8 Best Wear-Over (Cocoon) Sunglasses 2024


If you are a prescription eyeglass wearer, you will agree that finding the sunglasses you can wear over glasses can be a little challenging. While you may have the option of getting prescription sunglasses, sometimes you simply prefer having both types of eyeglasses separately. This is because, with both, you will still see clearly while protecting your eyes from uncomfortable glare and the dangerous UV rays with both glasses worn over your eyes. Secondly, this option gives you the flexibility of having just prescription glasses when you do not need sunglasses.

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Price Product Our Rating
Fitovers Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses 9.5
Mr.O Fitover Polarized Luxury Sunglasses  9.2
JuicyOrange Women’s Polarized Fit Over Sunglasses 9.1
Duco Unisex Wear Over Prescription Glasses  9.2
SA106 Women’s Glare Polarized Sunglasses 9.1
Pointed Designs Sunglasses Over Glasses  9.2
Yodo Fit Over Glasses Sunglasses  9.6
LensCovers Sunglasses 9.1

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An important factor to consider when getting wear over sunglasses is the measurement of both your prescription glasses and sunglasses. Here is a guide that should help you to determine the right size and type of sunglasses to buy for your prescription glasses.

  1. Take the measurements of both the width (from edge to edge) and the height (top to bottom) of your prescription frame.
  2. Check these measurements against the size guide provided by the manufacturer of the brand of sunglasses that you have selected.
  3. Ensure that there is a comfortable allowance from the edges of the sunglasses you will have selected and your prescription glasses.
  4. Check out the features in your selected sunglasses. Are the lenses polarized? What is their UV rating? Do they have UVA, UVB, and UVC protection? What material is the frame made of? Do the lenses tint? Is it the color of your choice?


Best Wear-Over (Cocoon) Sunglasses 2024

In recent, the cocoon sunglasses have grown in popularity for their stylish, comfortable, and functional fit-overs. Among the best cocoon sunglasses are the low vision sunglasses for the visually impaired, polarized sunglasses for glare and UV protection, sunglasses with mirror lenses, and the sidekick sunglasses. There are many other options to choose from going by the many cocoon sunglasses reviews online

However, since there are several other brands that are just as good, our review rounds up 8 of the best sunglasses to wear over prescription glasses. They come with impressive features worth considering when searching for the right sunglasses for your needs.


#1 Fitovers Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses

The Aviator sunglasses by Fitover feature a wraparound frame design to offer your eyes not only physical protection but also protection from the glaring rays of the sun. The frames are made of Crystal Nylon which is lightweight and quite flexible. With a brow bar that blocks off the scorching sun from the top, your face and eyes will certainly enjoy total protection.

The lenses feature the effective PolarDynamiX 1.4 mm polarized front and a UV400 rating which do a great job in protecting your eyes from UV light and glare, especially when on or around the water. They also come with Splotch Gard treatment to prevent fingerprint and smudge marks as well as Duo Hard Coat and Flash Reflect treatments for protection and reflecting off glaring light.

They are an excellent option if you are looking for glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses. These lenses feature polycarbonate construction, making them good at withstanding impact.


  • Allround eye protection
  • Wide field of view
  • Wide style, shape, and color options


  • No known cons


#2 Mr.O Fitover Polarized Luxury Sunglasses

Mr. O’s fit over sunglasses come with wrap-around flexible nylon frames with smooth hinges to deliver an excellent fit and wide field of view. They are lightweight and will fit well over your prescription glasses but be sure to get the right size.

Featuring polarized lenses with three tint options, you can opt for neutral gray tint if you are overly sensitive to light, the bronze tint if you love it warm and natural, or yellow for improved visibility during the night. These lenses have been designed to block off UVA, UVB, and the riskier UVC rays completely. They are a rectangle in shape.


  • Wrap around frame design comes with numerous benefits
  • Three tint options
  • Blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Lightweight


  • Large size may not be worn alone since they are designed to fit over glasses


#3 JuicyOrange Women’s Polarized Fit Over Sunglasses

Juicy Orange’s polarized fit over sunglasses is designed for the classy woman. With 6 cool color options, polarized anti-reflective lenses rated UV 400,  these are the best sunglasses to wear over glasses if you want to protect your eyes from both the UV rays and glare from the sun’s rays.

