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7 Best Shower Commode Chairs 2024


For the aged population, injured or recovering individuals and those with physical mobility-related limitations, the commode with wheels comes as a much-needed mobility aid. While these people may still need supervision, this aid gives them some independence and freedom to move about. A commode is specifically designed to assist those that can’t get themselves to using the toilet. They either need help getting to the toilet or helping themselves wherever they are. Nowadays, most commodes are designed for other functionalities including showering.

Here are some benefits associated with using these mobility aids:

  • Excellent option for those who need their own privacy without the embarrassment that comes with being helped by humans.
  • Using the bathroom, toilet and moving around with ease.
  • Safety
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Drive Medical Aluminium Shower Commode Mobile Chair 8.7
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Roll-In Buddy Lite 9.1
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MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL 9.0
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Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric 20″ Wide Seat with 24″ Wheels 8.9
MJM International 122-3TL-SSDE-BB-22-SQ-PAIL-SF 9.3
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NOVA Medical Products Shower Commode with Wheels 9.1
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NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode, Hammertone 9.4

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5 Factors to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Shower Commode Chair


Commodes are of different types depending on different user needs. The standard stationary commode with adjustable seat height, drop arm commode with arms that can be released down the sides of the unit, folding commode that compacts into a small size, and the bariatric commode that is roomier than the standard one. Knowing the mobility needs of your patient will help you get the right mobility aid for them.

Weight Capacity

These units come with fixed weight limits. They are either standard (up to 300 lb) or bariatric (up to 1000 lb). Choose a commode that matches the user weight.



Most commodes are today built with more than one functionality. Some double up as a bath commode while others as a shower wheelchair. Others still double as a shower and wheelchair.



Comfort features like a backrest, armrests, foot pedals, and padded seats are excellent additions to a mobility aid. Have your priorities right and choose one with most of the features you are looking for.



This is an essential feature. Others have adjusting seat heights, legs and backrest. Adjustability also means that some parts are removable. This enhances the convenience of any unit.


Here is a round-up of ten of the best shower commode chairs.

7 Best Shower Commode Chairs 2024

#1 Drive Medical Aluminium Shower Commode Mobile Chair

This commode by Drive Medical is not just pleasing to the eyes, it is also an excellent mobility unit. It comes with rear locking casters making it quite versatile as it can be used both as a wheel and shower chair. These same casters are designed to propel the user back and forth when not locked. Its utility goes beyond showering. This unit can be placed over a standard toilet making life a little more bearable for our aging population. The seat cut-out comes in handy when used over a toilet or self-contained commode.

An aluminum white frame construction eliminates the possibility of rust and guarantees strength and hygiene because it is an easy-clean tough material. The Drive Medical Aluminium Shower Commode unit also comes with excellent adjustability. This includes adjusting seat height between 20 in. and 22 in. to adjusting footrests to different heights. Padded back and armrests, as well as angle footplates on the footrest, are great comfort features. With a carrying capacity of 275 lb (124.7 kg), 34.5 in (87.6 cm) length, 22.25 in (56.5 cm) width, and 39 in (99 cm) height, this commode is a great choice for small to medium weight users.


  • Versatile. Commode and wheelchair in one
  • Flip back arms for convenient movement
  • Padded seat, arms, and backrest for comfort


  • Bulky and a little too heavy for some users


#2 Roll-In Buddy Lite

For users that prefer a simplistic design with maximum convenience, the Roll-In Buddy Lite makes a great option. It comes packed with great convenience features including 4-inch locking casters that smoothly roll into standard and ADA certified toilets as well as a detachable commode bucket with a lid together with a deflector. This allows you to use it both as a commode and a bath chair. It is also sturdily built with lightweight 6061 hardened aluminum for the frames and stainless steel grade 304 for other hardware. With this, it can support up to 300 lb of a human weight. This makes it one of the easiest to sanitize commodes.

Other impressive safety features in this commode include a calf strap to keep the feet secure, adjustable lap and chest restraints, armrests that lock, flip behind and detach from the frame, and removable footrests that fold and adjust. It also comes with an adjustable height to fit different functionalities. Its package further includes great comfort additions like the standard cushion with a front opening and another closed cushion and a sturdy yet comfortable backrest.

Overall, the Roll-In Buddy Lite is one of the best in terms of functionality, comfort, and versatility.


  • Comes with a deflector to minimize messes and splashbacks
  • Calf strap and restrains to keep the user securely on the wheelchair
  • All casters lock
  • Removable and lockable armrests that flip up


  • A bit bulky and not foldable


#3 MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL

The 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL 100 series shower chair by MJM International is a great aid for bariatric, injured, and recovering patients or the aged. It features excellent adjustability and security properties making it one of the most versatile wheeled shower chairs for disabled individuals. The commode pail included in this package has a capacity of 300 oz (8.9 l). Its armrests are lined with a textured material to prevent slip-offs, especially in the shower. They also fold for convenience.

It weighs only 28 lb (12.7 kg) yet surprisingly very sturdy thanks to its polymer Health Care rated construction material. It is also one of the safest as all its hardware is rounded (without sharp edges) to prevent injuries. This shower chair is designed with utmost hygiene and convenience in mind. It comes with a detachable fast-dry easy-wash backrest thanks to the fact that it meshes. It also features excellent mildew resistance and antibacterial properties. A worthwhile addition to this high backrest is the personal pocket attached to it.

