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10 Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels 2024

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Being bedridden and having life revolve around the bed, even during bathing and toileting, is an awful experience that some have to contend with in their golden years, when injured, or if they are suffering from terminal conditions like Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, or other disabilities. In such situations, the dire need to be mobile makes much sense which is why a reclining shower chair with wheels becomes a necessity. These chairs are excellent assistive devices for people who cannot stand or sit up while bathing.

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Healthline Medical Products MPU190 Tilt Shower Commode Chair, Blue 8.8
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ShowerBuddy roll in shower chair with tilt 9.8
Reclining Shower Chair 9″ Base Height Extension 8.0
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Aquatec OceanVIP Tilt-In-Space Shower Commode Chair 9.9
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EZee Shower Commode Transport Chair with 5″ casters Aluminum 9.1
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Easy-Tilt Shower Chair Blue Seat Suncast Blue 8.0
Tilt-in-Space Bath Chair. Large Reclining Bath/Lounge 9.0
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MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair X-Large 9.3
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MJM International 193 Reclining Shower Chair with Elevated Leg Extension 9.4
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MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair  9.2

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They are designed with the following features.


Recline angle or tilt-in-space design

Whereas in the recline angle design the back of the chair reclines at increasing angles, in the tilt-in-space design the entire wheelchair tilts to different angles using a handle at the back of the chair save for the casters which remain in position on the ground for the sake of stability.


Recline angle

Most chairs will have a recline angle falling within the 0° and 70° bracket sometimes with several preset angle positions in between.


Easy-to-clean rustproof frame

The most common materials used in frame construction that are easy to clean include aluminum, stainless steel, and healthcare grade PVC. Stainless steel and PVC come with good rust resistance properties making them the most ideal for use in the bathroom where they are exposed to water and wetness. PVC shower chairs with wheels are considered the best owing to their ability to inhibit bacteria and mildew growth.



Chairs that double up as a shower chair and commode typically come with a cut-out to allow users to use them in the toilet without coming off the chair. Some commodes come with a bucket for toileting use away from the toilet.  Some seats come with a comfortable padding for those with sensitive skin and these need a high level of hygiene since it’s easy for them to absorb water and harbor bacteria or mildew.



Footrests are a great addition because it’s easy for the feet to get sores if not taken care of. Even better if a footrest is outfitted with angle plates and is adjustable or removable.



Casters give the user access. Most chairs come with either 3-inch or 5-inch casters with the latter offering a better roll on the ground and more stability. They need to lock so that when the chair is not in motion it is safely secured in its stationary position. Some, mostly the 3-inch casters come in twos (are dual) to enhance stability.


Lumbar support

For patients with lower back complications, chairs with a lumbar support make an excellent. Get one with a soft comfortable padding but firm support.


Arm and headrest

These are usually optional features but they play an important role in enhancing the comfort of the user.


Lap and chest safety belts

Once positioned on the chair, some patients need to be a little more secure. This is where the chest and safety belts come in. They are also usually adjustable to give the user a comfortable fit.


10 Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels 2024

Bearing these features in mind, here are 10 reclining shower chairs with wheels that you should look out for.


#1 Healthline Medical Products MPU190 Tilt Shower Commode Chair, Blue

MPU190 is a highly versatile 18-inch unit designed to serve both as a shower chair and a commode thanks to the seat cut-out that makes it compatible with standard toilets. Alternatively, use it as a self-contained commode away from the toilet together with the pail included in its design. An outstanding aspect about this aluminum chair is how adjustable and mobile it is. Featuring an adjustable seat height within a 4-inch range, a tilting back, and removable insert padding, you can position it for your own comfort and clean it with ease. Secondly, it is designed with four durable 5-inch casters that lock firmly when not in use making it one of the safest chairs to use especially on wet shower floors. It is also pretty comfortable thanks to the soft padding used to line the backrest. The arms and footrests outfitted with angle footplates are also notable comfort features.


  • Versatile and highly adjustable
  • Designed with a number of comfort features
  • Easy to clean and is rustproof


  • Does not fold for easy storage
  • Does not include urine splash guards in its package


#2 ShowerBuddy roll in shower chair with tilt

Showerbuddy’s SB3T roll in shower chair is an excellent addition to your mobility aids toolset. Engineered to roll into wet bathroom floors and toilets, this shower chair gives access to places that were once inaccessible. It is highly adjustable with arm and footrests and that are removable, tilting and lockable as well as an adjustable height between 20 and 23.6 inches to fit varying needs. Furthermore, with a tilting angle up to 30°, an adjustable headrest kit, and an optional neck rest, this unit comes as a very versatile aid. Use it in a raised or level bathroom when showering or as a commode above the toilet seat. This chair comes with good quality fasteners to give the user a feeling of safety and stability. These include a lap and chest safety belts to keep the patient firmly on the seat and double locking struts to lock its tilt at any angle. It comes outfitted with 5-inch locking casters to keep you stable when not in motion. Finally, a corrosion-free tough stainless steel grade 304 construction and a comfortable seat cushion with a front opening make the SB3T worth investing in. it has a carrying capacity of 350 lb.


