Best Wall-mounted Shower Seats for Elderly

9 Best Wall-mounted Shower Seats for the Elderly 2024

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Its no doubt special needs individuals benefit a great deal from bath aids like shower transfer benches, shower chairs, bath stools, commodes, and wall mounted shower seats. The latter comes with immense benefits. Shower seats (wall-mounted) are great space savers. They are not exactly mobile but the fact that they are harnessed firmly to the wall offers one the flexibility of using them when there is a need and folding them up against the wall when not in use to create ample space for other activities or for non-seat users.

These seats make life in the bathroom much easier for the following categories of people:

  • Elderly population
  • Those with leg injuries and whose leg(s) are in casts and/or use crutches for movement
  • The almost permanently disabled
  • Those recovering from fractured, broken or dislocated bones
  • Those with back injuries
  • Expectant mothers


Price Product Our Rating
CSI Bathware SEA-SD2216-NH-PA ADA Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shower Seat 8.9
TSAR003 High Strength Aviation Plastic Wall-Mounted Bathroom Folding Shower Seat 9.1
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CSI Bathware SEA-WB2216-NH-PH Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shower Seat 8.8
TSAR003 Teak/Bamboo Bathroom Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Seat 8.9
Bath chair Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Chair 265375200 9.0
Bath chair Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Chair 300265 9.3
TSAR003 Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Bathroom Folding Shower Seat 9.2
Chi Cheng Fang Electronic business Non-slip Bathroom Folding Wall-mounted Seat 9.0
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Best Choice Products Wall Mounted Folding Wood Shower Seat Bench 9.4

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Buying guide

These 7 factors will point you to making an informed selection if you are out shopping for a wall-mounted shower seat:

Strength and durability

Strength is a factor of the material used to construct a bath seat. Most use stainless steel for the frame and different plastic materials for the seat. For a seat to be strong and durable, such materials have got to be tough.


Weight capacity

A high weight capacity, sometimes up to 900 lb, without any compromise on design and utility, makes a great option for bariatric users. Other users, on the other hand, will opt for low-medium weight capacity. Ideally, get a seat whose capacity exceeds your weight by at least 25 lb.


Anti-bacterial and mold free

Since most seats will be in an environment where they are exposed to water and humidity almost all the time, they should be designed to retain minimal water and dry fast to prevent mold and mildew from growing.


Does it come with legs for added stability

Legs are a great stability addition especially for those with heavyweight. However, it is not the only element that will determine a shower seat’s stability. Others like construction material and design play in big time. Stainless steel is so far the most commonly used material for these seats. This is because it is easy to clean, rust-free, lightweight but tough.


Comfort features

Comfort features include soft padding on the seat.


Added utility

Some seats are not limited to bathroom use only. They can be installed where shoes are worn, in the dressing room, in the family home, nursing homes or in hospitals.


Ease of installation

Installation is a real issue because it involves some hardware and boring of holes on the wall. The easier it is to install a wall mounted shower seat the better for any user. Again they should be fit well on any wall type.


9 Best Wall-mounted Shower Seats for Elderly 2024

These 9 wall-mounted shower chairs are phenomenal in the bathroom. Their features, design, and performance stand out from all the others on the market:

#1 CSI Bathware SEA-SD2216-NH-PA ADA Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shower Seat

The SEA-SD2216-NH-PA wall mounted shower seat is an indispensable bathroom asset suitable for bustling hospitals, hotels, assisted living facilities and other institutions. It is tough built with a carrying capacity of 250 lb and has proved to hold up quite well in heavy use environments. It folds up flat on the wall when not in use.

This rectangular stainless steel bath seat is mounted to the wall using two tough 3-inch flanges. On the stainless steel base sits marine-grade plywood on which comfortable padding with a white waterproof vinyl covering is layered. A good thing with this seat is that it stays on the point whether lowered or lifted thanks to the tough hinges on its joints. Underneath its base are four stainless steel legs adjustable at their rubber base. These rubber tips are a great anti-slip and stability feature. With ADA certification and 22-inch length by 16-inch depth dimension, this seat is a great option for any elderly or disabled individual.


