8 Best Memory Foam Orthopedic Seat Cushions 2020

Best Memory Foam Orthopedic Seat Cushions


Do you often experience regular uncomfortable back pains each day after sitting for many hours? It’s a common byproduct of fatigue and improper body alignment. If you do a lot of slouching or leaning forward when working then you understand why you complain of backache every day. The sad thing is that you might not realize what’s causing the pain and you end up popping painkillers and going back to the same old slouching position. For most people, it takes years to finally realize where the problem is when the damage is far much done.

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Aylio Memory Foam Socket Seat 9.6
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Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion 9.4
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SOFTaCare Seat Cushion 9.5
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ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion 9.1
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HOKEKI Seat Cushion 9.1
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Larrous Heightening Seat Cushion 9.3
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Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion 9.7
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Bonmedico All-in-One Memory Foam Seat Cushion 9.2

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Continued improper posture causes tailbone pain, lower back pain, misaligned spinal and overtime change of body posture. It is therefore very important to ensure that you evenly distribute your weight while sitting to prevent these annoying complications. And the best way to achieve that is by using a memory foam cushion. A memory foam cushion is the best way to deal with the strain that otherwise would have been exerted on your back leading to discomfort and pain.

A memory foam cushion is ideal for people who spend long hours sitting whether driving, at the office or even at home. The memory foam cushions are designed to give you the right posture and coccyx relief among other benefits that come with it.


Factors to consider when buying memory foam cushions

Whether you are looking for memory foam cushions for chairs for your home office, memory foam cushions for cars or memory foam cushions for office chairs, all these factors come into play to get you the best seat cushion.



You need to have the best memory foam cushion that is breathable to allow your body to maintain its processes undisturbed. A mesh cover allows for the same process to take place and thus enjoy the comfort that you want without stress.


Ease of cleaning

The velour cover that forms the cushion needs to be one that can be easily removed and washable.



Memory foam cushions that are light in weight are easy to carry around. You can own just one and ferry to different places, be it your car or your office.



The materials used to make the memory foam cushion need to be of high quality and long-lasting. Since it’s something you will use every day, it must be able to withstand the pressure you exert on it without caving in. Moreover, the cushion should be firm and soft and one that does not lose its shape after a couple of uses. It should also be neither too hard nor too soft.


Design and style

The memory foam cushion needs to be of the best design and style. The style should blend with the seats in your car, office or home. It should have features such as the non-slip bottom which allows the cushion to remain in its position, the extra-large design which is meant for overweight users and the body heat-responsive feature. Such are features that make the cushion comfortable to sit on.



A memory foam cushion that is the right size of your body molds accordingly thus taking the shape of your body giving you a good posture that is important for healthy living.



The memory foam cushion suitable for your needs should also be affordable and meet your budget without strain.


Benefits of a memory foam seat cushion

Memory foam is growing in popularity by night. Every product made from it is moving off the shelves pretty fast and memory foam cushions aren’t left behind either. There are memory foam cushions for chairs, memory cush Here are the reasons behind their popularity:

Affordability. Memory foam cushions are very affordable yet of very high quality.

Portability. Memory foam cushions are lightweight hence you can carry them around to whatever.

Comfort. Comfort is obviously top of the list on the benefits of this cushion type. The best thing about memory foam is that it contours to your body’s shape, in this case, your bottom. This lessens any strain caused by sitting.

Durability. The memory foam material is very high grade, it can last for years without any wear and tear if taken good care of.

Support. Memory foam cushions are very comfortable to sit on even for extremely long hours. They cushion the tailbone from the direct impact of the surface. If your work involves being seated for very long hours, this is the best solution to evade fatigue and backbone pain.