  • Numerous comfort and safety features
  • The tilt function is a great comfort feature
  • Highly adjustable
  • Can be used as a shower chair or as a commode
  • Wide casters


  • Does not fold


#3 Reclining Shower Chair 9″ Base Height Extension

This 17 x 28 inches (W x L) reclining shower chair makes a good option for those looking for something simplistic in design to fit the standard bathtub and toilet. It comes with a greater tilting angle between 30° and 70° which makes it very safe and comfortable. It also features a seat to floor height of 18 inches but with the optional base height extension, you can increase this height by 9 inches to accommodate transfer to beds, tubs, and showers of different heights. Furthermore, if you need additional support for your patient’s neck and head you can acquire the head bolster. Once positioned on the chair, the user can make use of the adjustable safety belt to remain stable. Its construction is impressive. The waterproof PVC frame is tough, easy-to-clean, and will inhibit bacterial growth keeping this chair as sanitary as possible. The seat and backrest are lined with a meshed fabric that is also easy to clean and dries pretty fast. For mobility, this chair is outfitted with 3-inch heavy duty casters so you can roll it in and out of the bathroom or toilet and lock them when not in motion for utmost stability.


  • Fits most standard bathrooms, toilets, and tubs
  • Waterproof PVC construction for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene
  • Wide tilting angle


  • Casters are heavy duty but may not be wide enough for some users


#4 Aquatec OceanVIP Tilt-In-Space Shower Commode Chair

The OceanVIP shower chair by Aquatec is an innovative unit with advanced features and remarkable adjustability options. This chair adjusts in height between 19.5 and 25.5 inches to three different positions with the help of locking clips and tilts between 0° and 35°  with a handle located at its back to give you a comfortable posture in the bathroom or toilet. The tilt-in-space design is a noteworthy integration, especially where hygiene when using the seat is of critical importance. Constructed with rust proof stainless steel frames along with 2 stainless steel gas springs, the OceanVIP chair can comfortably support 330 lb of human weight. This chair incorporates a waterfall design at its base with a front cut-out along with soft cozy layers for maximum comfort. Factor in the adjustable buckled upholstery used for the backrest whose tension can be adjusted accordingly and you have comfort at its best. It also features additional comfort accessories like the adjustable footrests outfitted with tilting footplates and heel loops, flip-up locking armrests adjustable in height to two positions, and an adjustable headrest. For easy mobility, this chair comes with wide 5-inch casters; three integrated with a brake system and on the rear wheel with a directional lock that’s really helpful if you have to move in a straight line for instance on a long corridor.


  • Extremely comfortable with numerous adjustable comfort features
  • Incorporated safety features useful during its handling like locking clips for height adjustment and armrests, a handle at its back, heel loops, brake system on the casters, and the directional lock
  • Excellent sanitary features


  • Does not have waist and chest safety belts


#5 EZee Shower Commode Transport Chair with 5″ Casters Aluminum

EZee Life shower chair is a two-in-one unit that can be used both as a shower chair and a commode. Designed with a tilting angle of 20°, a completely adjustable headrest, and a removable cozy seat with a front cut-out useful during toilet visits, this chair will offer you excellent support in the bathroom, toilet, or anywhere you intend to use it. It also comes with a pail extending its use as a commode away from the toilet. The EZee Life shower seat features adjustable/removable footrests equipped with footplates for easy height and angle adjustment and ultimately maximum comfort. All of its 5-inch casters lock for safety and stability when there is no need for motion. This tough rust-resistant aluminum chair comes with a maximum weight rating of 250 lb. it has an attractive white finish that makes it appealing to the eye.


  • Compatible with standard toilets
  • Strong and lightweight


  • Its tilting angle seems a little small compared to others


#6 Easy-Tilt Shower Chair Blue Seat Suncast Blue

Built with heavy-duty PVC frame, the Easy-Tilt shower chair is surprisingly lightweight weighing only 65 lb and is relatively easy to clean. It comes with outstanding user-support and stability thanks to the hip supports built on either side of the seat and the twin swing-arms which are useful when the meshed backrest is tilted to any of the 8 tilt positions. It comes with 6 dual-wheel casters four of which can be locked securely when not in motion to provide the much-needed stability. Its seat features an open-front design for optimized hygiene and comfort. Both the frame and the wheels have excellent rust-resistant properties making this shower chair ideal for the wet bathroom environment. Other notable features include footrests integrated to increase patient comfort. It has a carrying capacity of 300 lb and is suitable for use in institutions and environments where hygiene and mobility are top priorities.


