6 Best TV Remotes for Seniors 2021

Seniors watch television more compared to other groups of people perhaps because after retirement they have more time available to them. It is typical for a home to have more than one entertainment device, each with its remote. For the older generation, trying to sort through the clutter to control each device with its rightful … Read more

6 Best Motion Sensor Alarms for the Elderly 2021

Monitoring seniors without the help of automated technology can be very demanding given that they need very close supervision throughout. You hardly ever settle down to rest unless they are asleep. And while they are asleep, you would still need to be on the alert lest they wake up to answer the call of nature … Read more

5 Best Swivel Side Tray Tables 2021

Best Swivel Side Tray Tables

For seniors, safety and freedom of movement are vital factors to ensure they enjoy life to the maximum. Sitting comfortably to either eat or access essential stuff on swivel side tray tables enhances their safety. Some seniors have a high risk of falling, and therefore, they need to retrieve things within reach. Jump straight to … Read more

8 Best Overbed Tables 2021

Overbed tables have for a long time been synonymous with hospitals and homebound patients. Most of them are just plain simple wooden trays that easily get cluttered. They are used to move food and medicine closer to patients so that they don’t strain while eating. Jump straight to the Reviews Section Jump straight to the … Read more

9 Best Pillows for Stomach and Back Sleepers 2021

The pillow makes the bed. Ever heard of this phrase? And if you have, have you taken time to decipher what it truly means? Well, it has more to do with the right pillow giving you quality sleep than the aesthetics of it. Today we are going to look at the best pillows for two … Read more