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6 Best Massage Tables 2024


A massage table is a great one-time investment for the home user intending to have therapy sessions in the comfort of their home or for the professional masseuse who does house calls or works from a massage studio. For this reason, its purchase should be informed by a keen consideration of the following factors.

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Master massage 30” Del Ray Therma top table package beauty bed 9.6
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Master massage 31″ Montclair Lx Pro portable massage table package 9.1
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Master Massage Stratomaster Ultralight portable massage table 30″ 9.0
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Master 30” Galaxy Lx portable massage table package with memory foam 9.3
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Earthlite Harmony Dx portable massage table package adjustable headrests 9.0
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Master Massage 31” Montclair portable massage table package  8.9

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Most tables come with a width ranging between 28 and 31 inches and a length of between 72 and 84 inches. However, the spacious ones will ideally have 30 or 31 by 84 inches dimensions while the normal size is usually 27 or 28 by 72 or 73 inches. Size affects the ease with which the table will be stored or transported. The bigger ones are certainly not the most portable massage tables.



Weight is also a factor of mobility. With portable massage tables weighing up to 50 lb, the lighter the table the easier it is for it to be carried around. Most masseuses, on the other hand, will opt to have a stationary table as well. These usually weigh from 40 lb to 150 lb.


Weight capacity

A different aspect of weight is the weight that the table is built to support. This can either be the static weight which refers to the weight that the table can safely hold when in a stationary position or the working weight which refers to the weight your table will bear on normal occasions especially when in use. This comprises of the weight of your client, the weight of any extra accessories you may need to use, as well as the weight that you will be exerting when massaging your client. Check that the massage table you will select can hold up at least 250 lb of human weight.  



Most tables come with an adjustable height mostly between 24 and 36 inches to cater for different human heights. This is also important for the masseuse because it eliminates straining when massaging clients.


Frame construction

Most frames are built with wood, aluminum, or stainless steel material the metal frames being more flexible. Most wooden frames will be constructed with solid hardwood owing to its strength and finished with a paint or gloss to protect the wood. They are also pretty lightweight compared to their metal counterparts.



The cushioning layering the table is an essential comfort feature. This layer is preferably a 2 to 4-inch foam padding covered by upholstery. Small cell foams are a great option because they are firm and dense while still comfortable. Others are multilayered with each layer of foam serving its own specific function. The topmost layer is typically a memory foam to enhance user comfort.



For easy cleaning and maintenance, polyurethane or leather materials make a suitable option for the upholstery. Another function of the upholstery is to give the massage table a stunning look and keep it new longer. Even so, leather is certainly the best and most durable option.  Upholstery material should also be oil, water, and bacteria resistant and if possible free from CFC.


Extra features

These include convenient features like heating tops, Shiatsu release cables to enable you to use the massage table on the floor.


6 Best Massage Tables 2024

Here are 6 best massage tables you need to consider during purchase.


#1 Master massage 30” Del Ray Therma top table package beauty bed

Master Massage 30 Del Ray massage table is a great option for the professional looking for something that is built for frequent heavy use. The high-value European walnut hardwood legs layered with striking hi-gloss Dura-Seal™ for protection together with the tough duo-planeTM hinges at the center of the table effectively optimize this table’s strength. It is also highly adjustable with several holes on the legs to meet different height requirements between 24 and 34 inches and automatically locks for easy set-up. Its cushioned surface of 30 by 84 inches, which is 26% wider compared to others, comes layered with 3-inch three-layered small cell foam™ to offer excellent density to deliver the best user support and comfort. The adjustable face cradle features a memory foam that quickly adapts to body temperature while keeping your head and neck aligned to your spine. This massage table is covered with soft abrasion-free PU upholstery that’s free from abrasion and CFC and which is resistant to water and oil for maximum comfort. The innovative therma top in-built adjustable warming system is designed to keep one warm throughout while still enhancing blood circulation to relax body muscles. This makes the Del Ray Therma Top the best massage table for therapy.


  • Highly adjustable (height and the face cradle)
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and movement
  • In-built warming system
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very comfortable


  • Face cradle foam not as dense as the table foam
  • Consider using it with clients of less than 300 lb weight


#2 Master massage 31″ Montclair Lx Pro portable massage table package

The executive Montclair Lx Pro features a 31-inch extra wide therma heating top and ergonomic construction to give the user a feeling of utmost comfort and safety. Again, like most others by this manufacturer, it compacts easily to brief-case like form with the luggage-style table closure straps making it one of the most portable massage tables. It is outfitted with Master Massage very own sculptured dream face cradle lined with comfortable memory foam. The face cradle adjusts to 6 preset positions. The 3-inch small-cell memory foam in three layers will certainly treat you to a memorable massage experience. The patented dual-plane hinge firmly holds the tabletop brace in position as it towers on agate blue hardwood legs (there are 5 other color options) with a richly blended glossy Dura-Seal coated finish to make it both waterproof and long-lasting. On the other hand, the table is designed with Shiatsu cable release system that detaches the cable from the legs allowing them to fold-in for the table to lie almost directly on the floor.


