5 Best Key Turners for Seniors and Disabled 2024


Turning a key inside the lock may seem like an overly simple task. However, for the elderly, those with arthritis, or limited wrist function, this can be a tall order. This is because their hands, fingers, and grip are typically weakened. For this reason, they will usually need a key with a larger surface area which they can grip and turn comfortably without struggling. Such keys are hard to come by. This is where a key turner comes in.

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Homecraft Key Turner  9.6
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North Coast Medical Key Turner 9.3
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SP Ableware Hole-In-One Key Holder 9.9

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A key turner is a device that one attaches to a key to provide a larger surface extended handle that is big enough for easy gripping. With a good grip, a senior can without a hassle turns the key inside the lock. Some good turners allow one to fold the keys inside when there is a need to store them.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing a key turner.

  • How many keys can it hold? While some key turners can only be attached to one key, some have the capacity to hold two, three or more keys. As to how many keys your preferred turner should hold is a personal decision which depends on your needs.
  • Is it brightly colored? A bright colored key turner apart from the aesthetics is easily identifiable.
  • Does it offer multiple gripping options? Multiple gripping options makes a key turner not just versatile but more functional.
  • What material is it made of? Materials like nylon are warm and soft on the hands. Go for a material with a comfortable feel.
  • Are the key(s) firmly held in place? Some tuners come with screws which can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the keys as desired and these are the best key turners for seniors.


Best Key Turners for Seniors and Disabled 2024

Our review today rounds up 5 top key turners that the seniors and the disabled can benefit from when opening the doors to their houses, cars, stores, offices, and other places.


#1 Apex Healthcare Products Easy Key Turner

A great product for the elderly, people with arthritis or those who are not able to hold a key, who need a sizeable holder for ease of turning a key inside the lock easily. The Apex Healthcare handicap key turner features an ergonomic design which takes care of the comfort and safety of your hands and still remains to be as functional as possible. It snaps open and shut to secure the key head inside it, but will not work with keys with thick plastic heads.

It comes in a range of color options to suit different tastes.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Large enough


  • Does not fit thick plastic key heads like Schlage keys


#2 Aids to Daily Living EZ Key Turner

The EZ key turner features a small yet solid construction and comes in a pack of two. However, it will still offer a wider grip to users compared to the key alone and will be great for seniors and those suffering from arthritis. It also comes in a range of colors to please their aesthetics and make them easily identifiable.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes in different colors for easy identification


  • Small in size
  • Does not fit all keys, especially those with thick plastic heads like the Schlage keys


#3 Homecraft Key Turner

Homecraft Key Turner 1 features a folding design in which the key is secured firmly with a screw. This key turner aid is not just for the elderly and those with arthritis but also for those with a challenge with their wrist. Its design also features a turn handle with an extended end that resembles a full handle and an allowance for the key to fold in during storage. It is white in color for easy identification and lightweight for easy handling.


  • Foldable
  • Extended handle for easy handling
  • The screw secures the key firmly in place
  • Key folds away into the turner during storage


  • Ideal for keys measuring up to 2.5 mm in thickness, therefore, it will not fit keys with thick plastic heads
  • The screw must fit your key’s hole. For some, the screw was wider than the hole of their key.


#4 North Coast Medical Key Turner

Key Turner III (Health and Beauty)

New From: $9.99 ($9.99 / Count) In Stock
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If you are looking for a turner that will hold three keys together, Key Turner III manufactured by North Coast Medical is your next sure bet. It features a slot for three slim keys held together in place with a screw. It is designed with a curved handle made of strong durable plastic material that is lightweight and easy to grasp and handle.


  • The design allows the keys to fold in during storage
  • Designed with a lever positioned at the top side whose function is to tighten the holder to the keys


  • Does not hold keys with thick plastic heads
  • The size of the screw hole must match that of your keys otherwise it will not hold them securely
  • The turner tends to get loose with frequent use and so needs tightening from time to time which can be cumbersome


#5 SP Ableware Hole-In-One Key Holder

SP Ableware’s Hole – in – one turner is an excellent car key turner for arthritis hands and is also pretty versatile. It features a hollow design with a curved extended handle which lets you slot your finger in during handling for easy turning. Alternatively, wrap your fingers around the turner and you are good to go.

This turner is made of tough durable plastic. The keys will fold in for secure storage when not in use and its bright red color makes it easily identifiable. An advantage with this turner over others is that it will hold car keys perfectly well.


  • Two gripping options and the hole can double up as a loop for a wrist strap or key chain
  • Good for car keys
  • Key secures firmly with a screw


  • Does not hold keys with plastic key heads



Key turners are definitely a worthwhile investment for those who struggle to grip and turkeys. They provide an extension that users can grab as an extra leverage key turner aid and get their very well deserved independence. It is rather frustrating depending on assistance for such a trivial task as opening the door. Still, you need to get a key turner that suits yours needs to be completely independent.

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