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7 Best Shower & Bath Seats and Transfer Benches 2024


Taking a bath may seem like a normal uneventful routine. For the elderly and the disabled, however, this statement is far from the truth. Bathroom-related injuries can be grave thanks to the hard sometimes slippery surfaces, sharp corners and protruding hardware. To prevent such injuries, bathrooms are usually built with various safety measures in mind. These may include:

  • A handheld showerhead presents the best option as it eliminates the need to step out or over the tub use the shower.
  • Grab bars are a critical addition to the bathroom as they are constantly looking for something to hold on to as they stand or move around.
  • A lowered sink makes accessibility easier even while seated on a bath seat.
  • Non-slip mats are invaluable floor accessories as the bathroom tends to get slippery especially with spilled water.
  • Have either a toilet riser or an elevated toilet seat to make it easy for them to use the toilet safely.
Price Product Our Rating
Sliding Shower Chair with Cut-out by Duro-Med (Height 19″ to 23″) 9.2
Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat (Transfer Bench) 9.1
Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest 9.5
Medline Bariatric Plastic Transfer Bench 8.9
Eagle Health Supplies Bariatric Shower Chair (72621) 9.3
Essential Medical Molded Shower Bench with Arms (No-Back) 9.1
Medical Spa Bathtub/Shower Seat with Arms by Duro-Med 9.3

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However, these measures may just not be enough for these special groups of people who need special assistance. This is why certain bathroom aids come in handy. Such aids include shower/bath seats and shower benches. Shower and bath seats are in simple terms seats placed in the bathroom which an individual sits on as they bathe to avoid standing for a while. Transfer benches on the other hand ease the process of getting in and out, without having to climb over the tub.

These two serve more or less the same functions with a slight difference in their application. A decision to buy them will be pegged on the following essential factors:


The best shower transfer benches and shower seats for elderly people come with adjustable seat heights, removable backrest and handle make these units as versatile as they can be.


Non-Slip Feature

Seat legs usually have rubber tips fixed on them to prevent them from slipping off on wet floors.



Some will have more legs while others will have the units made out of strong material as a stability guarantee.



A backrest is an important feature that eliminates back strains. Some seats do not have a backrest while others are designed with a removable one so they can easily convert to shower stools.


Construction Material

The material these units will be constructed with determines their stability, strength, durability, hygiene and ultimately overall functionality. Anodized aluminum is the most common as it is lightweight, non-corrosive, sturdy and easy to clean.


We rounded up 7 of the best shower/bath seats and transfer benches for the elderly. Let’s check out what makes them top.


7 Best Shower & Bath Seats and Transfer Benches 2024

#1 Sliding Shower Chair with Cut-out by Duro-Med (Height 19″ to 23″)

This heavy-duty sliding transfer seat by Duro-Med is an excellent aid for the elderly or those who have had surgery recently. It eases the process of transferring from the wheelchair or walker to the bathtub significantly making it safe for them to use the bathtub without straining their backs. It has thoughtfully been constructed with the lightweight a rust-free aluminum frame with rubber tips at the base of the legs to prevent slipping. The left or right position backrest adjusts from 19 inches to 23 inches to cater to varying human heights. The seat comes with straps to secure it in place.

With 39 x 18 x 37 inches of its Length, Weight and Height and a 400 lb carrying capacity, it will be hard for it to crumble under heavyweight. It is lightweight weighing only 14.5 lbs which makes it a portable sliding transfer shower bench.


  • The backrest can be positioned to be used by both left and right-hand users.
  • Secure thanks to the textured backrest and seat strap
  • Ideal for people with high weight
  • seat -cut out for convenient showering


  • Velcro closure on the belt may not be a secure enough fastener
  • The cut out may not be a good idea for some users


#2 Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat (Transfer Bench)

An outstanding feature with the Drive Medical Bariatric seat transfer bench is that it is designed for any bathroom. Thanks to the fact that it can be positioned right or left. It is heavy-duty built with a carrying capacity of up to 500 lbs and a 16.5 x 26.5 x 18.5 inches (D x W x H) plastic bench that is blow-molded and attached with extendable legs guarantee its strength and stability. This makes it an ideal not only for the elderly but also for the best shower chair for the disabled.

Not only that, this bench is designed with a comfortable backrest and the euro-style clip to allow the seat to sit firmly on the frame. This takes care of any concerns about slipping off the bench while in the bathtub. The frame design is another notable feature. Its A-shape compared to others is definitely a mark of added stability. Its adjustability features make it even more functional and shareable. These include a height extendable in ½-inch increments from 18.5 inches to 23.5 inches and as earlier mentioned extendable legs with broad suction cups at the bottom to keep it firmly at the base. This is one of the best and the safest transfer bench since it comes almost ready to use without complicated set-up and an almost nil possibility of hardware-related injuries.


  • Reversible design makes it fit in any bathroom
  • High Weight capacity
  • A-Frame design enhances stability


  • No drain holes on the frame
  • The suction cups at the base of the legs tend to stick on the wet floor


#3 Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

Perhaps a lighter duty aluminum transfer bench compared with the Bariatric version also by Drive Medical. It is designed to support up to 400 lb weight and features more or less the same attributes. The plastic bench sits on a sturdy A-shape frame. It also features the revolutionary reversible design to suit just any bathroom. Simply change the arm handle from one end to the other and you are good to go. Its size 3 backrest attaches securely to the 18.5 x 26 x 17.5 inches (D x W x H) seat constructed with tough blow-molded plastic.