  • Very stable with quality construction
  • The option of placing the bed flat on the floor
  • Minimal set-up


  • Users prefer a round face cradle rather than the square shape


#3 Master Massage Stratomaster Ultralight portable massage table 30″

Weighing just 25 lb, Stratomaster is the best lightweight massage table suited for outdoor purposes or the mobile therapist. The aircraft quality aluminum frame with powder coat finish is capable of bearing up to 650 lb weight to give the user excellent mobility and strength advantages. Its strength is further enhanced by the Duo-plane center hinges at the center of the table joint. The stratomaster 30-inch x 72.5-inch massage table is lined with the comfortable heat-sensitive small cell foam which has become one of Master Massage signature features. It is 3 inches thick with three layers for optimal comfort and density. In addition to this is the innovative Nanotechnology black upholstery incorporated with UV resistance and antimicrobial properties. Set it up in a breeze with the auto-lock system that is both safe and thanks to its Bigfoot legs you can set it up on any floor surface and still it will remain stable and non-slip. It also features Master Massage own ergonomic Dream Face Pillow on the adjustable face cradle. This heavy-duty massage table folds compact and comes with the sturdy carrying case for easy storage and mobility.


  • Highly portable as it is lightweight and features Bigfoot technology for setting it up anywhere
  • Adjustable height and cradle head
  • Great comfort features
  • Tough construction


  • At 25 lb, this table feels a little too light to support heavyweight


#4 Master 30” Galaxy Lx portable massage table package with memory foam

The 30 inch Galaxy Lx is will certainly charm your aesthetics with its sleek black upholstery. This makes it an excellent heated massage table thanks to its ability to absorb heat. In addition, this 30-inch by 84-inch table comes with an adjustable height range between 20 and 34 inches and with the Quik-Set™ leg knobs, adjusting the height shouldn’t be a hassle. Otherwise, set it up in seconds and safely with the integrated auto-lock leg system. This table, like most others by the same manufacturer, also features the cozy 3-inch three-layered small cell memory foam just beneath its sleek upholstery and another on its adjustable face cradle. The face cradle boasts of a curved crossbar that curves with the memory foam to take the shape of the face thereby greatly enhancing its comfort. The European beech wood construction of its frame along with the duo-plane hinges strengthening the joint at the center of the table can only point to Galaxy Lx remarkable strength. No surprise that it can support up to 1500 lb of static weight.


  • Comes with a heating feature
  • Both the bed and the face cradle are comfortable
  • Strong quality construction


  • 38 lb is a little too heavy for some users


#5 Earthlite Harmony Dx portable massage table package adjustable headrests

The Harmony Dx is another sturdily built massage table engineered with impressive features and a tough construction. This includes the American maple wood for its frame and the light but tough Russian birch plywood for its deck along with water-based lacquers and glues for finishing. Layering its deck is a cozy 2.5-inch double-layered cushioning free from CFC with the eco-friendly NaturSoft upholstery that comes with four color options. Talk of eco-friendly only materials and a quality that resonates with professional massage tables in the industry. With reinforced corner frames, Harmony DX can support up to 600 lb of human weight.  It also features a full-length piano hinge at the center of the table, strong grip knobs for a quick height adjustment, and non-slip leg base for any type of floor. Also adjustable is its patented face cradle lined with Earthlight’s own Cloudfill poly-gel blend cushion. Finally, this table folds compact for easy transportation and storage in the single-pocket nylon carry case also included in its package. At just 34 lb, you will not be at pain doing house calls with this 30-inch by 73-inch massage table.


  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Tough and stable
  • Reinforced corner frames for added strength


  •         The piano hinge is not the strongest for a massage table


#6 Master Massage 31” Montclair portable massage table package

The black Montclair table also by Master Massage features a sturdy frame construction of mahogany hardwood finished with hi-gloss Dura-seal to give it a stunning appearance, utmost protection and is free from both formaldehyde and carcinogen. Also included in its design are the sturdy Reiki panels that let the therapist extend their knees comfortably underneath the table to deliver an exceptional head or shoulder massage without straining. An Auto-Lock™ system locks the legs firmly in place when opened up while the strong DUO-PLANE™ Hinges positioned at the center joint of the table deliver maximum support. The 31 by 84 –inch bed features a three-layered 3-inch small cell foam including one memory foam layer and an integrated Patented Built-In Therma-Top® technology that heats the bed to ranging adjustable temperatures as required. On top of the foam is the easy-to-clean black polyurethane upholstery that has been proofed from oil and water, and free from CFC. Other impressive features in this table are an ergonomically designed face cradle incorporated with a comfortable memory foam pillow, a curved armrest shelf, as well as a 4-pocket carry case for easy storage and mobility, unlike other stationary massage tables. Whether you prefer an-above the ground or flat-on the ground massage experience, this table can be folded flat on the ground thanks to the Shiatsu quick-release cable.


  • Integrated Patented Built-In Therma-Top® technology
  • Free from formaldehyde and carcinogen
  • Comfortable with the multilayered small cell foam with a memory foam layer
  • Adjustable leg height and face cradle


  • No armrests although this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as the table surface is wide enough



When choosing a massage table, consider its functionality. While some need it for massage therapy, others need it for spa, Reiki, or occupational therapy use. These applications come with different requirements. Also, consider whether you want a stationary or functional massage table depending on your intended application. Beyond this, quality and style count a great deal because clients need the assurance that they are getting a run on their bucks. This is how to determine the best massage table for your needs.

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