Best Chair and Sofa Lifts (Stand Assists)

3 Best Chair and Sofa Lifts (Stand Assists) 2024


Such a simple task as standing can be such a difficult one for some people. It could be due to medical conditions, medical procedures, age among other reasons. Thankfully, there are innovative products to help you in such situations. Stand assists, also known as sit-to-stand help in raising the height of the chair such that getting up becomes easy. Essentially these devices lift you up.

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If you are looking for such a device, you may be at a crossroads deciding on the best pick. Fortunately, in this review, we have selected for you the best chair and sofa lifts.

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What are stand assists?

Stand assists are also known as lifting seats and are used by people with mobility problems. They allow for an active lifestyle and the ability to stand. These devices are designed to only take the partial weight of the patient from a sitting position to a standing position. So it is only ideal if you can partially lift yourself.

Most use electric-power, though there are several self-powered options available on the market that do not require the use of batteries. Stand assists are incredibly useful to people who need assistance when standing, such as the elderly, handicap, or people with muscle and joint problems. These seats use Levelift technology, which ensures it curves to allow you to stand with ease and gently such that you may not need further assistance to stand.


Types of stand assists

There are two types of self-powered and portable electric stand assists. The portable self-powered options can support up to a weight of 350 lbs. They have an assistance level of approximately 70 % of the total body weight. They are suitable for use both at home and outdoors. They are also versatile for use on any type of armchair or sofa except wheelchairs.

The portable electric seats are gentle and can support up to a weight of 300 lbs. They are mostly used on all types of chairs except wheelchairs and movable office chairs. They are easy to use, and a user can stop at certain heights.


Buyer’s guide

Before buying a stand assist, there are several things to consider that will guarantee comfort, ease of use and safety of a user. Below, we look at the top features to look for when buying a stand assist lift.



Portability goes hand in hand with the weight of the stand assist. Most options weigh a mere 9 lbs, and this offers convenience to the user when using it around the house. Similarly, a portable product can fit in a car trunk for outdoor use.


Weight capacity

Ensure you confirm the weight capacity of the device. Most will have a capacity weight range of between 300 lbs to 450 lbs. And those with bariatric lifts can accommodate a weight of up to 700 lbs.


Lifting mechanism

Typically, these devices have a hydraulic lifting mechanism that is either powered by batteries, or electric motor. An electric or battery-powered is very convenient since it does not require any pumping and makes the rising very effortless, however they are not portable.



The versatility of the chair lift allows for use on a variety of armchairs, sofas, couches, and much more. This feature does not limit its practicality or mobility of the user. When shopping, ensure the product can fit even on most car seats.


Electric or self-powered

These are the different types of stand assists available. You can choose either depending on your specific needs. The self-powered options are suitable since they don’t use batteries, and you can carry them anywhere. Likewise, they are also cheap, if you are on a budget, you may consider this.


Consider also:

  • The type of Base: Nearly, all stand assist devices are designed with an adjustable base to allow it to fit around chairs, sofas, and couches.
  • Sling material: A mesh and padded material offers comfort and prevents skin abrasions.
  • Brakes: Brakes are used to lock the rear wheels during certain transfer situations.
  • Battery life: The battery life will depend on the number of usages however, most will have a life of between nine months and 7 years.
  • Battery indicator: If going for a battery-powered device, having a low battery indicator is more than necessary.


Best chair and sofa lifts (stand assists) 2024


#1 Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus

The Carex Upeasy seat assist plus is a manual lifting seat that will boost your movement in and around the home. The brand is well known for the supply of high quality, and safe stand assists people with arthritis, muscle-wasting disease, Parkinson’s, and much more. This stand assist has a lightweight design and weighs a mere 9 lbs. It is portable, and to make it more practical, it has a handle. Therefore, you can take it anywhere with you without feeling the weight. Despite the low weight, it’s exceptionally sturdy and can support up to 340 lbs.

We chose Carex Assist Plus since it’s a versatile device that works best on different designs of sofas, armchairs, and couches. However, it’s not suitable for use on a wheelchair, recliner chair, or adjustable office seats with freewheels. This stand assist is suitable for older persons, handicapped, and disabled people with difficulties when standing. The automatic power that does not require the use of batteries makes it incredibly practical and useful. It’s a comfortable lift chair, and the outer cover is made of polyester. Therefore, it’s easier to clean with a machine and to maintain.


  • High-quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Doesn’t require the use of batteries
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not easy to use, requires the presence of a caregiver


#2 Carex Upeasy Power Seat

The Carex Upeasy Power Seat is yet another stand assist for Caren Health Brands. It features the Levelift technology that guarantees an easy sit to stand for people with arthritis, muscle and joint pains, the elderly, and handicapped. This unique device has been certified as a safe product, and you will gently stand without applying too much pressure on your joints. Carex power seat is lightweight and therefore portable. You can move with it anywhere in the house. You can also tuck it in the trunk when on an outdoor adventure.

One unique benefit is the fact that it’s compatible with most car seats, and this is a boost to your convenience when traveling. The seat is sturdy and stable to support a weight of up to 300 lbs. Further, its flexible ad you can use it on most armchairs and sofas. This stand assist will give you value for your money since it comes with an arm, which makes it easier to use when lifting and folding.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Safe to use
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has an arm for extra support


  • Might seem pricey for some


#3 Carex Premium Power Stand Assist

Carex Premium Power Stand Assist is a high-end product, quite large when you compare to the Upeasy design stand assists. It may be slightly expensive; however, it’s an innovative product that helps you to stand up with much ease. This lift seat uses electric power and is suitable for adults who need assistance when sitting to stand. It guarantees 100 % assistance. Moreover, it’s quite sturdy and can support up to a weight of 300 lbs. Therefore you can stand comfortably without the need to push.

You will love the versatility of this stand assist. You can use it on a variety of armchairs, sofas, couches, and much more. This uniqueness is due to the lift Levelift technology that allows for safe and secure sit to stand. Another advantage is the lightweight nature that makes it ideal for travel. If you have an active senior or someone with arthritis or muscle disease that wishes to move around, you can pick this for them.


  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy design
  • Portable


  • The price is a bit steep



When choosing the best chair and sofa lifts (stand assist), there is a need for due diligence. Although the price is a guiding factor, it should not be the only consideration. You might find cheap products that are weak and which may pose a danger to the user. However, there are reasonably priced products that will give you excellent service. Your top considerations should be weight capacity, lifting mechanism and powering mode.

In our review, we have selected only the best lifting seats in the market. Whichever option you pick, you are certain of its quality, ease of use and safety.

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