9 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers 2024


A vast majority of us have to take a variety of medicines at some point in our lives. Given our busy schedules, it is easy to forget to keep to our dosage schedule. This is more serious when it comes to our elderly loved ones who are dealing with serious medical conditions. It is common for elderly patients to skip a dose or two because of sheer forgetfulness. Many times they try compensating by taking all of the missed doses at once, something that is dangerous. It is therefore important to have a tool that reminds you to take your meds when you need to.

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Automatic pill dispensers are designed specifically for this reason. In this article, we will look at why you need an automatic pill dispenser. You will also get pointers as to what to look for in a pill dispenser. Finally, we will then break down the best automatic pill dispensers out there.


Benefits of an automatic pill dispenser



Taking medicines in the wrong order can be disastrous to your health. Automatic pill dispensers make sure that this does not happen. The dispensers are divided into compartments that can hold a dozen or more pills. You can arrange the pills in the order in which you need to take them. Other dispensers arrange them for you. This way, you are sure to take the right pill when you need to.



Automatic dispensers come with in-built alarm systems. These alarms ring until you take your medicine. They are hard to sleep through, with some ringing for up to even an hour. What is even more, some dispensers have alarms that also have flashing lights. Even when you do not hear the ringing, the flashing lights are sure to get your attention.


Ease of medicine retrieval

Pill dispensers are automatic. You will not need to struggle with the cap of a pill bottle in order to reach your medicine. Most of them have a mechanism that rotates the tray and releases your dose. All you have to do is pick up the pills and swallow.



Pill dispensers come with multiple trays and hold dozens of pills. You can fill your prescription for the month into the dispenser, set your alarms and only deal with medicine once your alarm rings. Automatic pill dispensers save you the headache of having to remember the order of your prescriptions for a long time. 


Access to medical history

Smart pill dispensers give you access to your medical history. Whether Bluetooth enabled or WiFi enabled, you can link the dispenser to an app on your phone or tablet. So if you need to remember whether or not you finished the prescription of a certain drug, you just pull out your phone and look through the records. You can do this even when you are far away from home. Pretty handy right?


Buying guide

You are now sold as to why you need an automatic pill dispenser, and you are on the market for one. How can you tell which one to buy? Here are the most important features to look at:


Relentless alarm system

There is really no use for a pill dispenser if it only rings once. You need multiple alarms, especially if you are prone to forgetting or you have hearing problems, Many pill dispensers ring for minutes on end until you take your medication. Alarms can, and should, be accompanied by a flashing light. This is good for people who have lost their hearing, or those who fall into a deep sleep. A good alarm does not grate on your ears either. You can get an alarm with voice reminders rather than an alarm tone. You also have the option of an alarm with customizable sound. There is no better reminder to keep healthy than the voice of your loved one, maybe a child or a grandchild, telling you to look after yourself.



You do not want an automatic dispenser that needs to be refilled every day. The internal size of the dispenser should have multiple compartments, even dozens of them. The compartments should also be spacious enough to handle even bigger pills. Once you load your pills, the only thing you need to remember is to listen out for the alarm. At the same time, the dispenser should not be too large to be uncomfortable to carry. An automatic dispenser should be portable so that you can carry it around even when traveling or vacationing. For older people, a portable dispenser is less strenuous to handle.


Smart tech capabilities

Aside from being automatic, a good pill dispenser is technologically enabled. A Wi-Fi enabled automatic pill dispenser will safely upload all your prescriptions to a corresponding phone application. This way you can keep track of your medicines even when away from your pill dispenser. Smart pill dispensers also ensure that you keep to the schedule, especially for children and elderly people. Some send a text or email to a caregiver when the alarm is not responded to for a long time. It makes it easy to check-in and finds out what is going on in case medicine has not been taken.



Best Automatic Pill Dispensers 2024


#1 MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser

This medication dispenser comes with a set of keys for opening and closing the dispenser. No one else can access the interior and tamper with the medication. The dispenser is also spacious, with a total of 28 compartments that can hold up to 9 pills each. You can easily store medicine and forget about reloading the dispenser for a few weeks. The dual alarm system allows you to set one or two alarms. You are guided by the small LCD display when setting it up. The alarm system also has a low-frequency flashing light. The light and the alarm work together, only going off when you open the dispenser’s door. You will never miss a dose this way.

The MedReady dispenser is electrically powered. In case of any power outages, there is a backup battery so that you remain on track. The trays of the dispenser rotate to release up to 4 pills at a time. You do not have access to past doses, a feature that prevents overdosing.