Best Memory Foam Cushions 2020


#1 Aylio Memory Foam Socket Seat

This seat cushion is designed to take the pressure off your tailbone, hips, and hamstrings when you sit. It is made from high-density memory foam. The greatest advantage of memory foam cushions is that it molds to the specific shape of your backside. You can also get up and sit back down without the seat losing its shape. The Aylio Memory Foam Socket Seat is made with high-quality materials. The memory foam is high-density and is covered by a high-quality vegan leather. There is also a 3D mesh covering on the surface that provides breathability.

To alleviate pain, this socket seat has contours on the surface that match with the natural contours of your backside. There are two holes at the bottom to support your pelvic area as well. The socket seat has a handle that helps you move the pillow from place to place easily. The cover is also removable that way you can clean it as often as you wish to keep the cushion fresh for longer.


  • Customized support is provided by the thick memory foam cushion
  • Durable construction to enhance long-term use
  • Comfortable to sit on Removable cover can be machine-washed to keep the pillow fresh
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport the socket seat


  • The cut-out holes may be too small for most users
  • The socket seat may slide on a seat


#2 Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

This is one of the best memory foam seat cushions for office chairs. It is made entirely out of memory foam cushion. Memory foam cushion uses heat off your body to mold to the specific shape of your backside. The cushion does not release the shape even after you stop using the cushion. The design of the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion is U-shaped. This is the design recommended by many orthopedic surgeons and doctors. It is a shape that works effectively to relieve pain from your backside when you are seated. It also makes it easier to move the cushion from place to place.

This orthopedic cushion features a textured bottom cover. The textured surface prevents the cushion from slipping when you place it on the seat or sit on it. The cover is easy to remove: you can just unzip it. It is also machine-washable and dryer safe.


  • Ergonomic U-shaped design for better relief
  • Heat technology molds the memory foam to give you better support
  • Holds securely to the seat
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean


  • The pillow elevates the height, making it harder for shorter people to reach the floor when seated on it
  • It may feel too large for petite users


#3 SOFTaCare Seat Cushion

The SOFTaCare Seat Cushion is a two-piece set to relieve pain on your back and bottom. That makes it one of the best memory foam seat cushions out there. Two straps help you adjust the cushions to fit the seat you place them on. It is made entirely out of memory foam cushioning, a high-grade material. The cushion is soft and easily accepts your weight. It also molds to the shape of your body. This gives you unique support designed for just you. The memory foam also does not flatten even if you use it for a long time.

The cushion has velvet and mesh covering. The mesh keeps the cushion fresh and breathable. You can keep the cover clean by machine washing it. The cushion has a handle that you can use to easily transport the cushion from place to place. It is also equipped with a side pocket where you can place your phone.


  • Designed for multiple types of seats and can be adjusted to fit any seat
  • Breathable mesh keeps the cushion at the right temperature for comfort
  • The side pocket keeps your phone and other valuables within easy reach
  • Easy to clean


  • It may stain lighter-colored surfaces
  • The seat cushion may flatten and provide little support to heavier users


#4 ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

This one of the memory foam cushions for office chairs, optimized to relieve pain from your backside. It is made of memory foam. It does a good job of fitting providing unique support to the lower back and backside. This cushion has a temperature-sensitive layer of gel. The gel gives you firm support when it is cold and softer support when it is warm.

The cushion is U-shaped, making it an orthopedic cushion. Doctors recommend this type of shape as they claim it better relieves pain on your coccyx and hamstrings. It has an ergonomic handle at the side so that you can move it around easily. This way you can use it both at home and at work with no extra strain. The bottom of the cover has a non-slip rubber design to prevent it from sliding off your seat when you using it. The cover can also be removed easily by opening the zipper. You can keep the pillow clean and fresh by washing the cover in the washing machine.