They come with a plastic wrap-around frame to filter bright light both from the front and sides. In addition, they will effectively block of dirt, dust, and other forms of objects.


  • Due to their size, can be worn comfortably without prescription glasses


  • Prescription glasses may be visible at close range
  • Comes in only one small size, not ideal if you are looking for extra large fit over glasses


#4 Duco Unisex Wear Over Prescription Glasses

Duco’s unisex fit over glasses combines functionality with exceptional comfort in protecting your eyes from the dangerous UV sun rays and glare. They feature a composite TR90 frame with a wrap-around design to deliver a wide field of view and side lenses offering an incredible peripheral view. They are also excellent at protecting the eye from dirt, dust, and other particles, thanks to the wrap-around design. They have been designed to fit well over regular and large sized prescription glasses.

Duco’s lenses come with an anti-reflective layer whose function is to eliminate reflection that bounces off the water and other very bright or white surfaces. They come with a UVA and UVB protection and feature TAC polarization which makes them impact resistant.


  • Unisex for men, women, and children
  • Frame material is durable highly flexible frame


  • No UVC protection
  • No available size for extra large prescription glasses


#5 SA106 Women’s Glare Polarized Sunglasses

This women’s 60 mm fit over glasses has been designed to fit well over oval lenses. It comes with a plastic frame and plastic lenses which are polarized to protect the eyes from the sun’s glare and UV rays. They feature both UVA and UVC protection and is quite durable.

If you want an easy-maintain option when you wear sunglasses over glasses, this is it.


  • Can be worn plain without prescription glasses and still fit well


  • Lenses lack tint
  • Not suitable for the larger prescription glasses
  • Lacks UVC protection


#6 Pointed Designs Sunglasses Over Glasses

Pointed Designs offer this unisex fit over design glasses that are lightweight and comfortably fitting. Designed to fit over medium to large prescription glasses, they are one of the few quality brands catering for people with large prescription glasses.

These glasses come with a plastic frame and polarized plastic lenses rated UV 400 to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays and uncomfortable glares when outdoor. Again, their wrap-around design feature side lenses for a great peripheral view. They are also tinted which is a plus for those looking for ripping contrast and enhanced depth perception in addition to glare protection. Pointed Designs sunglasses over glasses come in four color options.


  • Side lenses for optimal peripheral view
  • Tinted for an improved view


  • Not available for fit over small lenses
  • Frames are not flexible


#7 Yodo Fit Over Glasses Sunglasses

Yodo’s fit over glasses come with polarized triacetate lenses making them not only excellent at UV rays and glare protection but also hardwearing. These lenses come with a UV 400 rating and will block out UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. They also feature the AcuTint coloring system for improved color contrast. Available in smoke, leopard, purple, and black versions to suit different tastes.

Wrap-around design with side lenses will definitely give you excellent non-obtrusive peripheral view as well as a wide field of view. These glasses are designed to fit well over normal sized prescription glasses measuring up to 42 mm in height.


  • Durable and impact resistant
  • UVA, UVB, and UVC protection
  • Tinted lenses for enhanced color contrast


  • Extra caution is required with the lenses as they are fragile


#8 LensCovers Sunglasses

LensCovers sunglasses come with a plastic frame and polycarbonate polarized lenses. Lenses are rated UV400 to give UVA and UVB protection. Something about LensCovers that is not in most other brands is that they have made available sunglasses across all sizes from extra small, small, medium, large slim, and large to cater for a wide variety of needs. Secondly, these sunglasses are unisex and can be used by men, women, and children.

wrap-around design with side lenses gives you a better view while at the same time protecting your eyes from glare and dirt.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Can be worn without prescription glasses comfortably


  • Lacks UVC protection
  • Frames are fixed, not flexible



If you are looking for sunglasses to wear over glasses, it is important to get the measurements right. This is because an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses can be utterly uncomfortable and quite hard to have on over a long period. After getting the measurements, look for one that meets your specific needs. Eyes are sensitive and need to be treated as such.

Like the cocoon polarized sunglasses, are either clip on or fit over glasses. The clip-ones were more popular before the fit over glasses came into the scene. Today, the latter has become more popular.

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