It comes with impressive adjustability. This includes an extendable floor height in ½ inch increments from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, an adjustable seat depth between 18.5 and 19.5 inches and an adjustable backrest. At just 10 lb, this transfer bench is light enough for just anyone to lift and fix onto the bathtub. Easy assembly, utmost safety and non-slip suction cups at the base of the legs make it the go-to option for the lightweights needing assistance in and out of the bathtub.


  • Reversible design allows it to fit in all bathrooms
  • Extra-large suction cups make it stable
  • A-Frame design for stability


  • Non-slip suction cups tend to stick on the wet floor. You may have to use a mat on your bathroom
  • Lacks comfort pads on the seat, arm, and backrest


#4 Medline Bariatric Plastic Transfer Bench

The Bariatric Plastic Transfer Bench by Medline is a great option for users who would be concerned about extra stability. It comes with a carrying capacity of 550 lbs. With six legs supporting the bench and non-slip suction cup at the base of each leg, slip offs and falls are literally unheard of. Further on it is designed with a side-arm to enhance stability. Its frames are made of anodized rust-free aluminum metal also known for its strength and durability. The bench itself is constructed with tough comfortable plastic making bathing a simple, fun and independent activity for debilitated users.

Apart from its great functionality, this bench lacks straps or clips that secure it to the frame perhaps because its six legs offer enough stability. On the positive, however, its legs feature height adjustments between 16 inches and 18 inches taking into account varying tub heights. It is also designed with a one-inch gap between the seat to accommodate a shower curtain for privacy. Overall, this bench makes a great choice for big-bodied patients thanks to all stability details incorporated into its design. It is also easy to manipulate its backrest making it a good deal for users.


  • 6 legs with cross braces enhance stability
  • High weight capacity, ideal for bariatric patients
  • Space in between the seat for a shower curtain


  • Occupies much space, may not fit well in a standard bathtub
  • Lacks straps that secure it to the frame


#5 Eagle Health Supplies Bariatric Shower Chair (72621)

The Bariatric shower chair designed by Eagle Health Supplies is an excellent option for users who are keen on strength and stability. While its frames are built with lightweight aluminum metal, you will be amazed at how sturdy it is in the bathroom. It is designed with an extra-wide 18.5 x 20.25 inch molded plastic seat, a backrest and is rated at 500 lbs carrying capacity. This makes it a go-to option for the medium and heavyweights.

An impressive feature this chair has is the drainage holes that help keep water off the seat throughout the bathing time. You will not have to worry about tilting it to drain water. With quick toolless assembly, this chair is good and safe for use. Secondly, it is designed with an adjustable height between 18.5 inches and 22.75 inches to achieve a perfect fit for hassle-free showering. A downside, however, is the fact that it is bathroom-specific. You, therefore, have to confirm beforehand that this shower chair will fit well in your bathroom before you purchase it. Otherwise, as far as safety and ease of use are concerned, the Bariatric Shower Chair by Eagle Health Supplies stands as one of the best shower chairs.


  • The extra-wide seat is roomy enough for all users
  • Comes with holes on the frame for draining water
  • Padded seat and backrest for comfort
  • Versatile. The backrest is removable for more functionality


  • Will not fit in a standard size bathtub


#6 Essential Medical Molded Shower Bench with Arms (No-Back)

This molded shower bench by Essential Medical represents comfort at its best. Featuring removable handles that are padded, a large non-slip seat and a sturdy anodized aluminum frame, you can rest assured there will be no falling anytime. These important features assure stability and comfort making this among the best shower chairs for the elderly.

It is however designed to support much less weight of up to 300 lb compared to other bath benches making it an option only for the lightweight people. Again it lacks a backrest a feature that many have found important. You may, however, opt for the one with a backrest if you really need one. Adjustable height between 15.5 inches and 20.5 inches in 1-inch increments makes it a versatile piece. Finally, at the base of its four aluminum legs are rubberized tips to provide a firm grip on the ground.


  • Padded removable arms on either side for comfort and convenience
  • Non-slip textured seat for safety


  • No backrest
  • Rubberized tips stick on the wet floor


#7 Medical Spa Bathtub/Shower Seat with Arms by Duro-Med

The Medical Spa Bathtub Shower designed by Duro-Med is an excellent option for those keen on adjustability and portability advantages. It is designed with arms on both sides and a removable backrest making it one of the most supportive and versatile units. This is because it can be used both as a stool and a bath chair for elderly individuals. The seat height adjusts between 16 inches and 20 inches with increments of 1 inch each.

Beyond this, it is remarkably sturdy thanks to the strong non-corrosive aluminum frame which supports the molded plastic 19 x 13 inches seat. At the base of each leg are non-slip rubber tips which further enhance the seat’s safety. Weighing only 13 lb, this seat can bear a maximum weight of 350 lb.


  • Textured seat to prevent slip-offs
  • Drain holes on the seat to keep it free from water build-ups
  • Highly versatile with a removable backrest


  • Suction cup rubber tips may stick on the wet floor



Elderly and disabled shower chairs and transfer benches are a great addition to bathrooms. They make life bearable and to a great extent independent. However, we can completely overlook the importance of having a caretaker to watch over this special group.

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