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9 Best Reacher/Grabber Tools 2024


A reacher grabber, also known as a reacher or grabber tool, is an assistive tool that works pretty much like the human hand. It is a handy tool that people who cannot bend, stoop over or stretch their arms for one reason or another, use to collect objects. It is specially designed for use by the elderly, those with injuries, those that are recovering from surgery, and those with mobility limitations.

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Price Product Our Rating
RMS Long Grabber 9.4
NAYARD Grabber Reacher Tool 9.3
Zhenzhen Grabber Reacher Tool for Elderly 9.1
Unger Professional Nifty Nabber 9.2
RMS Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool  9.3
Ettore Grip’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool 9.4
RICWINANN Reacher Grabber Tool 9.5
Pick Up Tool Strong Grip Grabber 9.9
Rirether 32″ Trash Picker 9.4

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A grabber is ideally lightweight, easy to use and makes life easier for its users. It can pick objects from high places like the kitchen shelves, low places like the floor and hard to reach places like behind or under the seat. However, this all depends on features that have been integrated into its design. When purchasing one, be sure to consider the following factors.


Grip and trigger

The gripper differs from one reacher tool to another. Some are designed to rotate 360°, others 90°, while still others are fixed. The most versatile are those with a 360° rotating jaw because they can operate both in a vertical or horizontal position and are the best for picking objects in tight hard-to-reach places. For a firm hold, grippers come with non-slip rubberized jaws and if you need one that will collect metal objects easily, the rubber jaw should have a built-in magnet. Also, look for a contoured trigger or one with rubber element to prevent your fingers from slipping over it during handling. Finally, comfort counts a great deal and for this, an ergonomic handle would be a good option and the best in a reacher tool for disabled.



How long is the shaft and what material is it made of? A standard grabber measures 32 inches in length which should be a comfortable length for most people. However, there are shorter and longer grabbers depending on one’s needs. Secondly, because it needs to be lightweight, most grabbers are made of aluminum material which is not only lightweight but also non-corrosive. Finally, while some are straight, others are designed to fold. A folding grabber is easy to store.


Lifting weight capacity

Each grabber has its specified vertical and horizontal lifting capacity. Lifting weight beyond the prescribed capacity may not only damage the grabber but also put pressure on your hand or wrist which may be unsafe for you.


Best Reacher/Grabber Tools 2024

There are many types of grabber tools in the market including the grabber tool for handicapped people, the heavy-duty grabber tool for institutional use, and others. We rounded up 8 of the best grabber tools in the space. Check out what makes them tick.


#1 RMS Long Grabber

This 32 inches magnetic grabber tool comes in a package of two units. It is made of lightweight aluminum material and has been designed with a durable plastic tip with a magnetic function to help pick up small objects. With a head that rotates to a 90° angle, the RMS reacher grabber helps you pick items from hard to reach places.

It is integrated with a clip for attaching it to canes, on a wheelchair or in other places to keep it close by and in an easily accessible location. It comes with a weight rating of 10 lb and can hold objects that are 5 to 6 inches in width. Anything beyond this will not be safe both for the reacher and your hand.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic palm-friendly handle


  • The grip distance cannot be adjusted
  • Does not fold
  • Best for carrying objects of up to 5 lb


#2 NAYARD Grabber Reacher Tool

This reacher grabber tool by Nayard is an excellent option if you are looking for a tool that can pick up just any object. This grabber measures 32 inches in length, is designed with a head that rotates 360° and is foldable which makes it quite versatile, picking up objects from hard-to-reach places. It can also pick a wide range of objects including odd shaped items. However, it is important to note that it has a 3 lb horizontal load capacity and 22 lb vertical load capacity.

It is made of aluminum and designed with an ergonomic handle that is thick enough comfortable gripping and handling especially for people with limited hand function due to arthritis, injury, or other causes.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Foldable making it easy to store and portable
  • Has a 360° rotating head


  • Not the best for lifting heavy objects horizontally


#3 Zhenzhen Grabber Reacher Tool for Elderly

This 32 inches extendable grabber tool by Zhenzhen is made of lightweight aluminum metal while its head and thick ergonomic handle are made of tough and durable ABS plastic. This gives it excellent corrosion resistance properties and makes it ideal for all weather use. It is designed with a 360° rotating head with a rubberized gripper which lets you pick up objects from any location or direction without them slipping and dropping on the ground. It has also been designed to grip large, small and odd shaped objects.

This grabber folds to 17 inches. You can reduce its length, fold it when you need to store and extend it to full length when picking objects from places that are far.


  • Thick ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip
  • Folding design
  • Aluminum and ABS plastic materials are rust-free, lightweight, and durable


  • Limited horizontal load capacity at 3 lb
  • Folding joint may cause the grabber not to lock securely in place when extended


#4 Unger Professional Nifty Nabber

If you are looking for a long reach tool, this Nifty Nabber by Unger makes a good option. It is 36 inches in length and is made of lightweight aluminum so you do not have to worry about its weight. It comes with a rubberized grip with a built-in magnet to pick up a variety of objects including small metal objects. The gripper will not only grip your objects firmly, but it will also not damage them in any way.

