9 Best Standing Aids for Seniors and Disabled 2023


Standing aids, also referred to as sit-to-stand devices are used to provide assistance to a user when standing from a sitting position. They are often used by seniors and disabled who have mobility challenges or have a hard time standing themselves up. These aids give their caregiver a sense of relief as they don’t always have to be called to assist. And for the user, they can finally maintain a sense of independence. It’s a win-win situation for all.

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Price Product Our Rating
Stander CouchCane – Ergonomic Safety Support Handle 9.5
Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit 9.9
Able Life Universal Stand Assist 9.1
Stander EZ Stand-N-Go Stand Assist 9.5
Stander Heavy Duty EZ Stand-N-Go  9.3
Vive Stand Assist Mobility Aid Rail  9.0
JOBAR Easy Get-Up Chair Support 9.0
Bandwagon Portable Chair Assist 9.0
STAND A ROO Portable Couch & Bed Standing Aid for Seniors 9.0

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Standing aids are often placed on couches, chairs, recliners or beds. They come in different designs, some are portable while others are fixed to one place only. One thing to note though is that the user has to have some core strength to be able to pull themselves up; their upper body has to be strong.

If you are considering getting one for yourself or your loved one then this buyer’s guide will be of great help. We have also listed our recommendation of the best standing aids for seniors and disabled to narrow down your options.


Buyer’s guide



Do you have an active social life or are you the kind that doesn’t sit still in one place for long? Then portability is a key determinant when choosing a standing aid. You need a tool that you can move from one corner of the house to the other, from one room to the other and one that you can pack up and go with to a friend’s house, or a relative. Even better if you can use it in a public place like a restaurant or airport.



Another key thing that you may want to consider is how adjustable the stander is. Can the height be extended to fit your loved one either when they are sited on the couch or the bed? Can the width and depth be extended to snugly fit the couch? These are important questions that you must ask yourself.  You can easily get this information from the manufacturer’s site or Amazon website.


Weight capacity

To comfortably accommodate your loved one, you must consider how much weight the stand-to-sit device can withstand. Most range between 300 – 700 pounds. Make sure you use your loved one’s current weight and if their weight is the kind that fluctuates, you would better take one that has a much higher weight capacity. If the ideal weight capacity for your loved one is 300 lb then you are safer taking a 400 lb one. Picking a device with the right weight capacity will ensure that the device is reliable and performs as intended.



The handles must have a very good grip otherwise your loved one will be at risk of falling every time they try to stand. The best handles are ones that have a foam grip. It feels easy on the hand and its grip is strong and steady.


Ease of installation and assembly

Well, this may not seem like such a big thing to fuss about but wait until you can’t figure out how to fix the fasteners or how to get it to fit snugly on the couch. It can be very frustrating. Before purchasing ask if you can get assistance on how to assemble and install it should you be stuck.


Best Standing Aids for Seniors and Disabled 2023


#1 Stander CouchCane – Ergonomic Safety Support Handle

The Standard CouchCane will easily become your loved one’s favorite because of its ergonomic handle, sturdiness, and the handy organizing pouch. The pouch is perfect for putting things like remote, cell phones and other items that they use almost all the time. It easily fits over the handle for easy reach. The ergonomically designed handle has a very good grip made of rubber pads. The base of the device has anti-skid pads to reduce slipping. This gives your loved one stability and balance to protect against falls. The dimensions for the handle are 6×6 inches on 1.25 diameter.

The stander is adjustable and reversible therefore you can install it on a number of couch types. Also, the fact that you can adjust the height of the cane allows you to use it at any hand position. If your loved one suffers from chronic back pain, impaired balance or are just recently from surgery, this CouchCane stander will be perfect. It will make their mobility less of a hassle.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Balanced weight distribution


  • The handle does not rotate


#2 Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit

Lumex Stand Assist Unit is an innovative home healthcare tool that can be used by the elderly and the disabled. It keeps the patient active and mobile. The stand assist tool is easy to use and the user ends up requiring very minimal assistance from their caregiver. Such a huge relief for the caregiver. The user is also able to regain some independence as they can pull themselves up and into any position they want.

To use the unit, the user grasps the middle bar to pull themselves up. The padded split seat then swings out to allow either loading or unloading and swings back to form a transport seat. To ensure maximum comfort for the user, the seat and the dual knee pads are all padded. This unit can be used around the home with no hassle. It can easily fit into narrow doorways and doors and can withstand a working load of up to 400 lb. It is fit for users who are between 5’1″ and 6’6″ tall. The base of the unit is very stable and has locking rear casters. This protects your loved one from the risk of falling.


  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and solid
  • Well built
  • Affordable


  • To use this unit the user must have some core strength to be able to pull themselves up.


#3 Able Life Universal Stand Assist

Able Life Universal Stand Assist is a great invention. It provides dual support when sitting and standing from a chair, recliner or couch. The fact that it is dual support makes it very stable protecting your loved one from falling. This handy helper is able to withstand a weight capacity of 300 lb. It comes with padded handles that have a good grip on the hand as well as padded legs which are anti-skid. The adjustable height is between 22-32″, the width is 19-26″ and has a depth of 23-26″. To use it, adjust the handle’s height and the frame, place it around the chair cushions or beneath the seat.