  • Fits several dose cycles so it does not need to be constantly loaded.
  • The lock and key setting keep the medicines safe from outside tampering.
  • A flashing light captures your attention even when asleep.
  • The alarms ring until you open the dispenser door to take your medicine.
  • The backup battery ensures that you keep on track even during a power outage.


  • The alarm can be too low for people who are hard of hearing.
  • If you skip a dose you cannot retake it.


#2 MedTime e-Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser

This automatic pill dispenser is designed for the person with a complicated medication schedule. The medicine tray has 28 compartments that can each hold up to 18 regular pills. It comes with two locking keys to keep your medicines protected. To remind you to keep to your schedule, the dispenser allows you to set up to 6 alarms in a day. The alarms can be accompanied by a flashing light to alert you wherever you are. Each alarm can ring up to 30 minutes or until you take your medicine.

In case you have trouble holding things, this dispenser has a tipper. The tipper allows you to gently tip the dispenser to release the medicine. There is no strain on your wrist when you do this. The medicine falls into a steel cup at the bottom where you can readily pick it to swallow.


  • BPA-free construction and stainless steel cup do not further complicate your health.
  • The tipper allows you to access your medicines without hurting yourself and without spilling.
  • Two locking keys prevent others from tampering with your medicines.
  • 6 alarms and flashing light ensure that you never miss a dose.
  • Suitable for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.


  • Has to be tipped otherwise the medicines can be knocked down to the floor.
  • The batteries last only a month with continued use.


#3 MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser

This smart pill dispenser is equipped with 8 small bins and 4 small bins. These bins can hold up to a 90-day supply of pills. You do not need to sort through the medicines: just pour them in and sorting will be done for you. Up to 12 different types of medicines can be held in this dispenser.  Designed for the person who easily forgets, this dispenser will send an alert to family or caregivers through email or text. This makes it harder for you to forget a dose. The alarm set up is a touchscreen and easy to use.

You can set up custom audio to act as an alarm. You can use your favorite song or a voice recording of your children or loved ones. It is electrically powered, but in case of a power outage, the battery backup will keep it running for 24 hours.


  • WiFi-enabled to send reminders to the family so that you do not forget.
  • Customized audio protects from annoying alarm ringing.
  • Easy to use, with no medicine sorting or assembling required: it is all automatic.
  • 24-hour battery backup keeps the dispenser running even during a power outage.
  • Spacious, holding up to 90 days’ worth of pills.


  • No notable cons.


#4 MedSmart Plus Monitored Pill Dispenser

Another dispenser with an email or text alert system is the MedSmart Plus pill dispenser. It is portable with a display for you to easily set up your alarm system. The display also shows how many more doses you have left for the day. There is an early dose feature that allows you to take your medication early just in case you are about to leave the house. The alarm on the MedSmart Plus rings until you pick up the dispenser. An email or text notification will be sent to your family or caregiver if you do not take your medicine within an hour of the alarm ringing.

The MedSmart Plus has 2 medicine trays, with compartments holding up to 20 pills each. You can store medicines for the whole month without refilling. Since it is Wi-Fi enabled, you can have access to your medicine intake history even when you are away from home.


  • Loud alarm with a blinking light to notify you to take your medicine.
  • Email or text notification sent to caregivers after 60 minutes of an alarm ringing.
  • ‘Early Dose’ feature ensures you do not miss a dose even when you leave the house before the alarm.
  • You can have access to your medicine intake even when away from the home.
  • It comes with a backup battery to keep reminders on in case of a power outage.


  • It needs to be turned around to dispense the pills, making it uncomfortable for older people or those with arthritis.
  • Has to be docked to work, and someone can do it inaccurately.


#5 MedSmart Voice Plus Automatic Pill Dispenser

You are sure to keep on top of their medication schedule with this automatic pill dispenser machine. It has several compartments that fit up to two dozen pills at the same time. This means that you can simply load the dispenser and forget about it for a month or more. The LCD display helps you set up alarms. You can set up to 6 daily alarms with voice reminders. The voice reminders are friendlier than song reminders. There is also a flashing light that works together with the alarm. This Voice Dispenser has Bluetooth capabilities. This means that you can set up the alarms using your mobile phone. You can also review your medicine intake history using your phone. The Bluetooth works as long as you are not further than 33 feet away from the dispenser.


  • Bluetooth-enabled for remote setup and reviewing of dosage history.
  • Fits dozens of pills at one go to reduce the hassle of loading it up.
  • Has a battery backup that can last up to 2 months in case of a power outage.
  • Pills are kept secure by two keys.
  • The alarm rings for up to an hour until the medicine is taken.


  • The clock self-resets, leading to missed doses.