It is designed with a large, comfortable and easy-press grip making it among the easiest to use and a popular option for the elderly and those who are frail. At the end of the aluminum rod, is a hole for suspending it from a hook during storage.


  • Longer than ordinary rods
  • Built-in magnet on the grip extends its use to picking metallic objects
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Strong durable shaft


  • Does not fold
  • Its head is fixed and does not rotate
  • The squeezing grip handle is not as comfortable as the pistol grip handle
  • Magnet is only on one side of the grip
  • Not ideal for carrying heavy items as it might strain the wrist


#5 RMS Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool

This metal grabber tool by Royal Media Solutions is a great asset if you are looking for something simplistic but functional. It features a 26 inches aluminum shaft, a head that rotates 90° and a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip handle. The trigger of the handle is also soft-grip making it one of the easiest grabbers to use.

The gripper is lined with rubber on both jaws to protect your items as well as provide a firm non-slip grip when picking up objects. The tip of the gripper comes with a unique finger-like design making it easy to collect tiny items. This reacher grabber comes with four color options.


  • The design at the tip of the gripper makes it easy to collect tiny items
  •   Among the best ergonomic handles with rubber lining on the jaw and trigger


  • The head only rotates 90°
  • 26 inches may be short for some users


#6 Ettore Grip’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool

Ettore’s Grib’n Grab reacher grabber measures 32 inches in length. Made of lightweight rust-proof aluminum, this tool is suitable for use both indoor and outdoor. Its head is made of durable plastic with rubber lining on its jaw for securing objects up to 5 lb firmly. Along with a finger-tip design at its tip, this tool will pick up small objects quite easily.

It features a comfortable grip handle that is outfitted with a rubberized pistol grip and trigger for easy and comfortable handling.


  • Rotating rubberized grip head
  • Finger-tip design at the tip for picking smaller items


#7 RICWINANN Reacher Grabber Tool

Enine’s grabber claw tool comes in a pack of two aluminum units. Each grabber measures 32 inches in length and folds to 17 inches for easy storage. They feature a durable ABS plastic gripper with a u-shaped design and a rubberized jaw to grip objects, 3 to 4 lb in weight. The gripper rotates 360° to four settings making it a versatile piece reaching.

One of its impressive features is the ergonomic pistol trigger handle. It is large enough with some elements of rubber making it easy to grip. The trigger, on the other hand, is made of plastic with a contoured design to give your fingers a good handling time.


  • Ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip
  • Two pieces in one package
  • Foldable design
  • 360° rotating grip


  • Not the best for tiny objects


#8 Pick Up Tool Strong Grip Grabber

This 35-inch reacher is a great option if you are looking for a heavy-duty tool for a wide range of tasks around the home, yard, garage, in hospital, and in other institutions. It is designed with anodized aluminum and stainless steel metal to guarantee strength and an ergonomic handle for optimal safety during handling.

Its gripper rotates 360° and is fitted with heavy-duty suction cups with a locking function that lets your object stay firmly in place until release. This is agreeably the best grabber tool for elderly people who still have some energy to go out and volunteer their services.


  • Wide gripper mouth
  • Has a long and sturdy shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Suction cups and locking function to ensure that an object stays in place before release
  • Ergonomic handle


#9 Rirether 32″ Trash Picker

Everything is at reach with this grabber, whether you are too short to reach the top of your cabinet, have mobility issues and need assistance reaching things or have a bad back that makes it nearly impossible for you to bend. You can basically use it for anything whether food, clothes or picking litter at your back yard. The handle is ergonomically made for both comfort and functionality. The handle has a secure grip and is thicker for ease of use.

The small magnet and hook located on the rubber jaw are for picking small lightweight objects. The magnet picks up small metallic objects while the wide jaw is for picking up bigger objects such as boxes, cans among others. On the side of the jaw is a built-in hook for hanging clothes on higher closets as well as hanging small objects like keys. The jaw can rotate for 360 degrees for ease and convenience. This grabber is made from very high-quality aluminum alloy material to guarantee you of durability. Similarly, it is very sturdy albeit being light in weight.


  • Magnetic tip and hook for picking small items
  • Rotating gripper for maximum convenience
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy
  • Foldable for better storage
  • Lightweight to ease of use
  • Wide jaw to pick bigger objects


  • It will take a couple of uses to master how to pick up smaller objects with this grabber



If you find that you constantly strain when bending or lifting your hands to get items, a reacher grabber may just be what you need. Apart from health reasons, these assistive devices are useful in many other situations.  Look out for features that match your needs to get the right model. For instance, a telescopic grabber tool would be good if you want something that will pick up objects at varying distances.

Secondly, if you are acquiring one for medical reasons, it is best to seek a recommendation from your doctor. Secondly, if you can head to the dealer and try out different models before settling on one, this would be an excellent way to get the right tool.

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