Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility

7 Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility 2024

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People who have limited mobility, may it be because of old age, disability or illness that keeps them bed-ridden, can only participate in limited daily activities. Using the bathroom, walking, sitting down the couch, and getting up from bed may not be as easy and simple for them as what we all think. Today, there are already numerous innovations available in the market that are specifically designed for helping these kinds of people go through the day in a much lesser complicated way than what they have been experiencing. One of these brilliant innovations is the trapeze bar for bed mobility.

Medically speaking, trapeze bars are considered as patient transferring devices. Trapeze bars for bed mobility are room accessories that are designed to help patients, elders, and handicapped individuals to be able to do things like changing positions while in bed and to aid these people when transferring from the bed to the chair with minimum assistance. Medical trapeze bars also have a wide range of height adjustments and hand bar positions for flexible device usage and accessibility among their users. Trapeze units can be easily installed on a trapeze base, bed trapeze floor stands, or any steel headboards on hospital beds.

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Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze 9.8
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Medline Trapeze Bar Attachment to Bed 9.4
Healthcraft Super Pole with Super Trapeze 9.3
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Invacare 7740A Trapeze Bar 9.2
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Lumex 2940B Bariatric Trapeze 9.6
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Invacare Trapeze 7714P Floor Stand 9.5
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Lumex 2804A Trapeze Floor Stand 9.3

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As mentioned, there are three different designs and configurations of bed trapeze units. Follow this list to get to know more about it:

Free-standing trapeze bars

This trapeze unit provides full stability as it uses legs on the floor, making it a piece of stand-alone equipment. While it’s originally designed to stand, it can also be attached on headboards.

People like to use free-standing trapeze bars as it makes it simpler for its users to move to other areas. Additionally, it slides smoothly into the desired position. This bed trapeze attached on floor stands is mostly used for physical therapies and other exercise and strength training.
These kinds of medical trapeze bars are highly adjustable and are for various applications like patient transfers, position changes in bed, exercise and rehabilitation. These units are lightweight, yet score a lot on being robust and durable, with bariatric trapeze models that can safely hold a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds.


Ceiling-mounted trapeze bars

Ceiling mounted trapeze bars are used when there’s limited floor space in the room. One of the perks of having this type of trapeze unit is that you don’t have to place the bed away from the wall, unlike free-standing and bed-mounted trapeze units. This type of trapeze can be slid away to avoid getting in the view of the user or reduce headspace when not in use. While these can be mounted on any kind of ceiling, it’s highly recommended to consult local professionals to make sure it’s safely and correctly installed.


Bed-mounted trapeze bars

These trapeze units can be connected directly to the bed, headboard, or frame. However, you have to make sure that the trapeze bar is compatible with the specific bed. These units come with wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets for added protection on wall surfaces and bed ends. Offset bed-mounted trapeze bars can either be attached to the bed or to a trapeze floor stand.


Buying guide

Buying a trapeze unit is a lot more than just picking out something that appeals to you and then marching straight up to the counter to complete the purchase. There are several medical trapezes for sale in the market today. Therefore, you should always be observant and responsible especially when placing a purchase because one mistake from the product will cost you more money, time, and patience. To prevent you from committing the common mistake of buying the wrong item, here are the things to consider before buying a trapeze bar:

Quality and durability

These two things will never be gone in the list of things you should consider before placing a purchase on anything. When a product is made of high-quality materials, you can expect it to have outstanding durability as well. If a trapeze bar is durable, it can provide you a long-lasting benefit of using it, making every penny worth it.



A trapeze unit, especially those ones that are connected on the trapeze floor stands, should offer stability. It should be stable enough to handle the tension that users put on it and not break off while in the process of the users’ movements.


Weight capacity

Most medical trapezes for sale today provide a large weight capacity, mainly for increased security for its users. Make sure that the user’s weight is within the trapeze unit’s weight capacity to avoid accidents when using the product.


Now we have reached the section of this article where we review products that we’ve picked out for you to guide you more about trapeze bars for bed mobility.


7 Best Trapeze Bars for Bed Mobility 2024

#1 Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze

This Lumex trapeze offers a 250-pound weight capacity and also comes with a matching floor stand that gives users an option if he doesn’t want to attach the trapeze on the bed frame. This bed trapeze home bed accessory also comes with a rubber bumper guard that protects the wall surfaces and the bed edges from damages.


