing and pulling of the table, gliding it across the floor without exerting strain on you. The safe thing is that the wheels lock in place to prevent accidental movement.


  • Laminated wood top that is easy to clean
  • Supports up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Four swivel casters to aid turning of the table in any direction
  • Wheels to glide the table across the floor for easy movement


  • The wheels can snag on carpets and flip over


#6 Emall Life Upgraded Multifunctional Overbed Table

This heavy-duty overbed table is designed for a variety of use. Its versatile design gives you the ability to use it as a table to support food trays, support laptops when working and also as a bedside table. It is easy to assemble even for an elderly and comes with instructional materials that do not require tools to follow.

The tabletop can tilt to suit the angle that is more desirable for you when using it. There are swivel casters that enable the table to swing from side to side and also from top to bottom. This makes it easy to move the tabletop in the direction desired, whether it is toward or away from you after use. The tabletop can also be raised up to 35 inches depending on where you are seated.

It is made of high-quality carbon steel material that gives you long-term use without bending or breaking. The overbed table has two closed drawers and one open shelf to fit any of your items, making it a good nightstand alternative. At the back of the panel, there is a slip that keeps your cables in place and prevents tripping and destruction of any cables.


  • Multiple compartments for more storage
  • Can be tilted up to a 360 degrees
  • Versatile to allow use as an overbed table and as a nightstand
  • The tabletop has anti-slip strips to keep items from slipping
  • Easy to push and pull


  • The maple wood is easily scratchable


#7 EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table

The EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table is designed for a variety of uses, from supporting a food tray to acting as a holder for your laptop and other items if you are working. It is designed to be used together with chairs, wheelchairs, and beds. The tabletop is made of high-quality wood which is laminated to enable easy cleaning. There is an anti-slip grip around the tabletop to keep items in place on the tabletop.

The table can be adjusted, with a simple lever that can raise and lower the frame to a height of up to 47 inches. The table can also tilt to a 360 degrees angle to suit the work you are doing. After adjustment, the table can be locked in place so that it does not shift to upset the desired specifications.

The base of the tray table has tires that enable rolling around on the floor swiftly, reducing the strain when it needs moving. The wheels also have a locking mechanism to keep the table in place when it is in use. The H-base of the table is also versatile and can fit under a bed or a couch without any trouble.


  • A laminated tabletop for easy cleaning
  • Easy to swing the table up and down as well as side to side
  • The table can be tilted at any angle
  • Locking mechanisms to prevent upsetting of the table’s settings
  • Stable, steady and sturdy


  • The minimum height is 27.5 inches which may be unsuitable for shorter users


#9 Coavas Over-Bed Table with Lockable Wheels

This attractive overbed table is highly versatile, good for use as a food table or as a working table. It is made out of environmental-friendly material that is durable and can withstand any type of use, suitable for any weight of the load put on it. The metal tubes are resistant to corrosion and can withstand extended usage over a long period of time.

The height is adjustable and can go through 3 levels, the highest being 31 inches. This way users of any height can comfortably use the table. The tabletop can swivel up to 360 degrees using its four casters that enable smooth turning without requiring a lot of pressure. The safety locks ensure that the settings remain in place during use.

The table is easy to assemble, with instructions that do not need an expert in order to follow. The table can be rolled around using the four wheels arranged in an H-base. The wheels can go under any type of furniture and they can be locked in place to prevent accidental rolling away. The wheels remain steady even when rolling over carpeted floors.


  • Made out of environmentally friendly and durable material
  • 3 adjustable height levels
  • Locking mechanisms to prevent accidents
  • Rolling wheels set in H-formation to fit under any furniture


  • The table might wobble if too heavy of an object is placed on it



Overbed tables suit anyone who wants to be comfortable, whether it is in bed or on a couch to support food or items like books or laptops. Rolling wheels, strong frames, and versatile tabletops make them easy to use for a variety of activities. In this article, we have looked at some of the best overbed tables available. With these choices, you are guaranteed to find an option that best suits your needs.


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