  • Easy to clean thanks to the vinyl covering
  • Mildew proofed
  • Space-saving thanks to folding legs


  • Low weight capacity at 250 lb


#2 TSAR003 High Strength Aviation Plastic Wall-Mounted Bathroom Folding Shower Seat

Here is a lightweight wall-mounted shower seat with high carrying capacity. 400 lbs represent the human weight at least on the higher side and this seat can hold up without any concerns. The TSAR003 folding seat takes care of the heavier population. With a wide enough seat at 13 inches by 14 inches and a futuristic design, this shower is by all standards top of the range.

As mentioned, it stands out tough with light but tough aerospace grade plastic for its seat and brackets and stainless steel grade 304 for screws. This makes it quite sturdy and stable. No doubt it will be of great service to the injured, disabled and the elderly. Again, it has the ability to stay new for long without scratching or fading.

Finally, it folds up the wall stunningly decorating it with its white color and charming design.


  • Space-saving design
  • Doubles up as a decorative element


  • Seat measurement a bit small especially for the bigger people
  • Seat not padded for added comfort


#3 CSI Bathware SEA-WB2216-NH-PH Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shower Seat

If you are looking for a safe and sturdy folding shower chair with a simplistic design then this CSI Bathware seat makes a great option. It is mounted on the wall and folds up between 0° and 90°to reveal strong shiny stainless steel brackets. The seat itself is made of the not only appealing but water-resistant colored sandalwood or white plastic wood depending on your selection during purchase. This makes it easy to clean and keep dry off rust and water.

With the seat measuring 22-inches by 16 inches and 500 lb carrying capacity, it is certainly not the broadest but one of the most comfortable seats for this special group. Weighing 16 lb, this seat makes the perfect safety shower seat for those that want to avoid slip-off accidents in the bathroom. A simple wiping with soap and water is enough to keep it clean.


  • Easy to clean waterproof tops are designed to be maintenance-free
  • The sturdy seat base is made of rust-resistant 304 stainless steel
  • Doubles as bathroom decoration when not in use


  • Wood tends to be uncomfortable to sit on particularly for delicate patients


#4 TSAR003 Teak/Bamboo Bathroom Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Seat

A classic shower seat with elongated width to create ample seating space for its users. This TSAR003 happens to be one of the best given its cool color options and sturdy construction. Again it is one of the few seats designed to accommodate big people thanks to 17.1 inches by 13.8 inches measurement of its seat. Additional marks of quality include premium teak or bamboo seat construction to give your bathroom a touch of Mother Nature. The stent is made up of tough aviation-grade plastic and fasteners like screws are of 304-grade stainless steel to give it a sturdy grip against the wall and give users maximum security.

The finely ground rounded edge of the seat is a safety measure as well as a means to keep your seat new in years to come. Don’t expect any rusting either. Finally, the TSAR003 is a versatile tool that can double up as a shoe-changing base or bedroom shelf.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Water and moth resistant
  • High carrying capacity up to 400 lb


  • Unpadded seat a bit uncomfortable for some users


#5 Bath chair Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Chair 265375200

This is another versatile medium-capacity folding shower stool that is just as firmly against the wall to give the user enough confidence for all bathroom use. Rated at 286.6 lb (130 kg), this seat affixes the tough aluminum attachment firmly against the wall with strong stainless steel screws. The seat is constructed with an aluminum frame on the underside and layered with smooth and comfortable polyurethane in a European fashion making it one of the safest options for the elderly, expectant women, and people with disability. Its functionality is not limited to bathroom use alone, this seat can also be used in the dressing room, family and nursing home as well as in hospitals.


