Best Wheelchair Ramps (Slopes)

8 Best Wheelchair Ramps (Slopes) 2024

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Wheelchair ramps come as the much-needed aid for people who are either permanently or temporarily on a wheelchair. These people usually have limited access to such areas as rooms, entrances, and buildings that are limited by structures like staircases. Sometimes modifying areas around the home to suit them is not an option. This is why they need the best wheelchair ramp to meet their specific needs.

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Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp (6 ft) 8.8
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HomCom Folding Portable Suitcase Mobility Wheelchair Threshold / Ramp (8 ft) 9.3
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Silver Spring Portable Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp (5 ft) 8.9
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Rage Powersports Multi-Fold Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Ramp (8 ft) 9.4
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Titan Ramps MF8 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (8 ft) 9.0
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Titan Ramps MF6 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (6 ft) 9.1
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Goplus® Portable Aluminium Non-skid Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp (7 ft) 9.2
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Titan Ramps Aluminium Wheelchair Entry Ramp & Handrails (10 ft) 9.0

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Here are 5 different types of residential ramps you are bound to come across around the home:

Doorway ramps

Doorway ramps cross over several steps and are in fact the most ideal ramps for stairs for elderly and disabled individuals. Their threshold may go beyond 1 inch up to 6 inches.


Vehicle ramps

These are specifically designed for sports vehicles. They are usually designed with a protruding lip to give a smooth transition between the bumper and the ground.


Threshold ramps

Threshold ramps for wheelchairs are designed for short vertical inclinations like at entrances. They are the most common ramps for doorways with short angles ranging between ½ and 1 inch.


Shower ramps

These are the smallest ramps made of non-corrosive material since they are constantly exposed to water and humidity. They help the elderly and the disabled get their bath chairs into walk-in showers. A cheap wheelchair ramp suffices for a shower ramp as it does not come with many functions.


Modular ramps

These ramps are designed with adjustable lengths making them useful for varying heights of up to 12 inches. They are a good multifunctional solution.

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Buying Guide

Choosing a Wheelchair Ramp?

Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Which application do you need a ramp for?

Ramps can either be for residential or business use. Further, you need to establish the specific application you intend to put the ramp into. For instance, a ramp used for loading unoccupied wheelchair will be different from that used for loading occupied wheelchairs and scooters or from a suitcase ramp for wheelchairs and other things in a business premise.


2. Do you need a permanent or temporary ramp?

Permanent ramps are suitable for long-term residential or building applications. Those in buildings especially have to adhere to building regulations regarding gradient, style, and size. Temporary wheelchair ramps, on the other hand, are a bit more flexible in terms of meeting specific gradient and style needs. In addition consider its portability, weight, non-skid surface and its ability to fold.


3. What is the weight of the user?

All ramps come with their maximum carrying capacities stated. These may go up to 900 lb.


4. What is the slope and height of the incline you intend to use it on?

It is always safe to follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities) wheelchair ramp specifications. There are two main slope standards to go by:

  • Occupied standards: when a scooter or wheelchair has someone sitting on it as it moves on the ramp. The ADA recommends a 3.12 gradient. In this case, for every 3 inches, a wheelchair rises in the vertical direction, it needs to move one foot in length.
  • Unoccupied standards: Means the wheelchair or scooter without anyone sitting on it. As per ADA’s recommendation under this category, a slope of 1.12 should be observed meaning that a 12-inch rise needs to correspond to a 6-ft movement of a wheelchair.

In essence, the higher the vertical distance, the longer the ramp will be.


5. Does it come with other important additional features?

Features like a carrying handle and lip extension at the end of the ramp are important for user convenience. Do you have any color and style preferences?


8 Best Wheelchair Ramps (Slopes) 2024

Here are some top wheelchair ramps to look out for during your selection.

#1 Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp (6 ft)

WCR630 ramp by Prairie View Industries couples its innovative pinch-proof hinge, folding design and safety detail into such great strength and performance that you will love carrying it wherever you go. Its patented no-pinch design integrates a center joint hinge without a pinch point for your safety. It folds twice like a suitcase to 6 inches which is a quarter of its size and comes attached with a Velcro closure strap that holds the ramp in its folded position securely and a handle that you clutch when moving around. Alternatively, split it into two equal halves for easy transportation.