  • Very stable and highly mobile with six twin-casters
  • Lightweight
  • 8 recline positions
  • Excellent user-support


  • Doesn’t come with much commode functionality


#7 Tilt-in-Space Bath Chair. Large Reclining Bath/Lounge

This tilt-in-space shower chair designed with an arched seat and backrest reclines between 25° and 70° which can be considered as exceeding what users see as standard. It offers excellent support for the head and the entire back while also easing pressure sores behind the knees and neck for patients who have to sit or lie for long periods due to mobility limitations. This makes it one of the best options for overly delicate patients and the best reclining shower chairs for disabled individuals. It also features legs and chest straps to secure the user stably in position and impressively comes with a variety of settings for these straps to suit varying needs. The advantage of the tilt-in-space feature is that the caregiver, with the press of a button, can easily and quickly adjust a user’s sitting position without much manual handling. Additionally, it comes with quality vinyl caps fitted at the base of its legs so there will be no worrying about your tub getting marks and scratches. The tilt-in-space bath chair is rated 175 lb maximum carrying capacity. A head stabilizer is available separately if your patient’s head will need comfort beyond what the seat’s design can offer.  


  • Large reclining bath chair for special needs
  • Wider tilting angle
  • tilt-in-space design for comfort


  • May not fit in a standard bathtub
  • Low carrying capacity


#8 MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair X-Large

The 191-XCL-B reclining chair is one of MJM International’s bariatric reclining shower chairs built for special needs. It is constructed with healthcare grade polymer plastic with reinforcement at stress points and rounded edges for safety. For maximum comfort and sanitation, its surface is layered with an easy-to-maintain quick-drying mesh sling that effectively inhibits the growth of both bacteria and mildew. It features a 3-position recline between 30° and 70° and offers excellent and secure support thanks to the adjustable waist and leg belts which are designed to be fastened in different settings. In addition, it gives a user the option to use the extension legs to make it more compatible with tub, bed, and shower heights and make transfers fast and easy. This bath chair fits in standard tubs and the threaded stem casters (with 2 rear locking) are great for use in roll-in showers otherwise the anti-slip rubber pads at the base of its legs will come in handy. It comes with a carrying capacity of 225 lb.


  • Simple and quality build but tough and durable
  • Phthalates and lead-free
  • Extra large for special needs


  • The seat height is a bit high for short caregivers  
  • Metal casters are bound to rust
  • Only the rear casters lock
  • Not very ideal for standard tubs as it fits tightly leaving little space


#9 MJM International 193 Reclining Shower Chair with Elevated Leg Extension

193 reclining shower chair comes with a higher carrying capacity of 325 lb owing to its tough construction of healthcare grade polymers plastics which has become a mark of quality for most if not all of MJM International shower chairs. A good thing with this shower seat is that it is designed with an elongated seat and a front opening to enhance user-comfort and a hygienic experience. This also makes it the best medical shower chair for tall users. Other comfort features integrated into its design include an elevated leg extension, non-slip grips, and a meshed back sling with a comfortable padding at the head section, cushioned lumbar support, and pocket at the back. For mobility purposes, this chair has 3-inch threaded stem dual-casters. Overall, consider this chair if you have limited shower space or are in need of the elongated seat perhaps without having to use the leg extension.


  • Offers great lumbar support and overall comfort
  • Elongated seat accommodates some users’ height quite well and eliminates the use of leg extension especially where there is not enough space in the shower
  • Mildew and bacteria resistance properties are a notable hygiene feature


  • Does not have adequate commode functionality as it lacks a bucket
  • Casters although dual, are not wide enough
  • Space left between the lumbar pad and upper back cushion can be uncomfortable


#10   MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair

The 193-SSDE model is a lightweight extension of the 193 shower chair and comes with comparable features including healthcare grade polymer construction with reinforcement at all stress points and smooth curves on the edges, an elongated comfortable seat with a front opening, elevated leg extension, soft lumbar padding, padded head support, and non-slip handgrips. The comfortable mesh sling at the back of this chair is easy to clean and dries pretty fast, a feature that eliminates bacteria and mildew growth since this chair is constantly exposed to wet conditions in the bathroom and toilet. The elongated seat is advantageous for use in showers with limited space and the front opening makes it suitable for toilet use. The 193-SSDE rolls on 3-inch double threaded stem casters. Some distinguishing features worth noting are the pocket at the back of the mesh sling and 6-position settings for its incline and leg extension which gives the user several sitting options. This unit also comes with a carrying capacity of 325 lb


  • Strong, quality, sanitary construction
  • Elongated seat with front opening, comfortable and convenient
  • Excellent comfort and support with padding at the lumbar area and head


  • Doesn’t have a seatbelt
  • 3-inch casters are not wide enough for an enhanced support
  • Only the rear casters lock



A comfortable tilt shower chair is a necessity for those who are limited in mobility. It helps them support their body in the right and comfortable position as they take a bath or use the lavatory. They should also be engineered for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance in addition to being outfitted with comfort features and casters for mobility.

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