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5 Best Reclining Shower Chairs 2024


A reclining medical shower chair is an essential bath and toileting tool for those with mobility limitations. It helps them relax when taking a shower or using the restroom. They offer the much-needed support when natural standing, walking, bending, twisting or turning is not possible due to medical and non-medical reasons such as age, injury, and surgery. They also help to move around safely and are advantageous for giving users some level of independence.

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MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair 8.9
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MJM International 191-XLC-B X-Large Reclining Chair 9.1
MJM PVC 193 Medical Reclining Rolling Shower Commode 9.0
Sammons Preston Deluxe Reclining Shower Chair (With Pail) 8.9
MJM Reclining Shower Chair W/Deluxe Elongated Open Front Commode Seat, Footrest, Padded Elevated Leg 9.0

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Buying Guide

Here is what you need to look out for in reclining shower chairs:


A comfortable seat height will allow the user a safe on and off-seat transition. A very high seat will be difficult to get onto and also hard to come out of since the user will not reach the floor. On the other hand, a user will have to bend down to sit while also lacking enough support when getting up. The ideal seat height needs to measure the same as the distance between the heel and knee of the user.


Weight Capacity

Each reclining bath chair comes with a specific weight capacity. It is therefore important to check this detail so that you get one that matches your weight.



For utmost versatility, go for a seat that reclines to the most preset number of angles. However, this greatly depends on user convenience because users have different needs.



Meshed backrests are the best as they are easy to clean and dry fast leaving no room for mildew. Some come with padding on the lumber and head positions for added patient comfort.


Added Functionalities

Some recliners come with removable hand grips, front open seats, and a commode pail to handle both showering and toileting needs.



Casters are a great mobility feature. Most people found that bath seats with all locking casters are safer to use. Others come with rear locking and front non-locking casters. Their size is also a determinant of their stability.
Padding – Padding on the seat, back, neck and sometimes the lumbar area is an important comfort feature. Because most users are delicate patients, comfort counts a great deal.


5 Best Reclining Shower Chairs 2024

We rounded up 5 of the best reclining shower chairs. Check out what makes them stand out.

#1 MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair

Tired of bed baths? The 193-SSDE reclining shower chair by MJM International would be a great investment. It comes with a 27-inch (68.6 cm) backrest that reclines flat backward and a leg extension that lifts up making it possible for you to lie flat on the seat. Quite impressively, its meshed backrest reclines in six preset positions between upright and laying flat.

This 100-series reclining chair includes some interesting convenience features like the stretched out seat with comfortable padding and an open front cut-out to allow the user to clean the bottom without getting off the seat. Included also is a padding on the head and a lumbar section for fragile patients. Two rear lockings and two no-locking 3-inch twin casters that are rustproof make movement a breeze. Its hand grips are designed with anti-slip material to enhance its safety. It is also quite sturdy, supporting up to 325 lb of a human weight.

Finally, with easy assembly and reinforced stress areas, let’s just say this is one of the best reclining shower chairs. Plus it comes in three classic colors options to charm different tastes.


  • Non-slip hand grips
  • Sturdy seat
  • Padded seat, headrest and a lumbar section for comfort
  • Space-saving design


  • No safety seatbelt
  • Removable commode bucket bought separately
  • Not ideal for a standard bathtub


#2 MJM International 191-XLC-B X-Large Reclining Chair

Here is another top reclining chair by MJM International. A 191-XLC-B reclining chair is an extra-large option for those in need of something a little larger than the 193-SSDE model. It comes with some admirable features to make the bath time fun and easy. First and most important is the ability to move around with ease. The 191-XLC-B is designed with threaded stem casters made of stainless steel to smoothly roll over the floor. Secondly, healthcare grade polymer presents the best material for such items as this special needs shower chair. It is also free from lead and latex for those with allergies. The double base adds to its strength making it quite a tough reclining bath seat with a rated carrying capacity of 225 lb.