#6 LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

This pill dispenser runs on AA batteries which are easy to find and replace. It has 28 compartments which allow loading up to 18 different types of pills in each. Depending on your dosage, you may not need to reload until after a month. To ensure security, the pill dispenser comes with two keys. The pills are locked away, safe from tampering and accidental overdoses. The dispenser rotates into place for you to access the pills. You can set it up to release pills up to 6 times a day depending on your dosage. The LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser is easy to set up, with an LCD display that can be used even if you have bad sight. Your information remains safe, with your settings being saved even when the batteries run out and the dispenser switches off.


  • It can store hundreds of pills at one go, making it easier to load.
  • In-built power saving, with the display going off after 10 minutes to save power.
  • Powered by AA batteries which are easy to find.
  • LED lighting together with the alarms to keep you in line with your schedule
  • Dose settings are stored even when the battery runs out so you do not need to restart the dose.


  • Battery replacement may make it hard for people with dementia or Alzheimers.


#7 GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser

This pill dispenser comes with a metallic lock. You can secure the lid and rest assured that no one else will have access to it. The chances of overdosing or medicine tampering are therefore greatly reduced. It has 28 compartments, each fitting up to 18 tablets. Depending on your dosage, you may not have to reload the tray for up to a month. You can easily see your pills through the transparent lid and track your dose with the help of the dosage rings. Small and light, this dispenser is highly portable and easy to travel with. It is battery powered, which increases its portability. Even when the batteries run out, the dosage settings will be retained so you can keep to your schedule.


  • Easy to plan ahead on dosage because it holds dozens of tablets
  • Reduces the stress of recalibrating it by retaining dosage settings even when power runs out.
  • You can keep track of your medications without unlocking it by viewing through the transparent lid.
  • Suitable for schedules requiring up to 6 times of medicine intake.
  • Highly portable and lightweight.


  • Not waterproof and so medicine can get soaked if a liquid is accidentally spilled on it.


#8 VitaWorks Automatic Pill Dispenser

This pill dispenser is made so that pill intake is accurate and easy. There are 28 compartments, each capable of holding up to 18 pills. Once you load it up, you can focus on just taking your pills for the next month or so. The dosage ring aids you when customizing the dispenser according to your daily dosage. Once the time to take the pills arrives, the tray turns to release the pills needed for that dose. This goes a long way in preventing accidental overdoses. Security is further enhanced by the key that keeps all the pills out of reach.

The alarm on this dispenser rings for 30 minutes accompanied by a flashing red light. Whether you are asleep or have hearing difficulties, this alarm system is sure to get your attention. All you have to do is turn it over to take your pills and stop the alarm.


  • Enabled for month-long use by the 28 compartments.
  • Battery-powered and suitable for travelers who need to take medications.
  • It comes with a special key to keep your pills far from reach.
  • You can customize the alarm tone to have your favorite song or the voice of a loved one remind you to take the medicine.
  • The alarm does not go off until the medicine is taken.


  • Has to be turned over for medicine to be released, making it difficult for people with dexterity problems.


#9 MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer

One of the best automatic pill dispensers on this list. This one has 31 compartments with 4 inner compartments for up to 4 daily doses. Once the dose for the day is finished, the compartment turns green. This reduces confusion as to where you left off and where to start. The pill dispenser has an in-built alarm system that can be set up to ring up to 4 times a day. A voice reminds you to take the medicine for that particular date. You need to press an acknowledgment button to stop the alarm.

The compartments have dates inscribed on them. You can easily match the date on the compartment to that on your alarm and the clock on your display. This way you are very sure that you are taking the correct dose. The dispenser is battery powered, requiring easily-available AA batteries to work.


  • It can store up to a month’s worth of medicines.
  • Easy to use, only needing to open a compartment to access the medicine.
  • 3-step dose clarification ensures that the right medicine is taken every day.
  • The voice alarm is a gentler reminder than ringing tones.
  • Buttons turn green once the dose for the day is finished, reducing the chance for overdosing.


  • Opening the compartments may be difficult for people with dexterity issues.
  • Alarms can either be all on or all off even for less than 4 doses per day.



There is a pill dispenser for everyone out there. Whether you want a pill dispenser whose alarm tone can be customized, more techy pill dispenser, or just a plain dispenser with an alarm, you are sure to find one to your taste. Just make sure that your pill dispenser fits you. If you have hearing problems, you need to get one that also comes with a flashing light. If you have dexterity issues like arthritis, get yourself a dispenser that automatically releases the medicines without you needing to handle it. And if you travel constantly, get a dispenser that is battery-powered and lightweight. This way, you can have a healthy, dose-abiding life.

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