With lightweight aluminum construction, 30 inches width unfolded and a non-slip tape lining on the top side, this ramp will no doubt offer enough space and stability for your four-wheeled wheelchair or scooter and give you some useful years of service. It is designed to rise from 10-16 inches wheelchair ramp slope height. However, you will have to consult a ramp calculator to set it to the right height for your use. Some impressive additions include a safety guide to help you tell when you ramp is on a safe or unsafe incline and safety pins made of durable steel to keep your ramp intact when folded. With a carrying capacity of 800 lb, this ramp will be your best bet for a heavy scooter.


  • Offers excellent traction and stability for the wheelchair or scooter especially under wet conditions
  • Wide space for maximum stability
  • Easy setup


  • Difficult to separate in two pieces as indicated by the manufacturer
  • Metals at the edges could be dangerous
  • A little heavy for some users


#2 HomCom Folding Portable Suitcase Mobility Wheelchair Threshold / Ramp (8 ft)

This threshold ramp by HomCom is a good option for those who want to move their wheelchair or scooter up or down bigger or smaller inclines from the stairs to the ground or from the ground to the back of a vehicle boot. It is strong enough and safe enough thanks to the guardrails on either side to prevent tip-offs. Its top surface is patterned giving it great traction especially under wet conditions.

It’s tough and durable thanks to the non-corrosive aluminum alloy construction. For this reason, you are safe loading on it weights up to 600 lb. don’t be mistaken though. It is as light as 46.64 lb so moving it around shouldn’t be a hassle. Plus it also splits into two separate pieces for easy transportation. At 96″ (L) x 29″ (W) unfolded and 48″ (L) x 14″ (W) folded dimensions, this ramp will help you move literally any of your load be it a scooter, wheelchair, lawnmower particularly for the disabled who need to move up or down any residential wheelchair ramp slope.


  • Easy setup
  • Foldable hence easy to store or transport
  • Carrying handle
  • Guardrails on either side for safety


  • Because of its length, it tends to bend at the middle under its max weight capacity. You might have to carry lesser weight to be on the safe side


#3 Silver Spring Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp (5 ft)

This is among the aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes by Silver Spring made for scooters and wheelchair weights up to 800 lb. With a non-slip surface offering great traction and it one-piece design, you can roll your power chair up or down 10-inch residential inclines or 5-inch high commercial inclines without trouble. At 5 ft. by 23-inch dimension, the ramp is wide and stable enough for your load or disabled/elderly patients on wheelchairs to roll down and is safer too thanks to the raised ends which prevent accidental slip-overs. Finally and quite uniquely, it comes with pre-drilled holes if for safety’s sake you want to permanently set it on an incline.


  • Raised guardrails and non-skid surface for utmost safety
  • Pre-drilled holes for permanent set up


  • One-piece design is not foldable hence not space-saving
  • No carrying handle


#4 Rage Powersports Multi-Fold Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Ramp (8 ft)

The 8 ft. multi-fold mobility ramp by Rage Powersports is one of the best portable wheelchair ramps for stairs if you intend to move 600 lb of both you and your power chairs. Roll your occupied scooter or wheelchair at a 16-inch incline on a wheelchair and if walking, incline it at 24-inches off the ground and you are effectively sorted. Furthermore, its surface like most others in its league is non-skid for safety purposes. Made with non-corrosive aluminum metal this ramp is set to offer you several years of useful service. Finally, it compactly folds to 53″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 9″ (H) for easy storage and comes with a handle making it portable.


  • Both a power chair and a walk ramp
  • High traction thanks to its non-skid top surface
  • Folds for easy carrying and storage


  • A bit tasking setting it up and taking it apart
  • For moving patients on wheelchairs, it is safer not reaching its maximum capacity


#5 Titan Ramps MF8 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (8 ft)

The MF8 by Titan ramps is a great wheelchair or scooter ramp. Weighing just 53 lb, this ramp compacts to ¼ its size and comes with a lock screw to secure it folded making it one of the most portable and easy to store ramps around. It comes with a carrying capacity of 600 lb evenly distributed weight and 300 lbs maximum weight on a single axle. Its construction features include a non-skid grip surface for all-weather use with tough non-corrosive aluminum to have it serve you longer. With 96″ L x 29″ W unfolded dimension, incline it 2.5 inches up the porch and smoothly roll your power chair or scooter. And with pre-drilled holes on it, it is possible to screw it permanently in place for enhanced stability. When folded, it measures 52″L x 14.5″ W.