It is also an antibacterial chair with high resistance to mildew thanks to its quick-dry meshed back. This back adjusts to three different angles making it an excellent choice for patients looking for a reclining chair that meets their medical needs. It also comes attached with waist and leg belts which is a good safety measure, especially for disabled patients. In addition, the rounded edges frame takes care of any skin break concerns usually attributed to chairs with sharp edges. Finally, at 56 inches, this reclining chair is safely above the ground.


  • Comfortable and large enough for big-size individuals
  • Strong and sturdy thanks to the double bass


  • May not fit in a standard bathroom because of its size
  • Stainless steel casters tend to rust
  • Could have been better with higher quality straps and seat padding


#3 MJM PVC 193 Medical Reclining Rolling Shower Commode

MJM certainly has a line of quality commodes, bath seats and PVC shower chairs with wheels and the PVC 193 Medical Reclining rolling commode is no exception. It makes a great option for assisted patients thanks to its design. Right behind the reclining back is a handlebar frame for easy handling by the patient’s caretaker. In addition, it is strongly built with healthcare grade PVC and rated at 325 lbs weight capacity making it easy to clean. It is also pretty durable.

Convenience details include an elongated seat with soft padding and a front cut-out. This makes it easy to use during baths and toilet visits. The fact that it comes with 3-inch threaded stem casters adds to its mobility advantage so you can roll it in the shower and toilet. Its adjustable 29-inch reclining back and the elevated leg extension are excellent additions especially for patients who find it challenging to sit upright. Finally, arm yourself with a cordless drill or screwdriver and you won’t break a sweat assembling it on arrival.


  • Padding on the lumbar, back, seat and leg extension gives it maximum comfort
  • Its size makes it ideal for bathrooms with limited space
  • Tough and durable Healthcare grade PVC construction
  • Non-slip hand grips


  • Fixed arms make it a little difficult to help a patient on to the chair
  • Doesn’t come with a padded seat for the cut-out


#4 Sammons Preston Deluxe Reclining Shower Chair (With Pail)

A great 2-in-1 reclining shower chair built for special needs patients. Its package includes a removable bucket for out-of-toilet use, a convenience feature that most users are keen on today. Apart from this, the 325 lbs capacity commode is strongly built using Healthcare rated polymer along with reinforcement in all its stress areas and is guaranteed to offer years of service with good maintenance.

It comes with an elongated seat with a front cut-out to enhance its convenience during bath and toilet use. Further on, with padding on the headrest and lumbar, safety seat belt, and slip-proof hand grips, there is no worrying about straining or safety. Its backrest remarkably reclines to six preset angles at 110°, 120°, 130°, 140°, 150° and 170°. Together with a leg extension that snaps up and down, any special need patient will be happy to lie in any comfortable position. Sammons Preston used 3-inch locking zinc casters for this unit for easy movement.


  • 48 inches total recline length accommodates most users
  • Backrest adjusts to 6 positions
  • Lightweight at 40 lb
  • All locking casters


  • Non-removable hand grips


#5 MJM Reclining Shower Chair W/Deluxe Elongated Open Front Commode Seat, Footrest, Padded Elevated Leg

This is a great choice for both bathroom and toilet use. The reclining shower seat by MJM International is a go-to option for patients with a wide range of requirements specifically those that are keen on lumbar and head support. It features an elongated seat with a convenient front commode opening for trouble-free toileting. Comfortably padded leg extension with lumbar and head support relieves patients from the strain on pressure sores.

It comes with a removable 10 qt commode pail for easy use and the 3-inch threaded stem casters make it easy to move from the bathroom, toilet to other places. With a weight capacity of 325 lb, this seat can hold the average human quite well.


  • Quick-dry meshed back
  • The heavy-duty frame is durable
  • Commode pail included


  • Takes up a lot of bathroom space
  • Bath seat padding a little hard and uncomfortable



Movement is as important to human beings as life itself. The inability to move around naturally shouldn’t discourage you. This is because there are many reclining bath seats in the market to help you move around. However, you need to get the best for your needs because they are all built to meet different medical and non-medical needs.

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