  • Special gel layer gives you varied support depending on the temperature
  • Non-slip cover
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle to help you move the pillow from the surface to surface easily
  • Small and lightweight, making it highly portable


  • It flattens easily when someone sits on it for a long time
  • The change in firmness when temperature changes may be uncomfortable


#5 HOKEKI Seat Cushion

The HOKEKI cushion is one of the best memory foam seat cushions for home chairs. It is made for a person who sits for longer than 7 hours. It is made in a U-shaped design that many doctors recommend for pain relief in these areas. This seat cushion is small, measures just 18 by 14 inches. This makes it suitable for use on many chairs, including airplane and car seats. It is made of 100 % memory foam, a material that molds to the shape of your backside to give you better support.

To enhance comfort, the cushion has a cover. This cover has a velvety feel against your body and skin. It is also removable so that you can keep the pillow clean and fresh.


  • Can be placed on wheelchairs, airplanes, and car seats
  • It is soft
  • Easy to carry from place to place
  • Softcover prevents the pillow from rubbing against your skin
  • Easy to wash cover keeps your cushion fresh for longer


  • Provides better support only for people under 280 pounds
  • Raises one by 3 inches and makes it unsuitable for driving


#6 Larrous Heightening Seat Cushion

At just a glance this is a luxurious cushion made from memory foam cushion designed to provide support and relief to your pelvis and tailbone area. The high-density memory foam contours to the shape pf your backside to keep you comfortable for longer. This oversized seat cushion is made specifically to raise your height when you are seated. This enhances the lumbar support provided. The bottom of the cushion is non-slip, this ensures that the cushion does move out of the seat causing a fall.

The cushion has a seat cover that has a hidden zipper. This gives you a compact-looking cushion with a cover that is easy to remove. This makes it easy to clean it. The cover also has an upper mesh layer for breathability. This keeps the cushion at a comfortable temperature to enhance your comfort.


  • Elevates you from the seat to provide better lumbar support
  • comfortable
  • Has a mesh cover to regulate temperature
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • The raised design may be uncomfortable for tall drivers
  • Has a safety strap that does not adapt to most car seats


#7 Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Everlasting seat cushion is another item in our review that comes in two separate pieces to give you both back and backside support. The back pillow relieves pressure on your neck and spine and can help correct your posture. The seat cushion is U-shaped to relieve pressure on your pelvis. The U-shaped cushion also enhances the support of your coccyx when seated. The cushions are filled with memory foam. This foam is responsive to heat so It takes the heat from your body to mold to the specific curve of your back and sitting area.

The cushion is fitted with a removable cover that is soft and protects your skin from the holes on the surface of the cushion. If you are worried about keeping them clean, don’t worry. The covers are removable and are machine-washable.


  • Two-in-one cushion to provide full support
  • Heat-sensitive
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Machine-washable


  • Back pillow tends to get hot after some use
  • Pillows tend to slide on the seat


#8 Bonmedico All-in-One Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is a unique memory foam seat cushions for cars, molded together to provide all-in-one support on your spine and bottom. It is firm therefore enhancing blood flow to your legs and back area when you are seated. It is most ideal for people who sit for long hours and those who need support after surgery. The cushion is covered entirely by a mesh layer. This keeps the interior of the cushion at a comfortable temperature. It also keeps the interior breathable to keep the cushion fresh and free from odors. The cover is removable and machine-washable.

To enhance comfort, there is a strap that you can attach to the backrest of a seat. This keeps it from slipping. This feature is enhanced by a non-slip bottom on the cover. This way you do not have to keep adjusting the cushion when working.


  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Mesh covering regulates the cushion’s temperature for better comfort
  • Easy to secure on seat’s backrest using an adjustable strap
  • The removable cover can be washed in a machine to keep the cushion fresh
  • An ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry the cushion from place to place


  • The backrest is not suitable for taller users
  • It might feel too firm for some users



It’s clear that a seat cushion is more than mandatory for someone who sits for long hours. It offers the needed support while sitting to keep off the tailbone pain, lower back pain among other discomforts. Any type of seat cushion can be used but for better support, comfort, and protection, a memory foam seat cushion is your best choice. Choose any of our reviewed memory foam seat cushions and say goodbye to pain. And what’s great is that they are all affordable.

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