  • Multifunctional seat not limited to the bathroom
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Space-saving. Flip-up against the wall when not in use
  • Rust-free


  • Not suitable for heavyweights


#6 Bath chair Folding Wall-Mounted Shower Chair 300265

Here is another comfortable wall mounted bath seat same as the Rectangular Folding Wall Stool in terms of 286.6 lb (130 kg) weight capacity and construction also manufactured by XIN XIN EU. However, this one is rounded rather than rectangular measuring 30 cm by 26.5 cm. It comes with a smoothly textured polyurethane seat panel with a strong aluminum alloy frame attached to the wall firmly with stainless steel screws. A great option for the elderly, expectant and disabled as it enables them to take their bath while seated comfortably thanks to the seat’s ergonomic design.


  • A wider surface area attaches to the wall making it firm and stable
  • Added functionality as it can be used in the bathroom, dressing room, hospital, nursing or family home.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy installation


  • Not suitable for heavy individuals
  • PU can be slippery especially with soapy water


#7 TSAR003 Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Bathroom Folding Shower Seat

The TSAR003 happens to be one of the strongest wall-mounted shower seats with a high weight capacity of 440 lb. Made of tough grade 202 stainless steel frame with excellent anti-corrosion, high harness properties it makes a good option for anyone looking at strength and a firm harness against the wall. It is also lined with comfortable anti-bacterial non-slip nylon measuring 17.7 inches by 15 inches, it is very hygienic and quite roomy by bathroom standards. Its white color when folded up is not only a space saver but also a good decor detail in the bathroom. Finally, install it anywhere from the bathroom to the dressing room and its utility will amaze you.


  • Non-slip, anticorrosion seat maximizes safety
  • High carrying capacity, great for heavy individuals
  • Tough durable construction
  • Antibacterial


  • Its seat may not be the most comfortable especially for delicate users
  • Doesn’t come with a drop-down leg for extra support


#8 Chi Cheng Fang Electronic business Non-slip Bathroom Folding Wall-mounted Seat

A quick glance at this wall mounted baths seat and two words define it; strength and stability. No worrying about the seat coming off its harness, the leg that opens up below it along with the leg’s harness makes it stable enough. Not just this, it is made of tough aluminum frames and tough ABS plastic for the seat and comes with a medium-high carrying capacity of 330.7 lb (150 kg). Easy to clean and easy to mount on the wall, this bathroom chair represents one of the best wall-mounted shower seats. It is also quite comfortable and waterproof too so don’t expect that it will damage easily with continuous contact with water.


  • Easy installation and removal makes it a conveniently portable unit
  • Two harnesses and a drop-down leg makes it very stable


  • Not very comfortable unless you invest in a soft, waterproof padding


#9 Best Choice Products Wall Mounted Folding Wood Shower Seat Bench

A perfect mounted shower seat for washing and shaving. It can be used by the elderly, disabled, injured and anyone else with limited mobility. Built with a solid steel frame, the seat is noticeably strong and sturdy. It is made of varnished hardwood and can take in weight capacity of 300 pounds. This mounted shower seat is very space-efficient. It folds up really nicely to create space when not in use. Its size is also very reasonable, its hardly noticeable when folded. It measures 15 inches in length by 12 inches by width.

The first thing you will notice with this seat is the sleek design. If you are those who are extra keen on bathroom decor, this seat will not disappoint you. It will no doubt complement your bathroom aesthetic. However, you will need to get a professional to mount it. Also, your bathroom wall must be made of either brick or concrete for it to be installed on.


  • Built to last
  • Stylish design adding to the decor of your home
  • Space-efficient


  • A paper template for drilling the holes would have made the installation easier
  • Requires a professional to install it



A wall-mounted shower seat and grab bar are excellent safety additions to bathrooms if bathroom injuries are to be minimized. They empower the disabled, expectant, elderly and bariatric patients to enjoy their bathroom moments with some privacy. Comfort and stability are the number one priority. All the same, people have different needs and tastes, therefore, it is important to make a selection that matches your needs.

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