With smooth shower chair rolling casters, moving around or stopping shouldn’t be a supervised activity. However, confirm that the user isn’t left alone on the slippery floor as the threaded stem 3-inch rear casters may not lock very securely. Another little con but not quite a deal-breaker is that with foot pedals on, it is a bit hard using it as a commode. All the same, the footrest is quality built and conveniently functional for keeping feet at rest.


  • Folding textured armrests for safety
  • Health-grade polymer construction
  • Mildew resistant and antibacterial backrest


  • Casters do not lock securely
  • Cannot be used over the toilet with foot pedals on


#4 Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric 20″ Wide Seat with 24″ Wheels

This very versatile commode by EZee Life is a true definition of innovation. It is similar to conventional wheelchairs yet quite functional. At a glance, you notice it excellent mobility and ease of use thanks to the 24-inch rear wheels and two 5-inch locking casters with anti-tippers to prevent accidents. Between the wheels is a roomy 20-inch (50.8 cm) seat padded with removable snap-on front opening cushion. Use this as a wheelchair or commode by simply sliding the removable pail in or out. Its seat cut-out comes in handy when positioning it over a standard toilet while the removable bucket will be of much help outside the toilet.

With an aluminum frame coated white, this commode is not only good for the aesthetics but also lightweight and easy to clean. This makes it sturdy and strong enough to bear up to 300 lb (136 kg) weight. This wheelchair comes with impressive additional accessories like a safety seat belt, 60° angle foot pedals adjustable between 14 inches (35.6 cm) and 20 inches (50.8 cm), and adjustable armrests that lift up and out at the push of a button.

As far as mobility is concerned, this 2-in-1 rates highly among other wheeled commode chairs.


  • The wide back backrest is comfortable
  • Foot tray slides in and out conveniently
  • Hygienic, made of health-grade polymer


  • The caster locks are not that firmly secure
  • May not fit well on the toilet with footrest on


#5 MJM International 122-3TL-SSDE-BB-22-SQ-PAIL-SF

Here is another of the innovative 100 series shower chair with wheels by MJM International. If you mind stability, this will be your best bet because all four 3-Inch casters lock when not moving. It also makes the best option for those who need a spacious seat. Constructed with health Care Grade polymer like others in this series, this wide shower chair is strong, roomy and easy to clean with a carrying capacity of 375 lb (170 kg). Impressively, its design features take a keen interest on safety. The contoured edges of the frame tell it all.

Comfort too was not overlooked here. Consider the sliding footrest for maximum foot support, the cozy open-front seat, easy pull and push handle and threaded-stem casters to enhance mobility. Finally, a buckled safety belt, non-slip handgrips, and removable meshed backrest are excellent safety additions in this shower chair. It comes with a removable commode bucket with 320 oz (9.5 l) capacity.


  • Tough and sturdy
  • Meshed backrest cleans easy and dries fast to enhance hygiene
  • Textured armrests to prevent slip-offs


  • Casters do not lock firmly
  • Unpadded seat


#6 NOVA Medical Products Shower Commode with Wheels

For those that love it stylish and classic, this versatile two-in-one shower chair by Nova Medical Products is no doubt a charming mobility aid. Aside from this, it comes with exceptional safety and functionality features. These include durable 4-inch locking casters to enhance stability when the wheelchair is not in motion, rounded plastic armrests to prevent injury and for utmost comfort and a padded 15-inch (38 cm) by 16-inch (40.6 cm) seat. This seat is designed with a splash guard to offer user protection.

This unit only weighs 33.5 lb (15.2 kg) thanks to its light aluminum construction. However, it comes with a carrying capacity of 250 lb. its package includes a removable commode pail with a lid. Its design doesn’t leave any space between the bucket and the lid to minimize unnecessary splashing.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Does not compact for transportation
  • Comes with a removable pail
  • Padded seat for comfort


  • Does not fold


#7 NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode, Hammertone

While the 8800 shower chair by Nova Medical Products comes with a fixed arm and backrest, the 8805 comes with removable arm and backrest. It also includes a removable footrest that opens out. A good option if you are looking for flexibility. Again, this commode is strictly designed for toilet and mobility and not for use as a rolling shower commode chair.

It comes with locking rear casters, a padded seat for comfort and a bucket with a lid for use in the toilet. With a simple sliding in and out, you can position the bucket under or remove it from the commode. It is a tough unit made of steel, weighs 29 lb (13.2 kg) and can bear up to 250 lbs (113.4 kg) human weight. Overall, the 8805 Commode by NOVA Medical Products is relatively easy to use transport chair with great convenience and adjustability features.


  • Both commode and transport chair
  • Comes with a bucket for use as a commode
  • Very tough unit


  • Does not fold



Independent movement for the disabled, aged, injured or bariatric individuals is as important as it is to others. This is why mobility aids are their great companions. There are many shower commode chairs for disabled and aged individuals but two things set quality ones apart from ordinary ones; features and functionality. Getting an appropriate commode requires that you know the specific needs of the user then match them against the features in specific units until you find one that fits.

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