  • The trapeze’s height is adjustable from 43 in to 52 in high.
  • It provides rubber bumper guards for wall and bed protection.
  • The product has an adjustable hand bar location.
  • The hand bar and clams are VersaGuard-coated for additional durability.


  • The product wasn’t as sturdy.
  • It doesn’t adjust or pivot positions.


#2 Medline Trapeze Bar Attachment to Bed

Medline’s trapeze bar is designed to have a wide range of height adjustments as well as hand bar positions. This bed trapeze home accessory features optimum strength as its frame is constructed of heavy-gauge, chrome-plated and steel tubing. It is available in standard and bariatric trapeze models.


  • The product can be attached to a trapeze floor stand and become a free-standing trapeze bar.
  • It can be assembled without needing tools.
  • The trapeze bar promotes maximum strength and durability with its high-quality frame.
  • The trapeze is available in the standard and bariatric models.


  • The advertised photo is not like the product delivered as it doesn’t really come with the base.
  • It has a misleading advertisement.


#3 Healthcraft Super Pole with Super Trapeze

Healthcraft trapeze’s unique offset handle connects to the super pole, providing superior assistance to be able to make the seated position when in bed. Aside from that, the trapeze’s arm and nylon straps are height adjustable for more customer convenience. It also expands between the floor and the ceiling, providing unparalleled sturdiness and reliability.


  • It doesn’t require much floor space as it only occupies less than 5 inches of floor space.
  • The product is easy, quick and secure to assemble.
  • The trapeze comes with rubber pads for floor and ceiling protection from markings.
  • The company offers a 1-year limited warranty for the product.


  • There are no note-worthy cons.


#4 Invacare 7740A Trapeze Bar

The Invacare 7740A trapeze bar features a hand bare coated in nylon coating to ensure a secure grip. It comes with wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets to protect the user’s bed and wall surfaces.


  • No tools are required for easy trapeze bar assembly.
  • The product’s nylon-coated hand bar ensures a secure grip.
  • The trapeze comes with wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets for bed ends and wall surfaces protection.


  • The trapeze is actually hard to assemble.
  • The product wasn’t that strong.
  • It was too heavy for some beds.


#5 Lumex 2940B Bariatric Trapeze

The Lumex bariatric trapeze provides more independence for individuals as the trapeze helps them safely change positions in the bed and transfer from the bed to other equipment with less supervision. The trapeze also comes with rubber bumper guards to protect the walls. Just a quick reminder, a 14mm wrench is required for the assembly.


  • The trapeze bar comes with a floor stand, giving the users an option to make it a free-standing trapeze bar.
  • The product’s hand bar location is fully adjustable for more user convenience.
  • Lumex’s bariatric trapeze meets the requirements for HCPCS code E0912.


  • There are no note-worthy cons.


#6 Invacare Trapeze 7714P Floor Stand

This Invacare trapeze floor stand provides free-standing support for 770P offset trapeze bar when trapeze application on the headboard is not available. An additional note prior to this product; this is only a trapeze floor stand.


  • It has an assisted weight capacity of up to 168 pounds.
  • For storage and handling convenience, the trapeze floor stand can be folded flat.
  • The company offers a three-year warranty.


  • The product photo advertisement is misleading as it shows the full assembly of the trapeze and not the actual trapeze floor stand.


#7 Lumex 2804A Trapeze Floor Stand

This product only provides a trapeze floor stands where trapeze bars are to be attached. The Lumex trapeze floor stand comes with individually-leveled floor bars, providing a firm and secure base. For storage and handling convenience, it can be folded flat.


  • The trapeze floor stand provides a free-standing capability for the product Versa-Helper Trapeze 2800A and 2800GA.
  • The product’s total assisted weight capacity can hold up to 250 pounds.
  • The floor stand can be folded flat, providing convenience for storage and handling.


  • The product is advertised with a photo of the whole assembled free-standing trapeze bar.
  • It was not that strong.



We have come to the end of this article. Hopefully, the walkthrough in the world of medical trapeze bars given by this article was a handful of knowledge for you. This article also serves as a guide for better trapeze bar purchases in the future.

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