How to Deal with Prescription Medication Addiction in the Elderly?

It might be surprising and quite unexpected, but prescription addiction is a significant problem among seniors. According to the federal substance abuse and mental services Administration, the number of seniors in the age of 50+ who requested help for substance abuse in 2008 was 231,200. When you compare this with the 1992 figures of only … Read more

Meal Delivery for Seniors. A Full Guide

As you age it is pretty normal to lose interest in cooking. It just stops being something you look forward to. The joy of cooking is seeing people enjoying your food, and having spent most of your years cooking for your family it becomes less exciting cooking just for you. Other seniors don’t find cooking tedious … Read more

How to Keep Your Brain Dementia-Free as a Senior?

Did you know that every 4 seconds there is a new case of dementia being reported worldwide? Did you also know that there are at least 50 million people suffering from dementia with 60 % of these coming from low-income homes? These facts should be scary enough to make you want to learn more about … Read more

Senior Independent Living. Is it Possible?

From the word independent, living in an independent facility gives seniors some freedom. As such, an independent living facility is a good option for seniors aged 55 years and above who are healthy and fit to live on their own but desire the experience of living in a community or neighborhood with other seniors. This … Read more

How to Make Your Entryway Safer?


Aging in place is the most popular option for seniors. This explains why one in every three homes in America has at least one senior aged 60 years and above. The leading cause of death and injury around the home falls. This is why it is important to keep the home free from hazards that … Read more

Yoga for Seniors. Is it Worth it?

A rather interesting finding is that of all those who do yoga, a significant 2.9 million are seniors aged 55 and above. If you have been wondering whether it is safe for the elderly to practice yoga, you guess is right. We wouldn’t have such numbers if it wasn’t safe, would we? Yoga is a … Read more

Senior Housing – What are the Options?

When the sunset years approach, there are many changes that take place in one’s life and yes, many decisions to go with these changes. It is a time in life when slowing down and taking a rest from the youthful hustles and bustles is much-appreciated thanks to the body being a little bit delicate but … Read more

Stroke Symptoms – How to Spot Them and What to Do?

Stroke Symptoms

In the United States, an estimated 800,000 new and recurrent cases of stroke are recorded annually. In other words, there is a confirmed stroke diagnosis every 40 seconds. Sadly, not all make it through treatment. According to statistics, a person dies from a stroke every 4 minutes. Stroke is rated the 4th leading cause of … Read more

Reverse Mortgage and Senior Citizen Mortgage Assistance

Traditionally, getting a mortgage meant securing a loan against property which one will pay up over an agreed upon period until full payment is made. Once paid in full, the property will officially belong to the borrower. The traditional mortgage could, however, be a bit limiting for those who are advanced in age. While it … Read more

Palliative Care and Hospice Care – Everything You Need to Know

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 52 million people die annually. Of these, a significant percentage dies suffering from pain and symptoms, directly or indirectly related to their condition, which could have well been eased or alleviated. These include people that die of conditions like cancer, AIDS, and others that may benefit from … Read more