With the Able Life Stand Assist, your loved one will be able to maintain their independence just like before. They can easily get off the chair with no assistance from their caregivers. They also get to keep their favorite chair. Super cool, right?


  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Adjustable
  • Attractively designed


  • Not safe to use on lift chairs


#4 Stander EZ Stand-N-Go Stand Assist

Stander EZ Stand-N-Go Stand Assist works on basically most types of couches, chairs or recliners. They can be fixed either beneath the cushion or around the top of the cushion if the cushion is the non-removable type. This unit is adjustable meaning you can set it to whatever height and position comfortable for your loved one. Its maximum weight capacity is about 300 lb. The adjustable height is 22-32″, width is 19-26″ and it can go to a depth of 23-26″.

This handy stander has dual cushioned support handles to prevent falls and slips. The handles are powder coated and are made of steel. The dual handles will help your loved to lift themselves up without requiring any assistance from their caregiver every time they need to leave their seats.


  • Design blends in with household furniture
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Requires a user to be able to pull themselves up


#5 Stander Heavy Duty EZ Stand-N-Go

The Stander Heavy Duty Stand-N-Go is a stronger version of the Stander EZ Stand-N-Go. It works pretty much the same way except that it’s weight capacity is bigger; 400 lb. This stander provides an easy way for a senior or disabled person to stand from a couch, chair or recliner. It gives them some sort of independence since they won’t need to call for help every time they want to leave for the bathroom.

Just like Stander EZ Stand-N-Go, it’s super easy to assemble and install. If your cushion is the non-stitched removable one, place the frame of the stander beneath the seat otherwise placing it around the cushion works fine for non-removable cushions. The unit itself is very sturdy, stable, well built and strong. Its handles are easy to hold, they have a good grip on the hand and so the safety of your loved one is assured. No matter the type of seat you have, you can adjust the unit’s height, width and depth to fit it.


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Adjustable
  • Larger weight capacity


  • Not portable


#6 Vive Stand Assist Mobility Aid Rail

Vive Stand Assist is a mobility aid that helps one to be able to stand with ease from chairs, couches, and recliners. It has dual support handles that make standing easier with no twisting. The stability offered by the dual handles guarantees your loved one’s safety. The frame is adjustable and can be set within your loved one’s comfortable position. You can place the frame beneath the cushion or around the cushion. It can be used on recliners, chairs and plush sofas. The frame can support a maximum weight of 300 lb.

The handles have a nice soft grip. They are lightly padded with soft foam to provide more comfort when being used. The best thing about this stander is that it’s stylish and has a very discreet look. Someone can hardly notice its presence as it blends naturally with the house décor.


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Secure grip
  • Stylish design
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Not portable


#7 JOBAR Easy Get-Up Chair Support

Unlike the other standing aids that we have reviewed, JOBAR Easy Get-up Chair Support has a unique design. It is ladder-like. It is this design that makes it offer maximum support when standing up.

This stander is ideal for getting up and out of beds and chairs. Its design allows your loved one to use both hands for even better leverage and support. The wide sturdy base allows for more stability and the durable steel frame makes it able to withstand a bigger weight capacity of up to 400 lb.


  • Sturdy wide base
  • Stylish ladder design
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for someone with weak hands


#8 Bandwagon Portable Chair Assist

The Bandwagon Portable Chair Assist has 3 handholds, all padded, which makes it possible for one to stand up from any position. With this helper, you can even pick up items on the floor and rise up at ease. Very ideal if your loved one has mobility challenges or has difficulty rising from a chair or bed.

It’s designed for moving around the house and from room to room. The handles can be adjusted on varying heights 16″, 26″ and 33″ from the floor meaning your loved one can use it for different situations. It’s easy to assemble, pretty much a straightforward process. And the best part is that it’s portable, so you don’t have to buy one for each room, you can use the same one.


  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Sturdy, strong and durable
  • Good grip handles
  • Lightweight


  • Not weighted so one has to be careful when rising up not to tip


#9 STAND A ROO Portable Couch & Bed Standing Aid for Seniors

Stand A Roo Couch and Bed Standing Aid is portable. You can pack it and go with it wherever. It is foldable so it can fit easily into your luggage. It is also lightweight, weighs 2 lb so no hassles in tagging it along. If you are the kind that freaks out on assembling items then this product is the most ideal for you. It comes ready to be installed either on a couch with removable cushions or box spring bed. And you don’t have to buy a couple of them; you just move the stander to your bed in the evening and return it to your couch in the morning.

Stand A Roo guarantees full money back refund within 60 days after purchasing the product. This is a risk-free purchase, if you like it you keep it, you don’t like it you return and get your refund!


  • No assembling, it comes ready to use
  • Portable, you can move around with it
  • Lightweight


  • Only works on couches with removable cushions



Standing aids are just the perfect way to give your loved one some sense of independence. They help them stand with ease and without requiring any assistance. Depending on your loved one’s lifestyle, you can either go for a portable one or a stationed one.

When choosing the best device for your loved one, be sure to consider the adjustability, sturdiness, and stability. You need a device that is both functional and safe.

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