  • Compacts to ¼ its size for easy storage and transportation
  • Soft palm-friendly handle
  • Pre-drilled holes to secure the ramp for stability


  • Not a great walk ramp


#6 Titan Ramps MF6 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (6 ft)

Here is another great ramp also by Titan Ramps, but a size smaller than the 8 ft yet with more or less the same features. It weighs 40 lb, made of aluminum and comes with a non-slip top surface for all-weather use. What’s more, you can secure it firmly on your porch for better stability thanks to the pre-drilled holes. However, this ramp is not safe for walking. Its functionality limits it to scooters, power chairs, and such other loads that require movement at an angle and to a maximum carrying capacity of 600 lb. Storage is quite convenient as it folds to ¼ its size with a folded dimension of 40″ (L) x 14.5″ (W) and comes with a palm-friendly nylon handle for easy transportation. When unfolded, it measures 72″ (L) x 29″ (W) offering ample space for your wide wheelchair.


  • Easy palm-friendly carrying handle
  • Foldable to ¼ its size for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-drilled holes for permanent installation


  • Not a walking ramp


#7 Goplus® Portable Aluminum Non-skid Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp (7 ft)

This Goplus® 7 ft ramp comes as an excellent option if you intend to move your occupied wheelchair over a 14-inch raised surface. On the other hand, if you are using it as a walk ramp, incline it 21 inches and it will help you a great deal. It is strong, durable and doesn’t rust thanks to its aluminum construction. In addition to this, this ramp is designed with a non-skid upper surface making it perfect for all weather. With a capacity of 600 lb distributed and a 2.5-inch angled lip drilled with holes, you can install your ramp permanently on the surface and easily roll your wheelchair over. Finally, it folds up for easy storage, weighs just 44 lb and comes with an integrated nylon carrying handle for easy movement.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Angled lip drilled with holes for securing it permanently to the ground


  • Stable but with extra bottom support
  • One-piece, cannot be taken apart for easy lifting


#8 Titan Ramps Aluminum Wheelchair Entry Ramp & Handrails (10 ft)

The 10 ft wheelchair ramp by Titan Ramps is remarkably solid and tough, meeting heavy-duty requirements at a whole new level. This one-piece ramp features tough corrosion-free aluminum construction and 1.5-inch thick waist-high handrails at a height of 36.5 inches making it the go-to option for people needing an almost permanent solution for their homes. What’s more, the handrails are rounded to ensure maximum safety for all users.

It’s versatile enough and quite ideal for a wide range of applications including rolling the wheelchair and scooter, walking on free as well as walking with cane or crutches. The removable handrails are an excellent optional addition that can be taken off when the need arises. What’s more, it is completely non-slip and with a 3-inch extended front lip and 6-inch back lip transition becomes an easy task.

Solidly built, this ramp literally needs no assembling. It has a carrying capacity of 850 lb which happens to be one of the highest for a residential ramp. However given its high carrying capacity, it comes a little heavy at 132 lb. With 10′ (L) x 36.75” (outside width) and 35 1/2″ (inside width) dimensions, this ramp offers more than enough rolling space for any wheelchair or scooter.


  • Waist-high removable handrails
  • The high carrying capacity of 850 lb
  • Solid construction
  • Extended lips at the front and back for an easy transition


  • One-piece ramp
  • Bulky
  • Does not fold hence not easy to store



Ramps are indispensable units in a home, business or building where people and power chairs need to be moved from or to the ground. They are safer to use and make work much easier. Inclines will always be there and some situations although not permanent, necessitate the need for different types and styles of ramps, doorway or vehicle, permanent or temporary, pricey or cheap wheelchair ramps. All of these have an important role to play in this huge industry.

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